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About Me

30 yrs old self diagnosed Celiac/Gluten Intolerant after 23 years of unnecessary suffering at the hands of incompetent and waaaay overpaid doctors.

Hypothyroidism since I was 17. Medication is currently on the way down...hoping to get off of meds all together one day.

Feeling fantastic and ready to start atoning for years of neglect to my poor awesome body. Goodbye Guiness, hello life! :)

  1. Yeah we aren't a fan of antibiotics either but you don't mess around with H-pylori. It is heinous to get rid of, round two of antibiotics and I'm not sure it did the job. Next is to call in the tactical nukes. I've had to cut out lots of nuts even though they are gluten-free certified. Doc...
  2. Yes. I am allergic to everything I eat now because my list has been widdled down over the years. My only hope is to heal up my gut which I am working on doing with my doctor. I had bacterial infections and parasites that needed to be taken care of and of course antibiotics cause leaky gut so until...
  3. Yes. My Restless Legs stopped sometime in the first month, my husbands stopped at about the three month mark so it is different for everyone. I am continually amazed by how much better life is off of this poison. Cheers!
  4. Well put T.H I get that you don't want folks to throw up their hands in frustration and run screaming into the night away from gluten-free because of how careful some of us end up having to be. I think we can all agree that, no matter how hard this stuff seems at times, we are all...
  5. Canola oil hurts my heart. I stay far away from it.
  6. Just wanted to say thank you. When I first arrived here I read a post you wrote were you suggested thinking of gluten as poison, I've followed your suggestion, and I find it really helps. :)

  7. Amazing how little our doctors and specialists know isn't it? There is a very strong link between gluten and autoimmune conditions yet my endo laughed at me when I told him my thyroid was no longer swollen and my meds were going down (blood tests don't lie you jerk!) and said I wasn't wasting away...
  8. Gluten Sensitivity can definitely cause inflammation in the lungs. My husband suffered from Asthma since he was 8 years old (32 now) and after 6 months gluten free he can now run without dying. Very, very cool. Gluten causes inflammation as the body attacks itself. If it attacks the villi in...
  9. You are always that cool. :)

  10. How do I give people reputation points? Or am I not that cool yet? ;)

  11. Thanks for the Reputation Point! What is it and what does it do? LOL

    Malkov Prima Donna? Finally, my destiny revealed!!!

  12. is on the road to recovery.

  13. Haha! Nope, Jacob actually kinda freaks me out! Well, they all do!

  14. I get all over back spasms. In fact its funny that you should ask because I'm having them now. Got glutened by soap that was mislabeled at a friends house tonight. Didn't eat anything or touch my mouth afterwards but I've got all the symptoms now, achy back spasms, foggy brain, headaches,...
  15. I whole heartedly agree with this last statement.