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  1. I had a similar and strange (while driving) foggy, dizzyness experience the other day. I was driving my kids to school and then heading to work. On a major freeway, I got very dizzy and foggy-headed. My son yelled "MOM, WATCH OUT!" (He's 13.) HE had to grab the wheel and put us back in our lane!! Oops. I was veering towards a big rig next to me. I pulled over, got my wits about me (as much as possible), pulled it together and made our way to my Moms house, about 10 mins away. I called my work and told them I was sick, and had my Mom take my boys to school. (I got lucky...My Mom is in the middle of moving to another city and changing jobs and happened to be home.) I called my doctor and spoke to him, and he basically said he didn't know what happened. Doc said it could be anything from low blood sugar, a glutening, or a lactose allergy reaction. I went right to bed, and woke up 4 hours later still a bit foggy headed but overall much better. Anyway, your post intrigued me, because we are in similar boats. I was glad to see the current and future responses. Good luck. You are not alone! Heather
  2. missceliac2010

    Importance Of Cross-Contamination ?

    I have to put the package down and slowly back away from the food item if it says "produced in a facility that also processes wheat." I know from personal experience that it will 9 times out of 10 make me very ill. But I am just that sensitive. I'm pretty new myself, but from what I hear, our sensitivity may or may not become less intense as time goes on. Good luck to you. You can always play personal guinea pig. LOL! Heather
  3. missceliac2010

    Moving Day

    LOL! Yeah, I probably should have ran to the grocery store last night, but I've been so busy! I have time to run today while "the men" load the heavy stuff into the UHaul. Great ideas friends! Thanks! :0)
  4. missceliac2010

    Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

    3 cheers for Purely Decadent and Coconut Bliss! I'm very dairy intolerant (it seems to have gotten worse over the past few months...). Those two brands are the only ones that work for me, and don't taste like ka-ka! Good luck! Read labels, and call and bug manufacturers! They love it when we do that! I do it all the time! If I'm in a grocery store, odds are, I'm on my phone at least once calling "random company # 35" to verify their gluten-free status! :0)
  5. missceliac2010

    Moving Day

    Hi all! Today is moving day for me, and boy am I nervous about it! On moving days, typically I get donuts in the AM for my volunteer helpers and pizza after as a thank you! That's out! I suppose I can still get the little devilish gluten filled monstrosities, but I fear even touching them will make me sick! Is it rude to just offer coffee and sandwich bread (I'd have my pwm gluten-free bread) for my helpers? I just really don't want to start out my first day in my new house looking at, and/or feeling sick because someone left their pizza/donut on my new counter-top and I CC'd myself! For myself, I have gluten-free bread, "safe" lunch meat, "safe" mustard and "safe" mayo for the sandwiches. I also have regular loaf bread for others. I hope my friends and family understand. I can always ask my bf to get some poison...I mean gluten-free foods to share. What-chu think? Thanks for the advice! Moving van is getting picked up at 10am Pacific time! Guess I should have posted this earlier?! Thank goodness for the IPhone, so I can be checking responses/suggestions while we are mid-move! Happy Saturday all! Thanks!
  6. missceliac2010

    Guess What Guess What!

    Yay yay yay yay yay! Congats! I'm in a similar boat...been feeling great for over a month now! I'm trying to not let "pessimistic" Heather back into my brain, but it's still hard. My paranoia runs deep because my symptoms of glutening are so intense! Good job again, and good job for staying vigilant! Mad props to you!
  7. missceliac2010

    Well I Finally Did It

    You go! Good for you! My first eating out experience was very scary. I was so paranoid, and kept "checking myself" internally with every bite I ate. As the meal continued however, I still felt good! It was so exciting! I now hit In-And-Out Burger frequently to get their protein style burger and dedicated fryer french friend. As far as sit down places are concerned, I'm in love with Outback Steakhouse. They have a special menu, and seemed to know their stuff! Isn't it exciting to feel a little bit "normal"? Congrats!
  8. missceliac2010

    Using Probiotic Yogurt To Regular Stomach?

    I tried the daily pro-biotic route at some point in my life. I found that it just drained my wallet and didn't do much good. I now just eat a soy yogurt once a day, but even that I am bad about remembering. If I start having tummy problems, yogurt is the first thing I turn to. Maybe it's in my head, maybe it's proven science, but it makes me feel better! Go with your gut! Good luck!
  9. missceliac2010

    Gluten/celiac And Anxiety.

    This rings so true for me! Getting glutened = raving lunatic mom! I get upset and irritable, volatile, curse a lot and am a generally horrible person to be around. I thought I was seriously depressed and/or bi-polor. Turns out, I just have Celiac Disease. I still take xanax as needed, because I have a lot of stress in my life regarding my son's failing heart. He is going in for open heart surgery #3 in 3-4 weeks, and I'm a mess. I honestly blame the xanax at this point for my inability to calm myself down. I have become reliant on it, and sometimes I just "don't want to feel emotions." It's my protection mechanism I suppose, and the meds help me be there for my son, and not off having an irrational panic attack somewhere. It's gotten better though, I can say that for sure. But if I get glutened, I know that right along with bloating/D/vomiting, I will more than likely have a panic attack and or turn irrational and nasty towards loved ones. It's super fun! NOT! Thankfully I have a very understanding family and a boyfriend who is eligible to sainthood! Good luck to you. You are not in this boat alone!
  10. missceliac2010


    Thanks SeaShell! Sorry to hear about your child, and thanks for the kind words about my boy. He's a trooper, and he'll get through it fine. It's mommy having mental breakdown that I'm afraid of...haha....j/k. And thanks Raven! Good idea. I had already planned on bringing myself a lot of snacks, bread, fruit, etc, so I can avoid CC while bedside for a week with him. The last thing he needs is Mom being sick! Glad to hear you had good luck with the hospital dietitian! That gives me great hope!
  11. I'm with the rest. If you're going to prep for a colon, then go for the upper GI as well. Personally though, I fear that all tests might show up negative with you being gluten-free already. It happened to me. I was in the hospital sick as a dog and deemed "nothing by mouth" (NPO) and fed liquid nutrients and glucose through my IV. Just those 3 days was enough to cause false negatives/borderline results. I'd get a second opinion. Heck, I'd forget the tests and just roll with gluten-free. I get anxiety the minute I walk into a hospital, and the prep for the colon... not fun. But good luck and I wish you clarity and guidance to make the right decision for yourself!
  12. missceliac2010

    Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Soy, Oh My!

    Ah yes, the "lesser of many evils" debate... I am lactose intolerant, but I have been able to indulge in a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie a time or two (or three...LOL) with the use of lactaid. However, I could take a whole bottle of Lactaid, and still get sick from ice cream, yogurt, regular milk, etc. My suggestion.... bring a cooler full of goodies! You can always make yourself a sandwich and eat it in the park. If they give you crap about outside food or drink, I mention your disease and special dietary needs... I don't think Disney wants to mess with the ADA! BTW, It was so refreshing to hear someone talk about "hotness!" I do that too. Sweat like a pig when glutened and feel like crap. I have to walk around with virtually no make up and kleenex in my pocket to wipe the sweat from my face. Ugh, I feel your pain! Good luck and have fun!
  13. missceliac2010

    Just Diagnosed, Questions Inside Post

    Welcome to your new and improved life Lindsay! Here is my best shot at answering questions: 1. I didn't get new pots/pans/silverware. I have a dishwasher, which I put to the highest temp setting and cleaned everything. As far as my baking stuff is concerned, I scrubbed them with something called "bar keeper's friend." It's less abrasive than comet. We have been fine (my son is also newly diagnosed at age 11.) I am a single parent, and totally starting over was not an option. I have also heard that you can put baking stuff in the oven at some crazy high temp for like a half hour... that ought to kill it! I had to throw out a few of my favorite lip glosses... gluten. Ugh! I also check my shampoo/conditioner to make sure anything I buy is gluten-free. I too got a new toaster. $7 at Target. Cheap, right?! 2. I have yet to buy a book. I find everything I need right here on my trusty computer! 3. I was only gluten-free for about 3 days when I noticed major changes! I kept accidentally glutening myself because of "newbie" moves! One I stopped being a ..... u-huhm... jackass... I am all good! I also had to cut out dairy, and now use soy or almond milk, and other soy alternatives. (Soy yogurt, sour cream "product" made my tofutti...I think, etc.) 4. I am not trying to conceive, so I can't tell you. I do not that my sister is wanting a kid, but her GI doc is advising against it. I don't think we are "that bad" and we can still make babies! I have my tubes tied, so if my bf and I choose to have kids in a few years we will need IVF. That costs money, so it has to wait. But when I do try to get pregos, I know I will get the support I need right here, on this board. You might want to check out the section on this forum specifically about pregnancy. That would be a good starting point, in case someone missed this question because they only look at the one board. 5. My Dad started this. I tease him often for the "great genes Dad!" Kidding of course. Actually it's been kind of nice. I have been having him over for dinner more often because we are all "in the same boat!" (And he's going through a divorce, so he kind of "needs me" right now!) My youngest son (11) saw how well Mom was doing on the diet, and decided to try it as well. Sure enough, no more tummy aches, backaches, unexplained vomiting, and he's even growing! I never had him formally diagnosed... he just tried it and feels great! Whatever works! My sister has another auto-immune disease called Chrone's. My maternal Grandfather has had severe ulcerative colitis since he was 40 (he's 80 now.) It's in the genes... for sure, in my opinion! Ask away on here about any questions you might have. Chances are good that someone here has been there, done that! Good luck and welcome to the boards!
  14. missceliac2010

    Suggestions For Toddler Party

    I made my kids a giant gluten-free cookie cake last week...to celebrate "back to school!" I am sure their are rice-free gluten-free "flour" mixes. It came out totally yummy, and they scarfed it down! I followed the Bob's recipe but instead of making cookies, I pressed it into a round pizza cookie sheet. I made it gluten-free, but not dairy free, because he wanted the chocolate chips and homemade icing! The chips have dairy, but I managed to use soy milk so Mommy could at least enjoy a slice with a few Lactaid! Kids seem to love cookie cakes, and they are cheap and delicious! You could even make 2! Good luck, and happy b day to your daughter!
  15. missceliac2010


    Hello Friends, I just found out that my youngest son, Tyler, has to have his 3rd open heart surgery. He has a severe heart condition and will require another new pulmonary heart valve placed in 2-3 weeks. His old valve, placed in 2006, has totally failed... My question is related to the hospital diet. Has anyone had experience with requesting a gluten free diet while hospitalized? Tyler is not "formally diagnosed", as I chose to not put him through any invasive testing, and he is responding to the diet so well, I do not find it necessary. I know most hospitals have a dietitian... Do I simply meet with him/her and explain his gluten allergy? Any suggestions/exp are welcome! Thanks!