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  1. This makes me so irritated. Gluten-free, unless you have to avoid gluten ... what's the point? This is the side effect of the faddishness of the gluten-free diet, where the realy disease is overshadowed by people just "eating healthier." Peter, I couldn't agree with you more about Il Fornello...
  2. Thanks Peter. I guess Drs are figuring out this stuff, too. To clarify, when you say to drain and wash a second time, do you mean all the dishes, or just the one plate/fork that was involved with the gluten food?
  3. Really? That's so weird then that the Dr would recommend it I use bleach/cleaning wipes on the counters and stuff anyway (good for disinfecting, as you said) but I was also under the impression it would remove the cc from gluten. So then, what other steps can I take? Does soap and water do...
  4. Just to add - my BF and I don't live together, but he is here often and will sometimes eat something with gluten. I don't have a dishwasher, so this is what I do: I wash all my dishes (or all gluten-free dishes) first, and wash his second. When I'm done washing his, I put a capful, or two, of bleach...
  5. I'm currently experience my first real glutening since going gluten-free. For me, my symptoms seemed to start about 30, 45 minutes after eating the food. I was suddenly cramped and gassy, and ended up with one instance of really bad D. (graphic, I know, sorry lol) The remainder of the evening...