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  1. Yep, I agree. Life as a Celiac is enough of a PITA as it is. No need to check ingredients of shampoo, body lotion or any topical product (with exception of lip balm/lipstick), unless you are finding an allergic reaction to it.

    Personally, I don't how the people who say they react to the gluten in a topical product, know for certain it's the gluten they're reacting to and not another of the ingredients.

    I get reactions from topical gluten all the time. I used to have a nasty, oily, flaky scalp and nothing I did helped it. I also would get dry patches on my skin that looked like eczema. Finally, after going to a gluten free lifestyle, my hair is beautiful and shiny, my scalp is healthy, and my skin is starting to heal. We figure it out by a painful process of trial and error. I still get reactions when I come in contact with gluten. My lips will burn when my husband kisses me after eating something with gluten in it.

  2. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2 months ago. I immediately went on a gluten-free diet. I got all sorts of information, met with a dietician and have not cheated once. I just had an endoscope and was told that I still have traces of gluten, and that my villi are atrophy (flattened) still and that after 2 months on the diet they should have started to heal. I am so confused, not sure what I am doing wrong. I eat very healthy, mainly fruits and veggies with spices. Are there certain ingredients in spices that contain gluten. I chew alot of gum, eat alot of salads, and usually have ranch dressing, Hellmans appears gluten-free along with Margetti's (sp). I have had chips, but always corn or tostados and meat without bread crumbs. When using barbeque sauce I use sweet baby rays. Breakfast I usually make my own smoothie with yogurt and fruit and milk or cereal from a gluten-free like natures path. I do drink the Redbridge beer which is gluten-free. I also drink Mt. Royal Light Whiskey which the company wrote to me and said it was gluten-free. Festival Foods has lunch meat from a company Krestzmar(sp) that is gluten-free and I usually get that from their deli. The bread I eat is gluten-free, UDI ( by the way it is the best bread ever, I almost cried when I had my first bite), I have my own toaster and put homemade strawberry jelly on it. I also enjoy ice cream, but there again the ingredients look okay. Is there a hidden ingredient in ice cream. If it has modified food starch, I don