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Since as far back I as I remember, I have always had issues with my digestive tract and doctors never could explain it. When I was 5 years old, I had a very bad flu and than got pneumonia and was very sick. When I was about 10 years old, I got mono and again was very sick. All throughout my teen years, I got every bug that came my way and had many stomach aches. When I was 20, I started losing lots of weight very quickly and also started swelling every morning. By mid-morning, I was better and by night time, my legs were swollen. Doctors checked my liver, kidneys, and heart but could not figure it out and instead said that I was just having an allergic reaction to something. Since I hated needles with a passion, I refused to see an Allergist and instead learned to live with my swelling.

In October of 2009, once again, I was losing weight at a fast rate but just contributed it to being back at work and not snacking all day at home. By December, I was getting sick from everything that I ate and than I started retaining tons of water. By January I was up 20lbs! In mid-January, I went to the doctors to figure out what was going on and he said I had H1N1 flu! In February, a friend of mine recommended that I start taking a Probiotic to help with my digestive problems and it helped! By April, I was back down to about 140lbs and was feeling much better. I had more energy and was bloated all the time.

Than everything started up again in May but worse. Not only was I gaining weight again but my lymph nodes were starting to swell up as well. In June, I noticed that they have spread to my groin so I knew it was time to get back to the doctors. From June 14th until August 4th, I had blood drawn every week, a CT scan, a 24hr urinalyses and saw 4 different doctors! On August 4th, I got my first diagnose...Celiac Disease! It was confirmed on August 13 and 4 days later, I had a liver biopsy due to elevated liver enzymes. On August 25th, I was diagnosed also with Autoimmune Hepatitis with stage 4 Fibrosis.

Happy to have answers but so scared of my what my future holds for me!

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