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  1. Hi...I go today at 4 pm to get my test results from the stool analysis...I am both excited and nervous ....will keep you posted...what have you decided to do about your results?

  2. Thanks for all the comments. Sad that so many of us can't eat bananas on top of everything else!
  3. Hi weluvgators. I live in melbourne. We have lots of restaurants and a huge variety of specialties such as Indian, thai, Malaysian, Greek and Italian. When eating in country towns I stick to simple pan fried fish and veggies. Oh and you MUST try the Grill'd fries- they are gluten-free and are...
  4. Why can't Australia import gluten-free oats? I SO miss my muesli!
  5. I am finding tha IGA supermarkets offer a great range of gluten-free foods. I bought a cottage pie today. I am traveling for work and am tired of restaurant meals so this will be an easy and hopefully yummy meal. Personally, as an engineer specializing in analyzers, I know how difficult and expensive...
  6. Thanks for all your replies! I am not game to eat one. It's kind've nice to know I am not alone.
  7. I see lots of people can eat bananas where they have sensitivities to other foods. And comments that bananas are easy to digest. If I eat a banana I get crippling stomach pain and usually vomit. I can eat banana cake just fine. I am wondering if anyone has the same experience or has an idea...