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    Music, Music Composition, bands, languages, japan, travel, helping people, knowing, learning, knowing I don't know everything, searching for perfection.

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  1. I've had like about 2 almost three panic attacks in one day. It's usually suddenly just my heart racing when I try to...
  2. Ohhh Ohh exactly.. the tightness like someone is pulling something tighter on you about your chest. This is when I thought...
  3. @Mushroom I do get bad pressure under my ribs like fullness. But cannot make myself burp.. Not really had much food lately...
  4. I don't think I have Vitamin D at home..I took folic acid, B12, baby asprin. I have medicaid because I've been epileptic...
  5. They didn't test me for Celiac at the hospital but they are at my doctor. I just went to the hospital last night, but...
  6. As soon as I read your reply I went and took Vitamin C and Iron, I already took B12. Thank you sooo so much. My mom is...
  7. Hi , I hope that I can figure out what's wrong with me, and hope others here as well :)

  8. My name is Erin. I'm twenty, going to be twenty-one in September. I'm 5"3 and weigh 132ibs. My mother has celiac disease...
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