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    Cooking, reading, knitting, and playing with my dog, complaining with my roommate about how quitting smoking while we sit on our porch staring at the now empty ashtray, and mostly recently trying to figure out how to be gluten free
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    DC area

About Me

"Doesn't eating wheat/gluten everyone sick?"

"I can't believe you are my roommate."

"So will you be gluten free with me?

"I'm getting a roommate who can eat normal food."

"I'll cook delicious non-poison food for us though, without stuff that makes me wish I was dead."

"I miss and cake and pizza already."

"It's been five minutes, and YOU can eat it later, I can't ever eat it again. Oh, I just got so sad. I need Ben & Jerry's 'Chubby Hubby', but it will kill me."

I was raised in a 'tough it out, kid' family, and just assumed that certain foods made everyone sick, and then I moved out, and then I learned about not being sick when you ate foods, and now I'm going to be be gluten free.

  1. I've gotten sick from the fraps at McDs too. I think it's the modified food starch. I can't eat MFS without getting sick.