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  1. Oh thank you all so so so much for coming back to me so quickly!!! So what should I do? Another week and a half-should I just carry on going with gluten in case the doc wants to other tests, or will the tests I've done be conclusive enough? Xxx
  2. Hi all, So, I've been reading the posts in this forum and others, and it's like FINALLY opening a door to just an incredible understanding of myself for the last ten years!! I want to ask a few questions of you all, of those who have been through diagnosis, mis-diagnosis, the ups, the downs, the pains. By way of recent background, I was referred to a gastroenterologist about 1 month ago. He undertook an initial consultation, then sent me for 4 different blood tests - well, 4 viles of blood were taken, and I can only remember that one said 'antibodies' and one said 'celiac.' Then the ne
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