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    horse back riding, gardening, cooking/baking, art/sketching, hanging out w/ my kids and hubby
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  1. My daughter Kelly (14) was diagnosed about a year ago now and is doing much better although we've added IBS (especially dairy) to the mix of "bad" foods. We were given an amazing gluten-free dessert cookbook and she's been baking up a storm for us! chocolate cheesecake, chocolate pecan pie, brownies...
  2. Okay, I've upped my protein intake at lunch and am doing much better. Carbs don't seem to bother me in the morning or evening, just in the middle of the day. Still trying to sort out which fruits and vegetables are doing a number on me...... I think, like my daughter I might have a mild IBS thing...
  3. I am not diabetic but my older sister is so I recognize the symptoms of low blood sugar. I've had some episodes in the past (shaking, sweating, etc.) that passed pretty quickly, not sure what those were about but I've had testing done during all 3 of my pregnancies, never developed gestational diabetes...