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  1. Any of the above willing to share some yummy gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes? I love to try a coffee cake and a spinach...
  2. HI There! I love orzo salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and basil. Can anyone think of good subsitute for orzo...
  3. MacieMay

    Told My Baby May Be Autistic, Could It Be Celiac

    My toddler has a Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance. She had a lot of the same symptoms your describing, she had those terrible...
  4. WE eliminated dairy only because we thought that was primary culprit (whole milk) although she did improve when we removed...
  5. MacieMay

    6 Year Old Endoscopy Tomorrow - Hope We Will Get Answers

    Hi Cara in Boston, I think it is 100% possible to have a gluten-intolerance that has the same symptoms of Celiac without...
  6. HI There! My daughter does not have RA but she has another autoimmune called Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM), they are...
  7. MacieMay

    New - 15 Month Old Withpossible Symptoms

    My daughter has a gluten-intolerance, she just turned two. She started showing signs when we introduced solids. It...
  8. MacieMay

    Something Is Still Not Right :(

    I would ditch the dairy too. My daughter could not tolerate milk. She just turned two. I can even begin to tell you...
  9. MacieMay

    2 Mos Gluten Free -- Symptoms Return -- Help

    Poor little guy!! All the sleeping is probably good for him. All the trama his little body has been through. He...
  10. MacieMay

    What Would You Do If It Was Your Child?

    Just as FYI... My daughter has a gluten-intolerance ALL testing for Celiac came back negative. She was 18 mos when...
  11. MacieMay

    Does My Son Appear To Have celiac disease?

    My daughter just turned 2 and tested negative (two celiac panels, biopsy and gene). Her GI Dr. diagnosed her with a...
  12. MacieMay

    What To Feed A gluten-free Toddler?

    Cheese Gluten-free pretzels Chips (we do lays because they are thin and dissolve easily) snap pea crisps raisins...
  13. MacieMay


    My daughter's tests came back negative too (she is 2 now) but had all the testing at 18 mos. She had the same problem...
  14. MacieMay

    Doc Says Not Celiac, But I Still Think It Might Be

    GI Dr. but I had to insist. After being sent away with no way no how does she have celiac. I called her back and told...
  15. MacieMay

    Doc Says Not Celiac, But I Still Think It Might Be

    I should also add, that at the end of the summer, my daughter was finally diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM...