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  1. Does anyone have anything to report on how their low carb diet is going?
  2. Thanks for the updates. It's always encouraging to hear when someone finds some answers.
  3. I personally found the Enterolab testing very helpful. Most of my problems improved after going gluten free, however...
  4. Lori2

    Am I Reacting To Rice?

    Rice was the mainstay of my diet. I cooked up a batch of brown rice pilaf every day and ate rice cakes--no cereals....
  5. Lori2

    Other Intolerances Linked To Gluten

    I think you will find that everyone is an individual with their own sensitivities. In the reading that I have done,...
  6. Would you tell us how to make sweet potato flour? Thanks.
  7. My celiac panel was negative (after gluten-free for two nonths). I do not have either of the two main celiac genes ...
  8. Lori2

    Tests For Food Intollerances

    I did food testing at EnteroLab and found it very accurate. Since I was still having problems, I went back to my basic...
  9. I'll try again. Edit to say: it won't post the link but posts the video instead.
  10. http:/w.youtube.com/watch?v=KLjgBLwH3Wc/ww The video is 17 minutes long but is worth watching. Dr. Terry Wahls, Iowa...
  11. I just ran across this thread again. Thought I would add that I have been eating Claussen Pickles with no problem.
  12. My daughter's canker sores were caused by iron malabsorbtion. Diagnosed by Mayo Clinic.
  13. Lori2

    The "kill A Celiac" Diet

    A loaf of multi-grain bread--soft inside--crispy, crunchy crust--gently warmed--dripping with butter-----I just died...
  14. Lori2


    Because, unfortunately, some people are liars. I have a relative who is anorexic and it's important that the doctors...
  15. I get what my eye doctor calls visual migraines--sort of sparkling, spikey semi-circles--hard to describe, last about...