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    Music, Music Composition, bands, languages, japan, travel, helping people, knowing, learning, knowing I don't know everything, searching for perfection.

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Born in September 5th, 1989.

My mother has Celiac disease, anemia, endometriosis and endometriosis, my family carries the High blood pressure but I don't have it. I have insomnia, Epilepsy, and possibly endometriosis, and Celiac.

I love Music, music composition, I draw and I love to see bands play. I want to compose music and make music in a band one day and inspire as many people as I possibly can to be who they are, and be comfortable.

I am super critical of myself, and always see my imperfections, and have many things I want to change..

I am Russian (slovic) , American Indian, and German.

Let's have a party in 2012 everyone, please everyone be happy and enjoy life. Everyday is just a new beginning. Try to travel and get out there and don't stay in one place!! :)

  1. Hi , I hope that I can figure out what's wrong with me, and hope others here as well :)

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