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  1. My friend is celiac and her best friend never really believed in it. Kind of thought it was a bit in her head. Anyhow recently she glutened my celiac friend on accident. My friend got so ill, needless to say her best friend takes her very seriously now. It is very frustrating indeed. My mother is celiac and was soooo ill before being diagnosed - just wasted away in front of us all and we were all convinced she was dying of cancer. Anyhow she was diagnosed and went of gluten and a few years later she is looking so much better and has put on weight and her brother still doesn't believe in Celiac or any autoimmune disease. Thinks its all in her head :rolleyes:

    Seriously? What is wrong with people? I think the gluten has gone to their brains (In all seriousness) and made them crazy. :yes:

  2. I've often thought of dishing out a glutenous item in front of those who don't get it and before giving it to them taking out a quart of motor oil and dumping a bit in it and mixing it around and then handing it to them.

    They of course wouldn't eat it, its poison.

    Just like gluten.

    I wonder if such a shock tactic would get through. I have a mega annoyance for people who don't even care to educate themselves on the matter.

    Maybe you could do that with the next bowl of fudge ice cream you mom feeds him. Put the oil in it in front of her and then ask her if she would feed it to him now.


  3. What a kind and caring sibling you are. :)

    Has she ever seen a functional medicine doctor? They tend to be way more up on things and knowledgable then the mainstream docs. Here is a link to a site that tells you more and helps you find them locally. They look at the whole you and use a combination of traditional medicine and holistic.

    Functional Medicine Docs

    My guess is that she has beasties in her gut. Bacterial infections, parasites or amoebas who have taken advantage of her weakened state over the years. Until they are addressed she will not be able to heal and her whole system will remain out of wack.

    I am currently taking care of an H-pylori and Vibrio infection that has been keeping me sick.

    You can try to find a knowledgeable doc near you based on that website. Or if you are done messing around you can go straight to the doctors at Health Now Medical. That is what I did. They are in California but so very worth the trip and their weight in gold. Prices on office visits are extremely reasonable, especially when compared to mainstream docs and they care and will spend time with you to figure out the best course of action for you. You are not a number there.

    They offer a free 30 minute phone consultation to see if they can help you or not, so you really have nothing to lose and so much to gain. :)

    Health Now Medical

    The doctors there literally wrote the book on Gluten Sensitivity. It doesn't get much more knowledgeable.

    I do hope that this helps your sister.

  4. It helps me to look at gluten as a poison, not something edible. As though every pie, every slice of bread or pizza has had motor oil dumped in it and I simply pity the poor folks who are eating it and not realizing all the damage it is doing to them yet.

    That is what I find hard. Knowing what I do and having to watch so many people suffering needlessly. I was at the grocery store today and watched as a woman had to use a scooter to get around and winced every time she got out to grab something on a low shelf. I couldn't help but wonder if gluten had caused her to have RA, or MS, or something along those lines.

    I ultimately didn't talk to her as I don't think she would listen to a random stranger in a grocery store.

    Some listen, some don't, some aren't ready for such an earth shattering thought. The staff of life is killing us.

    Try to understand that Celiac is not a disease. It is a reaction to a poison that the body can not handle in the quantities we take it in. You are just fortunate enough to have caught it before it kills you. Try to be happy for that. Most people go their whole lives never figuring this stuff out.

    Anyway, hope this visualization method helps you. :)


  5. If he goes 100% gluten-free with you there is a better than good chance that he will discover he is also unable to handle Gluten. It just takes a different route with him, perhaps a subtle route like insomnia or brain fog or muscle twitches. He will inevitably get accidentally glutened and that will likely tell him for sure. Just keep an eye on it.

    I am of the mind that everyone has a gluten issue based on what I've read and seen first hand. And at the very least the Gluten Doctors are now putting it at 50% of the population having a problem with this junk. The flip of a coin.

    I don't have Celiac, but I do have anti-gliadin anti-bodies in my system and other auto-immune inflammation problems. Or rather...I did before going gluten-free. B)

    So what can your boyfriend expect by going gluten-free...in my estimation he can expect to live a long and healthy life, free from much of the chronic pain that plagues the elderly. :)

  6. Ahh, Shrommie, can we take over New Zealand? All those beautiful mountains and beaches to explore! Or I suppose we could settle for Maui, if New Zealand is taken, darn it.

    Don't feel bad PBScooby. I bought some tuna in water tins because it was on sale a bit ago and didn't notice until after I ate a can that it had soy in it. Then I felt it. Dratted soy! Soy should be illegal in civilized countries. Along with taxes and cold weather. There, I said it. :angry::huh::D

    :lol: Agreed.

  7. Cauliflower is a goitrogenic vegetable, along with brocolli, spinach, kale and a number of others that I like. But with Hypothyroidism these things interfere with the thyroid and should be avoided. :(

    I had broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach in a stir fry not too long ago and my lips literally turned blue. I was freezing cold for about an hour after I ate and it was 73 degrees in the house.

    Definitely something to this.

    I understand your frustration at removing so many foods. I've recently come to terms with the fact that I'm allergic to everything since I have a leaky gut and food keeps getting in and causing my body to freak out. I'm going to a Doctor that knows about this on Monday, they say that they can fix things so that I can have most of these foods again. Never Gluten and dairy has a 50/50 shot but other than that the rest should be able to be eaten again.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Until then...know that I feel your pain.

    What are your symptoms with Cauliflower?

  8. After the tingling started I did go look it up online and a list on this site said it was safe as of 2002. I was momentarily releived and then wondered why my hands were tingling.

    I did not touch my mouth or eat anything and within 10 minutes of contact with the soap I had a headache, joint and muscle pain, and brain fog. All my usual glutening symptoms.

    And today I am tired, spacey, and my joints/muscles are very achey. My typical glutening reaction.

    Then add to it that my cousin (Who's house I was at) is also gluten-free and all I ate over there were two Larabars, nothing off of her plates and it becomes pretty clear to me where the glutening occurred.

    Is it possible that a wheat allergy would cause all of the symptoms of a glutening?

    I didn't call the company because I already know there is wheat/rye/or barley in it. My own body is way more accurate than any other test out there. :blink:

  9. Tingling and numbness started in my hands within 30 seconds of putting it on my skin. Inhaled gluten always gives me a headache/brain fog first followed by joint/muscle pain, so while that could have also happened (inhalation), the fact that it started with tingling in my fingers right off tells me that it was a skin reaction.

    And then for the rest of the night my hands were like ice and dried out something awful in addition to my other usual symptoms.

    This is the 3rd time in 6 months that I have been glutened by either soap or hand lotion. It is absolutely getting through my skin. Same reaction all 3 times.

    I'm sorry if this is not an answer that you want to hear. But that doesn't stop it from being the truth.

    I'm not sure *why* it effects me like this and maybe not you but it does, and to dismiss it out of hand because of some study comes pretty close to the typical doctor response that we have all gotten.

    You don't have a gluten/any problem...it's all in your head.

    Gluten can't get through the skin...it's all in your head.

    I had DH and work from a gluten free home only having to venture out to go grocery shopping, have the occasional meeting, or to a friend's place who is also gluten-free. Could those be contributing factors bringing my tolerance level lower?

    I don't know, but neither will you if you just keep dismissing it out of hand. :rolleyes:

    *How* many times have the "studies" been wrong?

  10. Hahahaha! Replace "Aunt" with "Mom" and you just glimpsed my life. <_<

    Thank you, my husband and I laughed out loud reading that. Very "Whos on First." :P

    I am currently dealing with this as well. And I'm pissed because I've averaged 8 hours a day worth of in depth research into Gluten for the past 6 months. I think at this point I know a little something about the issue. :rolleyes: So when people act like idiots it is very hard not to take it as disrespectful of my intelligence...as if I don't know what I'm doing.


    I have no advice as I keep on trying to educate whenever possible and completely against the odds (But this is too important not to!).

    Anyway, know that you made two people smile today and you do have support here on the forum. :P

  11. My husband went gluten-free at the same time as me. Initially it was to be supportive and because he had the same back rash I did.

    Lo and behold 3 months in his heartburn of 20 years went away. And the back rash is still working its way out (His was really really bad).

    If he hadn't gone gluten-free with me he would have as soon as I started learning how horrible it is for everyone.

    Now his story just confirms my suspicion that everyone could benefit from gluten-free. His only symptoms were back rash and heartburn. Not a single intestinal complaint.

    If your husband loves you he will go gluten-free, at least in the house. Anything less is poisoning you daily. How would he feel if you rubbed raw chicken all over everything in the house and then expected him to go about his business.

    Gluten CC is the same way.

  12. It is stories like this that confirm my suspicions that everyone is gluten intolerant. Chances are very good that if Mother and Mother in law go gluten-free they will see improvements in their health too. Same goes for you and your husband.

    My condolences on having so many sick kids at once though! Wow! You are not harming them by going gluten-free, you are helping them to not have mega problems later in life.

  13. I can only share my cousin's story about soy protein isolate.

    She suffered migraines for 10 years, finally did her own research and found a link to MSG. So she started cutting it out of her diet and her headaches got much better and so did her food cravings.

    She then found this protein bar that she got addicted to. She would get headaches when eating them but couldn't stop. Reading the packaging she found it had SPI in it and did research and found the MSG connection. After cutting it out her headaches again got better and cravings subsided.

    Anecdotal yes, but one persons story for whatever it is worth.

    It wasn't until she cut out gluten that her headaches went away completely. B) No more sunglasses at night.

  14. Easily $400 a month for my husband and I. All organic and local when possible, both of us gluten free and only eating free range meats.

    Our Larabar habit is a killer, as between the two of us we go through 4 boxes a month. O_o 64 Larabars!

    However, we no longer eat out once a week (Or at all really), so that is $35-$45 that helps to supplement the grocery bill. :) And no more stops at Quiznos for a sub or McDonalds for whatever it was that my husband considered to be food from that place. B) That adds up too.

    Plus organic food tastes soooooo much better. I don't miss eating out very often.

    People may also want to list their city/state. I live in the Oshkosh, WI area but food down in Milwaukee is even more expensive and I'm sure parts of California are ridiculous.

  15. I don't know. The doctors who live and breath this stuff every day telling me that this is what they have found is good enough for me. :lol:

    But if you are really interested in the nitty gritty hard data on the subject you could always send her a message. She seems to be fairly responsive and open to questions but does try to keep things simple on her blog and You Tube videos for us non-sciencey types. ;)

  16. I had no choice but to put a mystery to medical science. My finger made me click the button!!!

    I like being mysterious... :ph34r:

    Don't know if I have Celiac but I do have other gluten induced auto-immune disorders and I feel like a new person off of that junk! O_o

    I am self-diagnosed. 23 years of doctors couldn't do what the power of a bit of time on the good ol' internet could do. B)