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  1. There is just no valid medical science behind this line of thought.

    My Dearest Gemini I do beg to differ on this point.

    Soy Protein in Chicken Eggs

    The above is a link to a study on the Soy Protein being found in the egg yolks of chickens fed a soy based diet. If the Soy Protein can get there then it isn't that big of a stretch to think that the Gluten Protein could get there and I can tell you from personal experience with my own chickens that there is something to this. I feed them a grain/soy free diet and can eat as many of their eggs as I want without getting brain fogged or a stomach ache. I have a limit of 3 store bought (organic free range/cage free) eggs every few days otherwise.

    So if chickens are what they eat, and humans are what we eat, then why is it such a stretch to think that plants are what they eat? And if what they are eating is the gluten protein then...

    I also had a first hand experience with something similar in my tomato garden this year. I spread jalapeno juice at the base of the plants to keep the bunnies away. It worked wonderfully but to my surprise my cherry tomatoes had a spicey taste to them, at least the first few handfuls that I harvested. It was interesting and quite tasty. :D

    Let's make sure that we are keeping all of this science and logic based and not just in the realm of wishful thinking. B) Doing so does a disservice to the people of this forum and is a good way to keep people unnecessarily sick.

    Of course it is possible that the internet and my tastebuds are "all in my head." :lol:

  2. Just had it put in yesterday. Cramping is about half as bad as my worst period cramps. It wasn't pleasant by any means but it wasn't the end of the world either. Over in 5 minutes.

    I generally don't take my PAPs well and want to climb the ceiling when they are done. This is my first OB Gyn visit since going gluten free 11 months ago. My body is significantly less inflamed and on edge so that could contribute to the ease of the exam. It was a night and day difference there.

    Also I took 800 mg of ibruprofen 30 minutes prior and my doc gave me a prescription for misoprostol 200 mcg. Double the normal dose (ask your doc for it if you are having a PAP and can't stand them. It made a big difference. :) ) so be sure to recommend that to your doc too.

    I get better each passing hour with the cramping. I'll keep this thread updated for any who are interested as I go along.

    Thanks again!

  3. My Sister in law suffers from migraines, fibroids and cysts, and infertility issues among other things I'm sure . I know going gluten-free will help her and she is beginning to show interest in getting off her expensive migraine meds that don't work anyway.

    My hesitation is that she works as a waitress. I know with how sensitive I am that I would be constantly sick in that job. I worry the same will be true for her.

    Any advice? What do you do if you have a glutenous profession? Will she have to get out of that line of work like I think, or is there some other way? Just looking for some insight and feedback here.


  4. How do I deal? I educate and convert. I know you said you wish they would all get Celiacs...I have some good news for you then. Every human on Earth can not digest gluten. Celiac is simply one symptom of this problem.

    Other symptoms include:

    Hypo-Hyper thyroid


    Menstrual Cramps, PMS <--------No these are not normal. We should not have these as women. Mine disappeared at the 9 month gluten-free mark.





    Skin rashes, eczema, rosacea, Dermatitis Herpetaformis


    Heart burn

    Migraines and Headaches

    Body/Muscle aches and twitches

    Depression, Bipolar, Schitzophrenia


    Ulcerative Colitus


    Joint pain/ Arthritis

    Allergies to food and the environment


    Night sweats

    Night terrors

    Sleep apnea

    Sleep walking

    ADHD, Aspergers

    Brain Fog

    Low Libido



    Nauseaus all the time.




    Really any autoimmune disorder

    Heart disease


    Slow healing



    I'm willing to bet your friends suffer from more than one of these things all thanks to our friend gluten. Been killing us for a long time now. But it is just in the last few decades that wheat was modified to be 50% gluten instead of 7% and it is in everything we eat, all day every day. We never get a break.

    As a result we have an explosion of chronic pain and disease.

    When people cut it out they see that they feel better and stay away from it. But understand that it also has an opioid effect on the brain. People are addicted to it like it is heroine. This explains the defensive reactions of your friends.

    Do your research and educate them. Try to have the same patience with them as you would a drug addict. Don't get preachy but realize that this is poison, not food, and you are doing the right thing by your body staying far away from it.

    F%#* Gluten! :angry:

  5. Yeah I'm not sure what the issue is. I have walnuts in Larabars and am ok with those, but maybe it is a volume thing? -_- All I know is I'll be happy when my leaky gut is healed! My husband's is and he can go out to eat without a reaction to CC now, so that gives me some hope.

    Of course he doesn't have H-pylori poking holes in him like a sieve. That makes a difference in heal time I'm sure. ;)

    Thanks IrishHeart, I am feeling better since cutting them. Sad...but better.

    I'm not saying that Nuts Online is bad or trying to deceive anyone. I just wanted to post it so that others are aware. I may certainly be an extreme case or have a nut allergy for sure.

  6. Thank you everyone. I have decided to risk it. I don't see any other option at this point as I don't want hormones and will not use condoms etc. I don't like the thought of it but I like it better than being pregnant at this point. ;)

    My Doc (who is also gluten competent btw!) showed me the whole thing and how it is done the other day. Helped to put me at ease a bit too.

    Thanks again! :D

  7. I will tell a person once and then don't bring it up again unless they ask. My conscious is clear and I have better things to do then try to convince someone who isn't ready to hear it. But the next time it comes up they will likely be more receptive so I like to think that it does make a difference...even if it isn't immediate.

    15 people around me have gone gluten free in the past year. Of those 15 every single one has seen a miraculous improvement in their health and well being. We won't be the minority for very much longer. ;)

    Oh for the day when CC is no longer a problem! B)

  8. After a year of being gluten free more and more people around me are aware of how they feel after eating gluten and are transitioning to gluten-free. Some people need time before it can sink in, or need to hear it from multiple places to start really listening.

    At the end of the day though all that matters is that they woke up. I am more and more convinced that everyone should be gluten-free. It would solve the Healthcare crisis for sure.

  9. As I understand it if you fix your leaky gut and adrenal glands your body should be able to fight off cancer on its own. Many Celiacs heal their villi damage but never heal up the cracks in their intestines. There may be a link there for sure. No concrete studies to point to on my end just lots of reading here and there

    I remember that the 2010 Celiac Forum DVD summed much of it up nicely. :)