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  1. RachelisFacebook


    There was really no need to get heated. Aeraen made a point in a civil manner, and a very good point at that. Nobody...
  2. RachelisFacebook


    Me too! I'm under Rachel Dawn Ankrom
  3. I must really be a moron. I know the effects gluten has on my body. I know that even a crumb of gluten causes damage...
  4. RachelisFacebook

    Celiac Bulimia?

    As a recovering bulimic, I have been known to binge and purge on glutenous foods and then purge so I don't physically...
  5. RachelisFacebook

    Coping With A Gluten Eating Family

    Don't take this the wrong way (or do), but it sounds like she's being a whiny brat (though I have another b-word in mind...
  6. RachelisFacebook

    Irritated With My Family!

    Well, nothing. I just figured it was a given that "this is Rachel's gluten-free food, so eat your gluten-laden brownies...
  7. RachelisFacebook

    Irritated With My Family!

    Okay, so saying this makes me feel like a greedy b-word, but hear me out. When I make a special baked good for myself...
  8. RachelisFacebook

    Weight Loss

    I've lost 30 pounds since going Gluten-free. However, I'm trying. Also, my blood pressure has gone down (it wasn't high...
  9. RachelisFacebook

    Commandments Of gluten-free Eating Out

    Thou shall never trust a waiter with a confused, dazed look in his eyes after the mentioning of "gluten-free."
  10. RachelisFacebook

    gluten-free And Eating Disorders

    I understand here, and can sympathize. I am currently in treatment right now (at age 18) for bulimia I have been facing...
  11. RachelisFacebook

    Gluten Free For Two Days...withdrawals!?

    Hello Dear! You can absolutely be gluten intolerant without celiac. Also, there are false negatives all the time....
  12. Hey y'all, So I was reminiscing my old favorite foods the other day. Well I went to give blood, and while I never...
  13. RachelisFacebook

    Sample Menus Please

    My favorite thing to use is cookingallergyfree.com. You can just plug in your food allergies, and then up pop recipes...
  14. RachelisFacebook

    I Can't Eat Anything Anymore! I Give Up :(

    Don't give up!! You have a LOT of support here. We all feel your pain, and I promise you, it will get better! You'll...
  15. Hey y'all! I'm in college, and my only cooking tool is a microwave, no stove/oven/etc, and I was wondering if it was...