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  1. Great advice from some wise women :D With all this snow on my hands here, I thought I'd stop by for a few.


    Give that DH a huge hug! It took me a while to realize my body was damaged badly and it would take me some time to feel better. Almost at my 4yr DX date. I'm a single Mom, so these ladies and others here really helped me in my newbie year. Much appreciation to this forum.

  2. I have been glutened at one pf Changs location. However, another location knows me now! I speak with the manager who has Celiac relatives. I try to stick with the same servers as well.


    I went right after the new year and did not expect it to be so crowded. I expressed my concern for my order. The manager I know came by to tell me he informed the chef that I am Celiac, and they have a special area to cook my order. My entire table orders gluten free every time we go. My son gets the gluten-free fried rice and it comes with veggies and chicken. I know that my pf Changs is a flagship restaurant where they try new dishes. If you have the gluten-free Cantonese lemon chicken on your gluten-free menu, it's so yummy! When my server put it in front of me the first time, I said to him "this does not look gluten-free" He said yes, I can assure you it is! It's a sliced fired chicken breast with lemon sauce.


    The last time I went, my young grandson was with me and they made his fried rice gluten-free just so the entire table would be safe with no extra charge.


    Sorry to know you got sick!

  3. Got to ski, how do you make that soup? I use salad dressing as well, especially for a tuna noodle salad. I'm allergic to tomato and avoid soy.

    I've seen a sauce online made with beets, sorry don't remember the name. I'm lucky to be able to do some dairy, so I do Alfredo that is also soy free. For both pasta and pizza i use garlic,olive oil,herbs for sauce. All other stuff pasta that is cold, I use salad dressings .

  4. I saw a dietitian a month after DX that my gastro suggested. She has a daughter that is Celiac and that is her focus.  She helped me in the knowledge of CC and gave me a "starter notebook" and  other info.  She continues to send out updates to me as well. So, yes, she was a huge help to a newbie and told me to join here :)


    That being said, I'm not sure if a "regular" one would know as much. I agree, all DR should read this forum!



    Best wishes to you!

  5. Don't give up hope!


    I actually went months trying to figure it out and be pain free. I'm still not totally pain free, better, but not pain free.


     I went whole food and grain free. I was food allergy tested as well. After 3 years, I have found that my food allergies pay a big part of me not feeling well. In my job, I have to be around my allergies and gluten. I'm Celiac with a wheat, barley, peanut, almond, tomato, cantaloupe allergies. I'm soy free and corn free(right now). I limit my dairy intake as well. I was told by my dietitian not to eat gluten-free oats until a year gluten-free, I, however, still do not eat them.


    It doesn't have to be so boring :) There are a lot of wonderful food that is naturally gluten-free. 


    I still do not eat a lot of gluten-free replacement foods. Keep a food dairy and try to keep it simple in the beginning. It does get better and you will find your way! Hugs

  6. I love how they send it all wrapped, with a sample. Red is pretty, but my favorite right now is Petal Pusher and Mint to be lipgloss. French skirt is perfect to add over any lipstick for a shimmer. I have a lip pencil too! After ordering the lip pencil and Petal Pusher, someone asked me if I had a new man in my life because I was glowing :D I said "nope, just my new lipstick". I spent over a year after DX to replace the bright pretty colors, so happy I found RAL. The lip balm is good too.

  7. C Kip! I am so happy to see you! ;)


    Want my opinion--from my "gut"? sure, why wouldn't you have a reaction of some kind?

    if you are still having "good and bad days" 3 years later? SOMETHING is causing you grief.


    Celiacs can also have a wheat allergy (and I say this often) and it is entirely possible that just being around wheat flour ( or people consuming it ) is giving you continuing symptoms.


    If your daughter is willing to go gluten-free to see if you feel better, well, kudos to her..... and frankly, she may benefit as well as I am a huge believer in the hereditary aspect of this disease--no matter what the celiac test results say/


    It is always great to "see you" either here or on GD site. Take care, dear girl!!


    Thanks Irish!!


    I'm about to have a break coming soon, so you will "see me" more often!

  8. I was DX Celiac 3 years ago this past week. Shortly after DX, I was food allergy tested. The Dr told me I would not be positive for wheat because Celiac is auto immune etc. However, she was surprised when I reacted to wheat and barely. (skin test) I haven't thought to much about it because I must be gluten-free anyway. I've had good and bad days trying to feel better. I work at a school and am around gluten a lot! I try to do  my best at avoiding it.


    Sometimes I notice if I am in the same room with someone else cooking gluten I start to cramp up. I just thought I was crazy until today.You know, it's all in my head thing. I was alone all weekend with no gluten in sight and I felt human! Today I picked my daughter up from her friends and she hugged me a lot. About 15 minutes later, I'm cramping and bloating. Now, call me crazy, I asked her what she had eaten. She said pancakes, am I crazy? They had made pancakes from a mix. Has anyone heard of this. I didn't want to write this, because I didn't want people to think I've totally lost it.

    My daughter said she will go gluten-free all summer to see if this is truly an issue for me.


    Has this happened to anyone else or am I crazy?

  9. I had two bad experiences at one location. The server CC my dipping sauce and I pointed it out to him. He changed it, however, I got sick for three days. It didn't seem like a mistake to me. I didn't eat at pfchangs for over a year. I went to a different location whose managers seem way more involved! The servers are very educated about Celiac. Plus, my table will now eat all gluten-free with me, so the order stands out more. They also only bring out the gluten-free sauce plate. I also found out I cannot tolerate soy well, so I stay away from the rice and noodles.  Once my regular dish I order came out looking wrong, the manager was quick to take it back and have his head chef remake it.


    I was told in late April by my server that pfChangs was sold and the company that bought them will be changing their menu. I hate she had such a bad experience, pfchangs is the only place I eat out at.

  10. NancyDes, inbox me if you get this in time.


    One of the best, however $$, is Blue! There are several restaurants and chains. A few bakeries.

    We will be in charlotte for a couple days. Are there any restaurants or bakeries we shouldn't miss for gluten-free options? Thanks, nancy