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  1. Does anyone have anything to report on how their low carb diet is going?
  2. Thanks for the updates. It's always encouraging to hear when someone finds some answers.
  3. I personally found the Enterolab testing very helpful. Most of my problems improved after going gluten free, however I was still left with some diarrhea problems. I went back to a very simple basic diet based on rice, grass-fed beef and bananas, but the problem persisted. I finally did Enterolab testing which showed an intolerance to rice--one of my go-to foods. The last day I ate rice, March 11, 2011, I used four Immodium. I have had a total of four Immodium in the two years since. I just wish they could test for more things than they do.
  4. Rice was the mainstay of my diet. I cooked up a batch of brown rice pilaf every day and ate rice cakes--no cereals. And like you, I eliminated everything--different foods, supplements, etc. Imagine my surprise when testing (EnteroLab) said that rice and oats (I used very little oats) were the cause of my diarrhea. The day I quit rice, I used 4 Immodium. In the six months since I have used a total of three Immodium.
  5. I think you will find that everyone is an individual with their own sensitivities. In the reading that I have done, I have come to the conclusion that there is NO food out there that doesn't bother someone. My own list of no-no's includes gluten, oats, rice, sugar (beet, cane, honey, dates, raisins, aguve, xylitol). I can eat limited amounts of other grains and starches. Tomatoes and onions are questionable. But I have no problem at all with dairy, soy or potatoes. As I said, everyone is different and you just have to figure it out for yourself. Others can only give you clues as to what else to try.
  6. Would you tell us how to make sweet potato flour? Thanks.
  7. Lori2

    Please Help! (Very Long Post)

    My celiac panel was negative (after gluten-free for two nonths). I do not have either of the two main celiac genes (my son is a diagnosed celiac). A year and a half ago I came to two conclusions: 1. I hate feeling like garbage. 2. I do not need a doctors permission to eliminate gluten from my diet. Forget the testing and "just do it".
  8. I did food testing at EnteroLab and found it very accurate. Since I was still having problems, I went back to my basic "banana and rice" diet plus a few other foods. I was trying to decide which to eliminate first, corn or soy, but decided to pay the money and do the testing. EnteroLab said that soy and corn were both fine, but that I was intolerant to oats (which I seldom ate) and rice. March 11th, the day I eliminated rice, I used four Imodium. I have had only one in the four months since. The testing cost several hundred dollars, but I glad I did it. It takes me forever to test by elimination.
  9. I'll try again. Edit to say: it won't post the link but posts the video instead.
  10. http:/w.youtube.com/watch?v=KLjgBLwH3Wc/ww The video is 17 minutes long but is worth watching. Dr. Terry Wahls, Iowa Med School professor, cured herself of MS by a diet which was probably gluten-free.
  11. I just ran across this thread again. Thought I would add that I have been eating Claussen Pickles with no problem.
  12. My daughter's canker sores were caused by iron malabsorbtion. Diagnosed by Mayo Clinic.
  13. A loaf of multi-grain bread--soft inside--crispy, crunchy crust--gently warmed--dripping with butter-----I just died and went to heaven. Aahhhh (or should it be waaaaah).
  14. Lori2


    Because, unfortunately, some people are liars. I have a relative who is anorexic and it's important that the doctors find these people, too. But I don't know if accusing people of lying is the way to do it.
  15. I get what my eye doctor calls visual migraines--sort of sparkling, spikey semi-circles--hard to describe, last about a half hour. Check on You Tube for pictures of visual, ocular or optical migraines.