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  1. Water is water. No gluten in it. If you think so you are mistaken or don't understand what gluten is.
  2. No problems with coffee from Dunkin Donuts or any other coffee shop.
  3. HAHA AGREED!!!!! I am a nurse and we see some atrocious things done on people in Florida when the snowbirds come back here to New England for the summer.
  4. Once the diagnosis is made the only treatment is the gluten free diet. The only follow up is with a GOOD primary for usual screenings ie: lipid panel, if 50 or more bone densitometry, and my primary also adds thyroid function to annual blood work. Part of annual is H&H anyway which checks for...
  5. If you get that kind of answer simply move on and use another product. I am not one of the people who feel that the world needs to cater to me just because I have a digestive abnormality. There are millions more products. My response would be: Thank you for your information and then just use something...