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  1. I am really confused because I have seen a ton of posts saying that after they (poster) went gluten free they have gained weight (no difference if it was a good thing or not), but I haven't seen anyone post about loosing weight. I have been gluten free for about a month so far. I can't stop eating I feel like I am always hungry and mostly craving carbs(all gluten free). I have struggled in the past to loose weight (b4 diagnosis), but now it feels like it's falling off. My husband is a little worried because I have lost 12lbs in a month (I am not heavy just had left over baby weight from my kids 8,6, 4.5) Has anyone else had this? I suspect that it was because I wasn't able to absorb nutrients before and my body was "starving" itself and now that i can it has sped up my metabolism? would that be a good guess???
  2. So the panel came back and she told me "two of the tree markers are there so in my opinion you have it, not going to bother with the biopsy but stay on the gluten free diet" so there I go I have been gluten free for just over a week now and feel fabulous already!!
  3. I am reading "the first year - Celiac disease and gluten free eating" by Jules Shepard awesome book!!!! Extremly helpful!! She has a card in there that you can make one for yourself and give to the waiter/waitress that way your aren't bringing extra attention to yourself you could even excuse yourself to the bathroom and give it to the manager or waiter in private away from your friends. As for your friend the comments that they are making about its not going to kill you...directly no but it can and will lead to other diseases if you don't take care of it. I suggest to anyone new to Celiacs to read this book!!!
  4. My husband, Kids and I are going to Sooke (30min outside of Victoria) B.C for my sister in-law's wedding. I am trying to find places to eat on the way there then once we are there. I know we will be spending a couple of days in Victoria as well. Looking for something not too expensive as road trip weddings are already expensive enough lol PLEASE HELP!!
  5. I just looked on Campbell's canadian web site and there is a huge list of soups that they have on there that are gluten free here too!! I am so excited went gluten free on Tuesday and what I had read prevously is that premade soups are usually a no no!!!
  6. I don't beleive that she is going to bother with the biopsy...the family history is there and she told me to go ahead with the diet. I am overwhelmed by the hypoglycimia and the celiac but I have a really good book and you all to help me through this and an exremely understanding husband (most important). Off to the post diagnosis section lol
  7. So went to the Doctor the Celiac panel isn't back yet however she told me that in the mean time to go gluten free for at 3-6 months and see how that goes. She will call me when the panel comes back to let me know what it says but she told me the same thing that I have read here in so many posts the "False negatives are extremely common" I also was diagonased with hypoglycemia which if I don't watch it will turn into Diabetes within 5 years.... just one more thing to add to the list. My fathers side is riddled with it and the celiacs would come from my moms side (so I think mom & grandma have major tummy issues) However I talked to my dad and my cousin started with hypoglycemia then turned out he has celiacs....
  8. I am going to see the Dr. tomorrow morning. I am going to ask for the numbers of the test, I was planing to try the diet even if the numbers are a negative because as I have read on here so much that the test results can be negative, more often then not. I'll post the results tomorrow when I get them.
  9. Dr's got my test results today I only had the tests on Wednesday....WOW I have to go see her next week YAY maybe some answers
  10. So here is my coles notes story.... I have had bad tummy problems since I can remember but they got really bad at the age of 16. I was a late bloomer almost 15 when puberty hit. Originally I chalked it up to food (mostly meat intollerance) My mother and Grandmother have the same problem. Two years ago I had been getting really bad/sharp stomach pains about 15 mins after eating and it didn't matter what it was. Went to the Dr.'s whom then sent me for blood tests and a colonoscopy (for crohns & colitis) which didn't go well felt every minute of it finally told the Dr. to stop because the pain was unberrable (and I have had 3 kids 1 all natural). When the results had gotten to my GP they said they were inconclusive... hmm i wonder why??? Anyways I had about enough of being poke and prodded at so I stop testing. My friends's new gluten-free (a nurse & celiac) suggested that I go and get tested for Celiac. I went to a new Dr. (i have moved) explained to her the time length and a brief on symptoms and she ordered at wack load of tests pretty much everything on the paper and then some. Symptoms are: stomach cramping, diarreah, loss of appitiet, lactose intolorant, I have been anemic for who knows how long, odd menstration (I also have PCOS and a messed up petuitary gland), monster headaches. I have been paying more attention as of late to what i am eating since there seems to be no consistancy on what causes my stomach discomfort. I hope that these test will find something or lead to something that may be bothering me so far though if it is something i would prefer celiac to crohns or colitis as it is WAY easier to treat!! Going for my blood tests tomorrow should find out soon....I hope