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  1. okay, i don't know if anyone will read this, but just in case... after doing some reading, i think for me it is the potato starch. Udi's uses that frequently, whereas the other breads i buy don't. i know another celiac who gets sick from potato starch (but not potatoes????) so i'm going to throw that out there as a possibility.
  2. hey, i'm new... i have the same problem with Udi's products. i have tried just about every gluten-free bakery product available to me locally, and Udi's is the only one that makes me sick. i decided to give them one last chance on saturday, and within an hour, i regretted it. was out of commission for the whole weekend. i don't know what it is about their products, because the ingredients are common to many other brands/food items. it's too bad, because i thought their bread was the best tasting, but there's something in it that gives me the same reactions as gluten...
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