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  1. I'm considering getting a Copper IUD put in. I've heard great things about them but I'd like to hear more stories from people before making my decision. Especially people that have had horrible cramping that may have gotten better after going gluten-free. Did you have problems with cramping return or?

    At the 10 month mark being gluten-free and my cramps are nonexistent. I'd like to get off my Ortho but don't want to get pregnant.

    Any insight is appreciated! :)

  2. Current testing methods miss a lot of people both for Celiac and overall Gluten Syndrome. You can get anti-gliadin tests run or find a doctor who will work with Cyrex labs and get the Ten protein test done through them. I am non-celiac gluten sensitive and had positive anti-gliadin anti-bodies when tested. I am also getting the ten protein and autoimmunity test done to see what other proteins I am reacting to in Wheat (there are 70 total).

    The best and cheapest test you can do is to try the diet 100% for one month and see how you feel. IBS and feeling like crap in general are very closely linked to gluten as the culprit as are other auto-immune disorders, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

    Your body is the most sensitive test equipment out there. Give it a go and see how you feel. I'd be willing to bet you will see a vast improvement.


    Let us know how it goes and please use us as a resource/support along the way! B)

  3. Yeah, they are really starting to take a serious look at all grains. Rice and Corn have gluten in them (Not sure wild rice does though). The gluten in rice and corn isn't enough to cause a problem in most people but it is certainly not unheard of. I know for me corn made me feel naucious and blah after a while and rice was keeping me just a bit bloated and I feel better off it too.

    Neither of them knock me on my but like the gluten in Wheat but I just decided to listen to my body. For now Quinoa and salads are on the list of good to eat things.

    Focus on what you can eat. Colorful and beautiful REAL food. I can't have dairy but have found nutritional yeast to be a GREAT substitute, it hits the cheese tang factor. :)

    If you look up Paleo Diet or Paleo cookbooks they are full of good suggestions for spicing things up. I'm on a restricted elimination diet still or I'd be making use of some of the recipes more (still can't have eggs though :/)

    Larabars are also a favorite treat. :)

    Another thing you may want to look at is getting checked for bacterial infections, parasites and fungi. They are MUCH more prevalent in humans then the Doctors realize and can cause lots of issues similar to gluten.

  4. I always thought it had something to do with the pesticides or the coating. But who knows what happens to these veggies from the time they are picked to the time they get to the store. Could be that they are shipped in a truck that ships wheat...though you would think that would wash off and certainly peel away.

    And even organic! :(

    That is just evil.

    I wonder if veggies are uptaking one of the problem proteins from the wheat fertilizer? If we are what we eat...it stands to reason that the veggies might be what they eat?

    I don't rightly know, but I did want to pull my hair out in sympathy for you. :) For whatever that is worth. :hair:

  5. I have been glutened enough times by soaps and hand sanitizers that I know it is possible. The reaction starts within a minute and my hands go no where near my mouth. They also start tingling and feeling funny so I usually know something is up within the first ten seconds or so.

    From what I understand Gliadin is the only peptide that has been studied and apparently deemed unable to pass the skin barrier. That is great but understand that there are 70 other proteins that may cause an issue and be able to get through the skin, especially if you have leaky skin barriers (not too different from leaky gut).

    My Doctor also sees non DH skin reactions in his patients from time to time. So it happens for sure, we just don't understand the why of it.

  6. They are really starting to take a hard look at distilled alchohol and whether or not it is true that the proteins are broken down. There are 70 some proteins in wheat that can cause an issue. It may be that gliadin is broken down but some people are reacting to Beta gliadin instead or some such.

    Your body is the best indicator as Muffy has already figured out.

    I think I'll be staying away from all grain based alchohols from now on. Homemade Hard Cider here I come! B)


  7. My husband went gluten-free with me to see if our back rashes cleared up. They did and so much more. Then my best friend and her husband went gluten-free and all sorts of issues they were having disappeared and that is the place we hang out the most outside of our house.

    In truth gluten is poison for everyone. No one can digest it and it causes all sorts of problems. I know seven people who have recently gone gluten-free and all seven have seen major life improvements upon doing so.

    Gluten/Grains are such bad news. You name the ailment and there is very likely a direct link. Boggles my mind. :blink:

  8. Oh I know how you feel. Believe me. There are days when I want my childhood back. I was sick all the time, had the same doctor for 4 years and he never once bothered to do his job. Just kept saying "eat more fiber." or yelling at me to stop throwing my Metamucil down the drain when my Mom wasn't looking. :angry:

    He's dead now or I'd have more than a few choice words for him I can tell you.

    MS is caused by gluten. As are all auto-immune disorders as near as I can tell from my many, many months of arduous research. I can only conclude that Doctors don't want to hear it because it isn't a pill and it goes against the mantra of wheat being the staff of life.

    Don't give up on the MS community! If you were active go there and spread the word about how they can get well. Tell them your story and help to get them off the drugs and the poison!

    Check out this blog by the Gluten Doctors for more on this.

    And here she postulates as to why it is so commonly overlooked.

    I really think gluten is poisoning all of us, some just take longer to show symptoms than others. Depends on how stressed the body is and your genetics. Cancer and Heart Disease are now being linked to this stuff too.

    Congrats on figuring out gluten was killing you. Now for the fun part of watching yourself age backwards. B) Pretty nifty.

    I know you're only 48, but I really don't think you have enough years left :lol:

    Mushroom that cracked me up. :lol:

  9. And while you are at it you may want to give serious consideration to getting off gluten yourself. Full time.

    This stuff is just bad news and we can't digest it. It's been causing chronic issues for thousands of years. More so now because it is in everything.

    Your daughters sound like me when I was young. Always with an upset stomach, after a while I stopped telling my parents because they would just dismiss it as me being difficult.

    At 30 I finally figured it out and I don't have Celiac, but I do have Hypo-thyroid and Gluten Syndrome (Sensitivity). And up until a few months ago I had Depression too. ;)

    Oh the wonderful things that gluten-free fixes. :)

  10. :lol: Norahsmommy the title made me laugh. Sometimes it's the little things in this battle. :P

    Glad you have an understanding Doc. Now you just have to be sure they are up on all the latest research. :) There is no need to gluten your child when you know gluten is the problem. She has responded positively to a gluten-free diet and that is proof positive, far more accurate than any other test we have currently.

    Check out Dr. Vikki's recent post on the subject for the latest research to that effect:

  11. Ah yes but the most accurate and conclusive test equipment available is your own body. Far, far more accurate than anything made from the minds and hands of men. ;)

    Chrons is caused by the same thing Celiac is and Hypo Thyroid is, and RA is, and so on. Do the research into it and you'll see what I mean. No one can digest this stuff. The 2010 Celiac Forum is full to the brim with info and scientific references to this effect. Worth the $20 and your time for sure.

    And for the record I was a Guinness/Pizza girl before going gluten-free. Eight months in and I don't miss either one. Food no longer controls my life and I am very much happier for it. What seems daunting now is not so impossible when you understand what gluten is doing to your body.

    Best of luck to you in your research. This rabbit hole gets pretty deep. B)

  12. The healing process is painful sometimes, depends on your body and how much damage has been done.

    That being said it is also possible that you are getting glutened someplace. Are you careful about CC? New pots and pans etc...? Have you checked your hand soaps, shampoos and the like?

    Do you work in and around gluten or do you live in a house with a gluten eater?

    All these things can cause reactions too.

  13. I agree that you should give it more time and feeling better on a gluten free diet is a positive test. :) Just as, if not more accurate than, a blood test. And biopsies are truly barbaric in my opinion.

    I've gotten glutened from kissing my gluten-free husband several hours after he ate some contaminated chips. The only indications he has that there is an issue is his back rash flairs up the next day and he gets a bit spacey. I have cecum pain and everything from headaches to joint pain to muscle spasms and DH.

    Have you taken it out of your soaps, shampoos, hand sanitizers, laundry detergent etc...? Do you cook gluteny meals, work in a gluten filled environment? It doesn't take much to keep you sick. :(

  14. Hi Liz,

    You are right. Gluten is bad news for everyone. No one can digest this stuff and it is at the root cause of the three leading causes of death in this country. Check out this blog by the Gluten Doctors. They have many more you may find interesting and their 2010 Celiac Forum DVD is worth it's weight in gold.

    I have yet to meet someone, regardless of symptoms, who has not improved dramatically going gluten-free.

    But Dairy doesn't help matters either. I've noticed whenever my husband has cheese he starts snoring. I gave it up because it congested me too.

    Best of luck getting your husband off this poison. Tell him your sex lives will improve...that is a great motivator for guys. ;)