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  1. I'm glad to find someone else who also has BFS. Mine started after back surgery about 10 years ago and during the recovery I was SUPER stressed. I also think that's when the Celiac was triggered. Saw a neurologist who said I have an "overactive nervous system" whatever that means and said the...
  2. Anybody else diagnosed with this? I had crazy twitching, vibrating, little electrical shocks, hyper-senstivity (especially along the seams of my pants!)all over my body a number of years ago for a quite a while. Finally went to a neurologist back then who said I have BFS. He said it's an "overactive...
  3. I thought I'd post the list I just received from Elizabeth Arden. This is all of their products that contain gluten (I love EA cosmetics!) Thank you for contacting Customer Care at ElizabethArden.com. For your convenience I have included below the complete list of Elizabeth Arden products...
  4. My son's only 6 and he's completely gluten intolerant. I'm almost 100% positive that he's never eaten moldy bread (I have 3 kids, bread doesn't last long enough at our house to become moldy!). I suspect his condition was triggered either by the flu or the flu shot, will probably never know for...