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  1. A product called D-Hist has become my friend as of late. It is a natural supplement and something your adrenal glands make to reduce inflammation in the body. I've used it for my last few glutenings and while it isn't a magic bullet it has helped significantly. I now carry it everywhere I go.

    Pop one an hour for 6-8 hours after exposure. The sooner you can get it into your system after a glutening the better.

  2. Put her on a Gluten Free diet for a month and see what happens. That is the best and most accurate test out there. She has to be 100% compliant though, if she is I'd wager her skin issue will clear up.

    Everyone with a strange rash or skin issue that I know who has gone gluten-free has seen it go away fairly quickly afterwards. Its return is one way I know I've gotten into some gluten.

  3. There is nothing wrong with your genes. You are reacting to a poison in your body. Everyone with an autoimmune disorder in your family should look at gluten as a possible root cause. The two are very strongly linked.

    So once you get yourself healthy again you could have kids if that is what you want, just make sure gluten never touches their lips and that they eat healthy and they will never know these illnesses. :)

    That being said one of the reasons I chose not to have kids is because of my bad teeth enamel, hypothyroid, and depression. All of which have improved/disappeared cutting this poison out of my system. I have 7 billion other reasons not to have a child but this is no longer one of them. :P

  4. Judy this is fantastic news! I am so happy for you! It is a miracle all the things that clear up when we stop poisoning ourselves isn't it? :P Please do let other diabetics know about this, it is likely the root cause of their diabetes problem (Though sugar doesn't help matters). So if you frequent any such forums or know other diabetics be a shining example for them. :)

    My triumph was my thyroid not being swollen after only a few weeks gluten-free (I understand that there is a real possibility I may not need meds myself one day) and my Depression going away at the 3 month mark. Then there was the insomnia, nightsweats, joint pain, and muscle spasms that all disappeared too. And I'm working on my allergies getting better as we speak.

    I went gluten-free to get rid of my DH, I had no idea how much better I would feel in every way but thank goodness for that ugly rash or I might never have known how beautiful life can be! B)

    I have a very big smile on my face right now for you. :D

  5. I'm curious. When did you start feeling like you are coming down with the flu and notice you were so grumpy?

    Was it before or after you went to the store?

    It helps me to think of bread as poison. I haven't had a craving for it since making a conscious effort to switch my thinking on it. :)

    Have you tried Rudi's bread? It is the closest I've found and is passable. I don't eat it though, I have brown rice english muffin sandwiches instead. ;) I gave up on bread long before finding Rudi's and now don't really miss it. But someday I might want it back so it is good to know something is edible in the sea of awful that is our gluten-free bread options. :lol:

  6. Outrageous claims?



    ...This is a place for support dear Lisa and the airborne gluten discussion is absolutely on par with the original topic. I know the implications of this information are frightening but what would you have us do? Bury our heads in the sand?

    Just because you are afraid and don't like what you are reading does not invalidate our experiences. And I don't need a test or a medical study to tell me I'm having a gluten reaction. My body is the ultimate test and like clockwork when I am talked to by someone with beer breath, or in the vicinity of frying foods I get headaches, brain fog, and all of my gluten symptoms appear. Also remember I had this same reaction in the flour isle at the store when I didn't realize what isle I was in until after the headache started.

    Obviously I am not alone in this. You do us and everyone else with a gluten issue a disservice by ignoring what we are saying. Maybe you aren't as sensitive, maybe you are and just attribute your tiredness, acheyness, headaches etc... to something else, but to dismiss this outright is dangerous. That is exactly how people stay unnecessarily sick, by believing things that are not true, like they can't be glutened by smelling baking bread so there must be some other reason they are feeling so miserable.

    There are some 60 different compounds in wheat that could be causing a problem. Gliadin is only one. There are Alpha, Omega, and Beta Gliadins, Wheat germ aglutenine and Gludiomorphines to name a few. Not everyone who has a gluten issue or Celiac has anti-gliadin anti-bodies, some folks react to these other peptides in exactly the same way though. Medical science is just starting to explore these avenues.

    Dr. Thomas O'Bryan Radio Interview

    So maybe I and others have reactions to one of these other peptides that is airborne? I don't know, but Dr. O'Bryan states very clearly in the above interview that the inflammatory cascade can be triggered simply by smelling it, for those of you who need to hear it from a Doctor. He is at the cutting edge of gluten sensitivity research.

    If you are interested in these 60 other peptides he goes into them a little more in the interview as well.

  7. :lol: Realmaverick can believe anything he wants, it doesn't change the facts.

    I had been getting better lately with help from the Gluten Doctors and supplements to get my adrenals working. Then I ate gluten (Haven't done this in 7 months or so I thought) that's when the appendix flair up came back...only it isn't the appendix, its the cecum and it is what happens to me (a non-Celiac) when I eat gluten.

    I was horrified and brain foggy and itchy, but happy it wasn't my appendix about to burst. :P

    Now, from what my Docs say your sensitivity will decrease, so you aren't getting so ill from just smelling it, once you take care of your adrenals, leaky gut, and reduce as much other stress as you can. It is a process though and can take up to a year or more depending on how run down your body is.

    I am in stage 3 of 3 adrenal exhaustion.

    Got hit hard at work the last night (Meeting at a bar with frying foods) but I have also been hit a lot with gluten in the air and in some Ruffles potato chips I was stupid enough to eat. So my resistance was already down and I am only 2 months into the supplement healing. There are bound to be set backs. :(

    The bottom line is you have to heal your leaky gut and support your adrenals or this will never get any better.


  8. I also get the singular bumps, like a weird bug bite. I called them volcanoes for the longest time because they would erupt as I scratched and scracthed and would take forever to heal, my scratching didn't help. wink.gif

    I get them on my hands, wrists, forearms, upper cest, neck, face, and knees. There is never any kind of symmetrical pattern. I have an itchy spot on one foot that comes and goes and drives me crazy, it is red sometimes. I never thought it was related but by reading the other replies I see that the mystery is finally solved. For a while I even thought maybe a I had a single paralyzed scabbie living there or something... blink.gif

    I just have to say that I love the image of a single paralyzed scabbie. :lol:

    My DH is sometimes on my chest, sometimes on my back, stomach, arms, jawline, face, and is sometimes like a little zit, sometimes just red, sometimes itchy, sometimes not. No pattern, then again why should there be one? :P

    It is how I know I am glutened as it always always shows up in addition to the brain fog, migraines, cecum pain etc..

  9. I've fed my German Shepherd raw grassfed/free range since he was 8 weeks (Now 2 years). It isn't cheap though. :lol: But I do buy in bulk and that helps significantly. Put the cats on the diet and no more shedding and hairballs. :) No one likes gluten, it ain't fit for man nor beast! :P

    My dog ate healthier and better than I did for a while and it was my realization that I wouldn't feed him the peanut butter I was eating (There was sugar in it) that started me on the path of analyzing my food and figuring out what gluten had been doing to me.

    In a very real way my dog saved my life. B)

  10. Dessert Essence Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash.

    Herban Cowboy bar soap (And shaving stuff for my husband)

    Dove for men (to get the grit out of said husbands hands)

    Sun and Earth hand soap,

    Mrs. Meyers and Biokleen dish soap,

    Maggie's Soap Nuts for laundry<----these work GREAT by the way. And they literally grow on trees!

    Keys Hand Lotion

    Kamalas Funkadelic Perfume (All essential oils)

    Tom's of Maine toothpaste and floss

    Stayfree Maxis

    The less chemicals the better as a rule!

  11. This sounds like me when I was little. Take all dairy out of his diet. No milk, no cheese, nothing with casein in it (It likes to hide in things) and maybe throw in soy just to be sure, it likes to be sticky in the same way that gluten and casein are and can cause similar problems. I've been dairy free for a few months now and the one time I accidentally had some I stopped up for days. Gluten and Casein are kissing cousins, both very bad news. :(

    Best of luck to your poor baby and you. Please let us know how it turns out!

  12. I think the biopsy is barbaric and archaic. There are blood tests and spit tests out there that can tell you what you need to know without the invasive procedure.

    And beyond all that the absolute best test is to go gluten-free for one month and see how you feel.

    As for the mysterious bed shakings I had those too. They were infrequent but they did happen. I always just thought they were spirits messing with me. :P But you know...could have been the gluten...wouldn't surprise me one iota.

    Good luck on your journey, we are here for you if you need help and congratulations on feeling better soon. ;)

  13. Its not in your head. People just don't take this stuff seriously. It is absolutely maddening! If you can not extract yourself from the situation then keep working on the food, see if you can get a meeting with the Chancellor to see if he/she would be willing to get the ball rolling for you. You are a pioneer and what you do now will pave the way for all the rest of the people with gluten issues who will surely come after you.


    It is awful to be sooooo good and get CC'd anyway! Little else makes me so angry. Ruffles naturals potato chips got me a few days back and my gut still hasn't fully recovered. -_-

    Anyway, we are here for support anytime you need it!

  14. Oh I can imagine it. I live it every time I leave my house it seems like. (I'm a hermit and live in the country/work from home :lol: )

    You are getting sick from being so close to that bakery, flour tends to linger in the air for some 4-6 hours and it coats everything it touches.

    I'm willing to wager that your adrenals are mega exhausted like mine and so that is why you are more sensitive to this stuff. It isn't that other people aren't also being poisoned it is just that they don't notice it like you and I do.

    Find a good functional medicine doctor and look into healing your leaky gut. This will help with your overt sensitivity. (It has already with mine and I'm only one month into the healing process (7 months gluten-free).

    In the mean time can you switch offices or anything of the sort?

    You know...until this poison is taken off the shelves once and for all? <_<

  15. Do some research into a leaky gut, or leaky gut syndrome. Until the cracks in your intestinal wall are closed you will just keep getting more and more food allergies. Once healed you can likely get everything but gluten and dairy back.

    Gluten is such a bear that it masks the other problems going on. Once removed we can "hear" our bodies for the first time.

    You and everyone else on this forum could benefit from finding a competent Dr. who knows how to heal a leaky gut. I am in process now.

    I'm sure there are articles on this site about it. There is also a lot of bad info out there. There is no pill to take to cure this. It is cured with good diet, supplements and time, 1-2 years.

    Here is a link to get you started. Dr. Vikki also happens to be my Doctor. :)

    You may also find this one helpful!

  16. I went out to Cali in my search for a competent doctor. I found a 3. Boy what a world of difference they are already making for me and my husband. :)

    If you don't mind traveling (Their cost is very low compared to other doctors) you may want to check them out.

    Healthnow Medical.

    They also have a blog that is very informative of the latest research. B)

    Yes, I am a Health Now Fangirl. :wub:

  17. My little black cloud went away at about the three month mark, however I also have a relatively stress free life so others mileage may vary.

    The world is so much brighter without that constant shade of grey, life really feels wonderful and worth living. :D

    Now one of my glutening symptoms is depression for a day or two afterwards...but at least I know the cause! B)

  18. Mama Melissa:

    I am in the same boat, I am allergic to everything I eat right now. My Doc says that once I heal my leaky gut and support/fix my poor adrenals all of my food issues with the exception of gluten and casein, will go away.

    So far he has been dead on with everything he has told me or had me do and so I trust him in this.

    My recommendation would be to find a functional medicine practitioner and have them do a stool and spit test for you. Find out if you have infections or parasites keeping things out of wack (Your gut can't heal until they are gone) and I am betting your adrenals could use more than a little TLC.

    I will definitely be updating this board as to my progress on this issue. :D

    As for the original question:

    Wisconsin varies depending on how close you are to a major city. Green Bay has a dedicated gluten-free restaurant, Milwaukee has at least one gluten-free store. Scattered throughout throughout the State there are health stores that carry a lot of stuff and Woodman's/Festival Foods have a decent selection.

    We have some restaurant chains with gluten-free menus, not that I would trust to eat there though. :blink: I'm not that brave. Simply learning to cook for myself...organic food tastes better anyway. ;)

    I do very much miss California in this regard though. Man was it gluten-free paradise out there. B)

  19. I buy organic as much as possible. I don't like pesticides seeping into my body and the taste is not even a comparison.

    But it is $$$

    :( It kills us at the grocery store. But I absolutely do not want to compromise on this. This is my health. I do without in other areas to make it happen. Plus in the long run it is saving me money and suffering. It is just a matter of taking that long term view. :)

    Always hold the long term view. -_-