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  1. If you still have tests to do for celiac then you should NOT go gluten free until those tests are done. Doing so could make the tests inaccurate. Yes, many do find they are better without dairy. Some react to casein in the same way as they react to gluten. Others have a problem with lactose becaus eof the flattened villi in the small intestine. If the problem is lactose you may be able to add dairy back in after a while of avoiding it. But some people don't have a problem with dairy at all. If it's too overwhelming for you to eliminate dairy as well as gluten, then don't worry about the dairy until you have to cross that bridge. See if you feel better gluten free and if you don't then eliminate dairy and possibly soy (also another common culprit). Just don't do the gluten free until after your tests are done.

    My doctor wants me to take a test to determine if I have the gene for celiac first I suppose. I had eliminated gluten for almost two weeks then I realized that I really hadn't because I had communion on sundays, soy sauce, imitation crab, and possibly more exposure with refried beans at a restaurant and some gelato...I have a feeling though that dairy is going to be a problem because I'm still eating that and still feel bad even cutting back on gluten. I really appreciate everyone's response with this! Thanks!!!!

  2. I'm new to this and I'm just diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I still have labs to do for Celiac. My doctor told me that I had to go gluten free but I'm having a hard time with dairy. He never said to stay away from dairy but I keep reading about having to do them together initially. My question is in the beginning is giving up dairy really important? I also had sushi last night and forgot that imitation crab meat had gluten as well as soy. I can control what I do at home but eating out can be difficult. Today I had corn tortillas at a restaurant and re-fried beans then later I find out some re-fried beans have gluten. I had gelato and thought gelato was gluten free but apparently that can have gluten in it. Then there's maltadextrin? Maltitol any malt is barley derived right? I feel overwhelmed even my Tums has wheat of some form in it. I just need someone to tell me the truth about dairy and going gluten free. Also then there are tons of gluten free alternatives with corn is which, GMO and fattening isn't it?

  3. I feel your pain!

    I just found out 2 weeks ago that I have Celiac disease (my biopsy was negative but the blood work shows positive). I had heard about it in the past but did not know much about it. If I really looked back on when I started have bowel changes I would have to say it was when I had my gall bladder removed. But thought things were getting better until just like you I quit smoking 3 years ago and all of the sudden I have all of these medical issues showing up. I as well thought to myself maybe it was a hormone issue. But over the last 3 years I now have high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, and possible fibromyalgia (doctor isn't too sure he believes I have that but long story). Granted after I quit smoking I gained 20lbs. I am sure the weight has a lot to do with the high blood pressure and the diabetes and sleep apnea (although both run in the family) Although after reading about all of the symptoms of Celiac disease it seems to explain alot.

    I know I have a lot to learn about this disease and hoping that changes I now need to make will help me become healthier and feeling better.

    I don't think I answered any of your questions but wanted to let you know that your not alone and to wish you the best of luck.

    I hope people who have experienced this will respond as well. I find it interesting that smoking almost aided all my physical problems. I know that it is far worse to smoke but what a way to learn about your true health. I hope we both get better!

  4. I just found out on Wednesday that I am gluten intolerant. I still have to do a lab for Celiac. Either way I do not want to get Celiac disease. My doctor told me the reason I've always had a tummy bulge was caused by the inflammation happening in my intestines which causes excess cortisol to be released which allows the body to hold onto fat and store fat but does not allow the body to lose fat. I have suffered from constipation all of my life (except when I smoked cigarettes and drank coffee). I had irregular periods for most of my life and my obgyn put me on birth control to regulate my cycles. Everything was masking my problems. I am hypothyroid recently diagnosed and I am taking Armour. I take trazodone to sleep half a dose every night. I know untreated gluten intolerance leads to hypothyroid however I didn't know I was gluten intolerant. Either way since I quit smoking three years ago all my symptoms came to a head and all these things changed. All I know is that somehow smoking masked some of my problems. I have to take bio-identical hormones as well. I'm only 36 and not in pre-menopause but it sure feels like it. I really hope not eating gluten will change things and that I can stop taking trazodone to sleep and maybe my thyroid will start doing it's job. Can a gluten-free diet reverse symptoms? Also, I tried ww's to lose weight before finding out I was gluten sensitive and I had cut out carbs and felt much much better but I still had wheat here and there. Now I'm going crazy eating all kinds of expensive gluten free cookies and icing. Eating sugar can't be good but I can't stop. One thing at a time right. Also it seems dairy free and gluten free should be done at the same time. Do you really have to do it that way? How can I stay away from the gluten free high carb high calorie treats? Any advice on all of the above? Thanks, Tonia (also I spent hours trying to find products that I already own to determine if they are gluten free. Not every gluten free product is labeled. Are there easier web sites that I'm not aware of ?)