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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Gluten Neuropathy

    Sounds like gluten ataxia to me.
  2. Never officially biopsied and diagnosed celiac (I had undergone way too many tests already) , but went gluten-free and stopped feeling like I was dying and my doc declared me gluten intolerant. :] I've been gluten-free for two years now and I feel great. However, in the last year I started having lady problems which I had never had, even before going gluten-free: I have SEVERE mood swings before each period (like bipolar almost), I started spotting heavily between each period with pains in my abdomen, and I gained weight and got severe acne. I was just diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was just wondering if it could be related to my celiac/gi and if anyone has had a similar experience?
  3. Oh, and eat all the gluten-free bread and gluten-free pasta you want however, eat it within a healthy limit. I suggest either corn-and-rice or corn-and-quinoa (much less mushy than just rice) pasta, and Kinnickinnick soft white bread (its a new line. If your local store doesn't carry it, ORDER IT. NOW.) And Better batter is an amazing gluten-free flour substitute (though it's not cup for cup--no gluten-free flour is) and Nicole hunn on glutenfreeonashoestring.com has epic recipes. However, cutting simple carbs and sugar help ADHD as well, so just make sure you don't pig out on pasta and gluten-free baked goods
  4. Also, it can take a gluten sensitive or celiac adult or adolescent anywhere from months to years to heal from a gluten eating diet completely. It took me about three months to even see a difference.
  5. I have never been formally diagnosed with celiac (largely due to the fact that I have been poked and prodded so much that it just isn't worth it. Yet. I don't have children). All my life I've had severe constipation, insomnia, ADHD, and severe nausea (which I was tested for many things because of but never diagnosed as a child, and we tried many solutions but never found one) . Towards my young adolescent years I developed migraines, I started having trouble with anxiety and panic attacks, and I started having episodes of vertigo. My doctor suggested that I might have celiac but I refused the biopsy, and so we just did a trial gluten free diet. All of my symptoms got better or went away--including the ADHD--and I was diagnosed formally with gluten intolerance. All I'm left with is occasional constipation if I don't drink enough water or eat too much red meat and occasional peripheral neuropathy which my doctor says is probably a residual effect of the nerve damage. I went from being a B student who was uninvolved in or invested in extracurriculars, who went to a psychologist each week for general anxiety disorder and ADHD coping (meds gave me migraines) to an A student, all-district horn player who lives a normal and happy life other than a severe phobia of vomiting that I'm coping with after all those years of nausea. I've been gluten free and happy for over two years now. About a week ago I accidentally got glutened (the first time in like a year). I've actually been really surprised at how quickly the ADHD set in. I thought I'd have to be on gluten long term for it to take affect but the difference is seriously like night and day. All this week I've been struggling to accomplish anything in a reasonable amount of time, even simple tasks, like getting ready in the mornings. I keep interrupting friends, my parents, and even teachers while they're talking. I try to read or memorize things, and just to comprehend what I'm reading it have to read it several times. So seriously--ADHD-like symptoms and other neuro symptoms are real symptoms of celiac. And even if you aren't get tested, if going gluten-free makes a difference, even if ADHD was your only symptom, DO. IT.
  6. Help! I Got Glutened!

    Okay. So two weeks ago I ate a TINY bite of chocolate cake because, initially I never thought I had Celiac Disease, just a slight gluten intolerance, so I went gluten free (i've been gluten-free for about four months now and ive felt GREAT, no adhd meds anymore or anxiety or headaches or stomachaches). I didn't think the cake would hurt me because people without Celiac can usually eat a tiny bit of gluten (when on a gluten-free diet)and be fine. Well....I think I must have Celiac. Because my main symptoms before were serious constipation, ADHD, acid indigestion, anxiety and migraines, and I just generally felt like crap all the time. I ate that gluten and the very next day I got a really bad headache, terrible heart burn, and became so incredibly constipated its ridiculous--stool softeners and eating extensive fruits and vegetable wont help like it used to. This is like no other constipation I've ever had. And its been two weeks, and I've only gone a couple times. Its becoming dangerous. PLEASE someone tell me any ideas they have about how to recover from such awful constipation. Herbs? meds? special diet??? ANYTHING?! Thank you so much!
  7. Ever since I was a kid, I've had an almost constant uncomfortable, gnawing stomachache, which escalates at night. I've had adhd (diagnosed since fourth grade), anxiety problems (meds and shrink and everything), and I developed severe headaches when I hit puberty. I've always been rather scrawny. :\ I was tested, as far as the stomachache goes, for everything under the sun (except any sort of food allergy. Ha) and my doctors simply came to the conclusion that I was constantly nauseas, constipated, and uncomfortable because I had a nervous stomach because I was especially anxious. Same sort of thing with the headaches. I had just decided that I was a freak and broken and nobody could fix me. I am subscribed to mercola.com, a naturalist doctors newsletter. He had an article about how many people (especially those of irish descent. I'm of irish descent!) have sub clinical gluten intolerance, in which they dont have the proper enzymes to break down gluten and it just destroys their digestive tract and they cant absorb things and it wreaks havoc on their bodies. All the symptoms fit me. There were tests, but he said that they were mostly for celiac, so I dismissed it immediately. So the next day, I went completely gluten free. Like that. And also lactose free, because he advised doing that too (plus, milk is for baby cows. Not humans.). Within a few weeks, I felt better. I had more energy, and I could sleep at night (a symptom I had taken for granted until I noticed I had it). No more stomach aches. No more headaches. I was gonna wait for a few months to start expecting adhd help. But then, as I did more research, I started realizing that it may be the elusive celiac after all. I had dismissed it at the beginning--oh, theres no way I could have something THAT intense. But the internet said that there were many undiagnosed celiacs, and that many symptoms can be seemingly unrelated but really are. Anyways, after all that flack, I'm looking for a celiacs opinion on a few things. Firstly, could I possibly have celiac? I'm not anemic to my knowledge, but I've got a lot of problems throughout my system (so many different ones, I must be the most unlucky person ever if theyre all caused by different things.). Secondly, should I stop being gluten free and go get tested? Or is it okay to just not know and roll with it if I feel better? And thirdly, is there any advice that anyone could give me?