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  1. wasabi092

    Disorientation/temporary Amnesia?

    Also, I'm 22 so I'm not necessarily in the demographic most prone to strokes, although, the possibility always exists...
  2. wasabi092

    Disorientation/temporary Amnesia?

    Thanks to everyone who replied! I'll probably get a hold of my doctor and see what she thinks about it. Do you see a...
  3. Today at work, I was walking down the hallway and suddenly realized I had no idea where I was. This lasted a couple...
  4. wasabi092

    Does The Craziness Go Away?

    Hi there, Just wanted to 2nd(or 13th or however many people said the same thing) the OP and add my own experiences...
  5. wasabi092


    If you're Catholic, a priest should be able to get you rice wafers with their own pix to prevent CC. Still wouldn't...
  6. Have you ever tried applying plain yogurt? It seeds your body with l. acidophilus and other lactobacilli. These bacteria...
  7. Hey all, I'm troubleshooting tapioca pudding that I make that I thought was gluten-free but not sure. I'm reacting...
  8. So I've trolled the forums awhile and it's been incredibly useful so this is my first venture out into participating...