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  1. I fully believe that all grains are damaging and if one is not reacting to them, it is only because just as with wheat,rye and barley, the sensitivity and damage has not reached the level that it can be recognized, YET. Just as we all ate those grains that fall within the generally accepted definition of celiac disease without awareness of how it was hurting us for so many years. I haven't been able to eat any substitute grains since going gluten-free and now, am reacting to corn in just the same manner as I would any bite of wheat with all the same symptoms, but I realize the extent of my damage is severe. I will never touch another grain and being as sick as I am, have no appetite for them - lucky me....;o)

  2. You know, ah, maybe it's bc I am 'supersensitive,' but I cannot imagine myself infringing on another's health or, ever taking the chance of doing something that I know could even possibly make another person sick. It's just plain 'insensitive.' It's not like this disease is your option.

    I would have a very serious, well-mannered talk with them, trying very hard to be assertive, as opposed to aggressive in tone and mannerism. I would have a few articles for them to read on the subject of cross-contamination when I did, even if they've read many before and I would, also, try to find something that tells of the damage being done upon each contamination - it is delaying your recovery.

    If you are underaged, I would consider bringing it up to your doctor, if he is sensitive to the issue himself - many are not. I would ask him for his opinion on the need to prevent CC and get a feel for how seriously he takes it - many do not take it seriously. If you find you have an understanding ally in him, I would ask him/her to cordially speak to one of your parents.

    If you are an adult, I would feel no differently. So what if it is their household? You are a member of it and if they don't want to make allowances for you there, they need to straight out tell you, not allow you to stay knowing full well they aren't going to be making concessions or, stay on focus.

    Bottom line is that you can't live your life being constantly sick and you need to develop an approach that will allow you to meet with your goal of staying protected. Remember, there is no selfishness in having a desire to maintain your health or, feel well and if others believe you to be unreasonable, it only demonstrates that exact characteristic in them.

    Good luck.

  3. Thanks, everyone. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. For the most part, I've been asleep! My goodness! I do believe I'm taking the long road to recovery here. My headaches have gone away, but the brain fog still a constant. That said, I'll take whatever improvement I can get! And, I do feel some improvement and for now, I'll take your word that the rest will be forthcoming. Thanks, again. All interesting replies.

  4. Ok, ok, ok.... I have been gluten-free for about 8 months now - can't believe it's been that long! I have been pretty much down all this time. I couldn't even take care of my daily needs until about 2 months ago, but am getting much better since re-beginning the 10-12 vitamin supplements I have taken throughout my adulthood. (My doctor had told me to stop all supplements after going gluten-free bc he thought they were causing some of my reactions - whatever! I feel like I got some very bad advice there, but was too far gone to figure even that much out for the longest time....) But, I still have muscle pain, foot, hand and face pain, and horrible brain fog, which I am guessing is from peripheral neuropathy. My doctor says I am still not absorbing my good fats so, I did some investigation and ordered all of the supplements Mark taunts in his article and added Pantothenic Acid and Amino Acid complex for the neuropathy. (I know it sounds ridiculous, but I am up to 21 different supplements a day at this point, but, hey, I'm feeling better everyday and seeing progress for the first time.) I love his recommended enzymes! I have just started them and immediately, a lot of the distention I had went down! Yay! But, I have a question... should I be taking the enyzmes at the same time I take all my acids and fish oil, as well as after I eat? I don't normally take them at the same time I eat bc they don't upset my stomach and I'm thinking - maybe, wrongly - that they have a better chance of being absorbed when taken on an empty stomach. Does anyone know? Thank you.

  5. Hi, everybody,

    Tonight, I am concerned about my brain with good reason. I started complaining to my doctors about 5 years ago that I was having problems pulling words out of my head, had horrible short term memory and long term memory that became increasingly worse. Over the last year, I would be talking and suddenly sound like a robot running out of juice, become incoherent and unable to recover my thinking for a short spell - very embarrassing. This, while trying to work in a leadership role.

    Now, 3 months off work and into my new diet, it seems it has only gotten worse. I know I have made mistakes with my diet and am still learning all the ins and outs of protecting myself from CC, but I am becoming so concerned about my inability to carry on decent conversations. It seems I'll be singing along and out of nowhere, I get that same running out of juice pattern of speech, slurring my words and misusing words. It comes on so fast - like a light switch being flipped. About that time, I'll get a headache - like a vise grip on each side of my head. That is usually followed by the need to lie down and immediate sleep. Sometimes, the sides of my head will actually be sore to the touch. Like there is a problem at scalp level.

    I'm having a hard time with this. I don't know if its related to some kind of dementia or, extreme fatigue and/or primarily a symptom of celiac disease that will get better. Are these symptoms what everyone is referring to when speaking of brain fog/fuzzy thinking? I'm worried that it's not going to go away and will instead get worse. I find myself avoiding ppl for this reason a lot, feeling I have to hide from these inadequacies. I feel Alzheimer's bound, often confused and incapable of following/keeping with a thought pattern.

    For instance, the other day, I gave my toaster away to a neighbor, walked it over and handed to her. We stood and talked for a few minutes and then, in closing, I totally forgot I had given it to her and commented that I would find someone else to give it to. For some reason, I was thinking she didn't want it and forgot she already had it.

    Is this what others go through? Does it get better? Are there tests I should be asking for to check brain function? I go to the doctor tomorrow and want to bring this up, but am afraid I'll sound half crazy.

    Any help, comments, clarifications of neuro symptoms, stories of having similar experiences or, suggestions would be much appreciated.


  6. I have the same problem with swelling that you describe. Even my temples used to protrude a bit. Now, after 3 months, everything is much better, but still not great. I have dark circles under my eyes where the swelling used to be. I know how frustrating and intimidating it can be to look in the mirror and be aghast at what you see... not a good way to start the morning. I think the answer lies in just being patient with ourselves and diligent about our diets.

    So many great ideas here. So much to learn.

    I found out I have Celiac this past April. I go through a week or so where all of my symptoms go away and I feel happy and great. Then, CC happens and I feel horrible all over again. Maybe it isnt CC, maybe I am intolerant to a million other things. One of my symptoms is sever facial and finger swelling in the morning. Its been gradually going away. Today, I woke up and it was back full-blast. I literally feel hideous, defeated, and depressed. I am trying so hard to avoid CC and gluten, which is making me feel a little crazy and overwhelmed, and I just feel so discouraged today. How have you all managed to get through this huge adjustment and how long did it take before your symptoms went away? Being so swollen this morning just has me really down. Anyone have any stories of recovery from swelling? Thanks :-)

  7. Wow, your expressions of how you are feeling sound a lot like my own. Like you, I found myself tempted to exist off almond milk and juice for a few days there. I'm bored stiff with my whole foods diet, but have grown scared to death of adding in any thing new - gluten free or, otherwise. Seems every time I do, I have some sort of reaction - even to the latest, greatest antidepressant my doctor had prescribed for me. Now, that was depressing!

    However, that said, I strongly recommend you speak to your doctor about how you are feeling. Please, do not languish in depression without reaching for help. Any time your depression reaches the level you describe, it is best to speak to a professional about it.

    I don't know what your situation is, if you are already on antidepressants or, not, but either way, please, use your resources in dealing with and getting through this period. Sometimes, we all need someone to point us in the direction of the sun again.

    Good luck to you.

  8. I've been gluten free (except for the small, almost daily dose of yogurt I was erroneously feeding myself for the first 2 months) for about 3 months, now. I still walk around feeling like I am in a bubble, somehow, suddenly disconnected from the rest of the world and that this MUST be in my head or, I must be lost in a dream - dream-like state is more like it. That said, I want to emerge healthy so badly and my last run in with the yogurt cup (after not eating it for a few days) tells me there is no way I can go back to the time I was satiated in the gluten lifestyle.

    I think we all feel like this cannot be my reality now and then regardless of how detrimental we know gluten to be.

  9. I can't help you with cheese and other dairy products, but definitely try almond milk. I have found it to be really refreshing. In fact, I wouldn't go back to cow's milk for anything.

    Go over your diet with a fine tooth comb and double check to make sure there aren't any gluten culprits among your foods.

    I couldn't figure out why I was getting worse instead of better in recent weeks. Today, after skipping my yogurt for 3-4 days, I had one and immediately started to itch, my stomach, to rumble. I Googled it and found I had mistakenly purchased the wrong brand. I have researched so many products in recent weeks and that one, my memory failed me on - easy mistake to make when you're changing your whole life and food base.

    Also, and I realize this has been a big topic around here, but Gatorade makes me itch horribly for some unknown reason that I'm not even going to try to figure out. I'll just accept it and move on.

    If you have flashbacks... immediately acknowledge that you are having one, tell yourself that you recognize it as an important memory, but also, as one you will have to think about later bc you must remain focused upon the moment at that moment. This worked for me when nothing else did. I think bc with that simple statement made only to myself, I reasserted control over where I would allow my thoughts to go. My mind soon settled down and quit tricking me into thinking the past was my present and that the feelings I experienced during my trauma maintained even the slightest dominance over me.

    Okay, good luck to you.

  10. Thanks for this info. My doctor ordered me off all supplements until my symptoms lighten up and I was wondering about how I could check for the appropriateness of each one.

    Are you taking the vitamins in the morning? Try switching to taking them at night and see if it helps. Also make sure none of the vitamins are interacting with each other or other meds you could be taking. If you go to drugs.com they have an interaction checker and you can plug in vitamins as well as drugs to see if any interact and cause bad side effects. Also double check to make sure your vitamins are all gluten and dairy free. Some vitamins claim to be gluten free but have wheat grass, barley grass or oat grass in them.

  11. Hi, Gia, I am feeling exactly like you describe. I am ten weeks into this process and have developed more symptoms than I sought relief from in the first place. My latest is the itchies. I itch. I itch. I itch. I sit with my hands cupped together all day to keep myself from scratching. It is driving me insane! I have gone out and gotten all the gluten free products I can find - new toiletries, new cleansers - and still, I itch. I often feel like something is biting me. I get stinging sensations, but never find any visible mark. I can feel cysts under the surface, but they never break through. I am constipated to the point that nothing I do - not even popping two Exlax (pretty harsh) brings on relief. I'm more distended than ever though I must admit, my overall body inflammation is down. I put on some shoes today that used to fit tight and now, they are loose. I'm so tired and sleep is always welcome especially, after eating. Eating wears me out. I'm having baby migraines regularly whereas, they used to visit only once or, twice a year. My brain is in a state of non-recognition - it doesn't recognize anything I'm suppose to be doing or, it does, but it just as quickly forgets and things are starting to pile up. My life seems lonely and I find myself lost in feeling like this will never end. My new doctor put me on a fairly high dose of Cimbalta today for this reason and I must admit, I need something.... I am getting so tired of having someone feel obligated to tell me how horrible I look every time I walk out my door! I want to scream out, I KNOW THAT! My face is more swollen than ever in some areas yet, bc I have in fact lost inflammation overall, my facial skin is sagging and newly wrinkled in others and I look totally different - like I've aged ten years in two months.

    However, I do have good days. I measure my success by asking myself on those days, if I feel better than I felt the last time I felt good and usually, the answer is, yes. I am further encouraged by the fact that my good days have started spilling over to a second good day and then, half of another day. I was amazed to have woken up one morning and lying there, realized I had no pain in my body and for that one day, I felt completely healthy - a feeling unbeknown to me in many, many years. To be free of pain for a day - no distention, no joint aches, no headache, no rumbling intestines - was a blessing that I think was probably worth all the other days and right now, I am having a really hard time dealing with having those good days jerked away, feeling like I am inevitably stumbling backwards when I want so badly to continue forward.

    I think I have just now made a connection to nightshades. It seems like I get these flares after eating tomatoes and potatoes and mushrooms so, I am taking them out of my diet immediately.

    Point is, be patient with yourself and your recovery. Own your illness and your right to be frustrated by it. Weep for your healthier days when the need possesses you. Know that you probably have some curves and bends in the road ahead of you and once you've had your cry, return focus to the road ahead. I truly believe that our resolve will bring us health.

    Good luck to you.

  12. I totally understand how you felt. Very few people understand exactly what it is like to battle what lurks within our environments all the time. My sister told me the other day that I could sneak a cookie a few times a year....

    Gluten-free, please.

    I'm making three trips between now and the end of the year, health willing. I'm scared to death of staying in the homes of my relatives during this time. I know I'm going to be freaking out and paranoid the whole time.

  13. Amazing, isn't it? Like I've posted before... sometimes, I don't know what we're paying these guys for. Otherwise, I liked him and would like to develop a relationship with him. I wonder if it's appropriate to ask my doctor to study up on a particular disease? Thing is they always act like they're the definitive authority on everything.

  14. i BY NO MEANS have your answers... but im just gonna think outloud.. your SPLEEN is under your left breast- can your doc check to make sure it's ok? or swollen?

    the color of stools & the nausea makes me guess Gall Bladder/Liver.. maybe stones?

    ??? now, you have to stay under the doc's supervision on this- i don't want you to ignore anything serious...

    if they still cant help u- maybe u would be interested in some Chinese Bitters.. maybe Liver flushing (but flushes can be a ROYAL PAIN in the A)

    i like 2 products at:


    The "Chinese Bitters" help with digestion & liver toxicity

    and the "Gold Coin Grass" helps soften & dissolve any gall & liver stones... they're not bad for u at all- unless you're having an ulcer at this very moment. you just follow the instructions and read all their paperwork

    but of course make sure your doc is on top of it. hope you get it all squared away

    TY. I am going to make sure I confront these issues on my next visit.

  15. My favorite all time reason for changing doctors is when they look at you and say,

    "You look healthy."

    I recently had a cardiologist tell me (on a morning when I was especially sick), "You're better than advertised.... You advertise yourself! All you need to do is cheer up, be happy... you'll feel better!"

    And, at the end of that meeting, we both walked out thinking, "Next!"

  16. You know what makes me mad? We still have to pay these buffoons! I think it's the only profession where they can ignore you, not listen to you, be rude to you, actually give advice that in no way correlates to you and in the end, still put their hand out. It's shameful! I don't know how most of them live with themselves.