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    ReLearning how to Cook & Bake all over again!

About Me

I became aware of my super alergy to Gluten just about 2 years ago now, but have obveiously suffered with it all of my life and never discovered it before now. Doctor's of course never had a clue mostly, because they were trying to deal with all my complications that came with it.

I am not a Celiac, or at least after two tests for it they say I am not. I still have yet to be dignoised with a cause to my original condition. I do however have many side conditions including but not limited to my main cause of pain Fibro. Immune conditions can be so very touchy.

I'm learning to Cook & Bake all over again, its a challenge... but I live with my 23 year old son who cares for me and for him its worth it to go through this all over again... in my opinion. He may yet need it in his life time.

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