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  1. looking4help

    The Latest Hot Diet Trend

    This "fad" diet craze is driving me nuts! I think I will explode if I hear one more person say something like oh!! ...
  2. looking4help


    I so feel for you and relate to everything you have posted. You have received a great deal of great info from the...
  3. looking4help

    Anyone On Cymbalta?

    I am on cymbalta 60 mg 1 time per day. I started on 30mg and have even gone to 90mg but it seems 60mg is the right amount...
  4. I too am happy that ordeal is over! Now, to deal with my nutrition problems and the diverticulitus. That in itself...
  5. You are all so sweet! The pain is gone. Actually GONE! And I don't mean the pain from surgery and the hospital stay...
  6. Hello all! I am resurfacing again after being missing for about 2 weeks. Last I was on the boards I was signing off...
  7. looking4help

    Feeling Like Crud

    Hang in there! As the previous posters said it is a personal journey. I had withdrawal symptoms for almost 3 solid...
  8. looking4help

    I Need Some Help With This One Y'all

    I don't have an explanation for you but I can say that I totally GET what you are saying happened. This has happened...
  9. looking4help

    Brain Fog And Light Sensitivity.

    Honestly, I take mine in the morning and then again about 2pm or so to give me just a little more edge to get through...
  10. looking4help

    Is There A gluten-free Bun In The Oven?

    I am glad it all turned out the way it needed to! Get your cyst taken care of and keep on the road to getting healthier...
  11. looking4help

    Feeling Sick After Eating Anything.

    Thank you so much for suggesting this site. I have been looking for something like this online to track my food diary...
  12. looking4help

    Gall Bladder Issues?

    Sorry for the graphic descriptions! I need some help! I don't know what is going on and need help on what to say...
  13. looking4help

    Gluten Free Jerky

    Please let us know if the company contacts you back and let us know what they say. This is just maddening! I had...
  14. looking4help

    Brain Fog And Light Sensitivity.

    I 2nd the B12 and iron levels. I have had severe brain fog and lethargy for so long that I sank into deep depression...
  15. looking4help

    Making Progress

    Can you explain this a bit further for me? HFCS has properties of gluten? I am still working on getting my diet correct...