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  1. Give it time, you'll learn. The body and mind have to be completely retrained. And sometimes...sometimes we all have the dumbs.

    I got a Naked Green Machine a few weeks ago and sucked half of it down before realizing there was Wheat and Barley Grass in it. :( I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I remembered that the grasses are safe after about a minute but then was worried about CC. Luckily I dodged that bullet...but I didn't finish the bottle so as not to tempt fate further. B)

    I read everything on the label but those two ingredients and Natural Flavors...and I have absolutely no excuse as to why.

    Sub-conscious sabotage maybe?

    :think: This could get Freudian...

  2. To be fair, I was already a hermit before going gluten-free, so it isn't that big of a stretch for me now. :lol: I feel safest in my little Cancerian shell. :ph34r:

    But then again with this brain fog lifted I also feel like being more social while at the same time finding that I'm terrified to touch anything in a gluten filled house/restaurant. :huh: It seems like a cruel cruel irony doesn't it?

    Someone is laughing somewhere...

    @#%#*% Cosmos... <_<

  3. Ooooh! The raw meat analogy is fabulous. Thank you for that. I've been fortunate in having fairly understanding friends and co-workers but am dreading Christmas. -_-

    One thing to keep in mind about restaurants is that you might not always be so sensitive. As your gut heals your sensitivity should decrease, provided there are no secondary infections or parasites to deal with. :)

    It gives me some hope at least. :)

  4. If it helps I think you are not alone. Not by a looooong shot.

    I've been doing a ton of research and been on lots of forums over the past 5 months and I see a bigger picture. All the things gluten causes in us are also problems for the general populace.









    Abdominal Pain

    Excess Gas

    Vomiting/Upset Stomach



    Brain Fog



    Feeling like you want to jump out of your skin


    Mood Swings

    Cold feet/hands

    Menstrual Cramps/PMS


    Poor balance

    Anxiety/Panic Attacks


    Gallbladder problems


    Calcium Malabsorption


    Adrenal Fatigue



    Night Sweats


    Night Terrors

    Restless Leg Syndrome

    Thin/Losing Hair

    Heart Disease

    Crohn's Disease


    Ulceritive Colitis


    Alzheimer's Disease

    Rheumatoid Arthritis


    Poor Teeth Enamel



    And those are literally just off the top of my head, I'm sure I'm missing some. Unless I got glutened and am just being paranoid. :P

    In short, no one can handle this stuff. DQ2 or DQ8 or DQBlizzard There is something wrong or faulty with their gene testing. I'm not sure what they think they are finding or how they got confused but there is a big picture here that the Medical profession at large is missing.

    What we call Celiac is one small manifestation of a larger Gluten Intolerance.

    So be happy that you figured it out in time to stave off a colon bag, or Alzheimer's or before you can no longer walk from RA, or had your thyroid/gallbladder/uterus/appendix yanked. :)

    The glass is overflowing Judy3. :)

    I am so very glad that you uncovered what was making you sick and that you are feeling better. :D

  5. Lower abdominal pain is classic for appendix problems. Usually people get acute appendicitis, but other people can have pain for years before the appendix causes severe pain just before it bursts. If your doc ruled out appendix problems, consider getting a stool test for bacteria, parasites and fungus (like candida).

    I had a parasite called dientamoeba fragilis which infects the secum, which is right next to the appendix. I thought I was having appendicitis, but the pain came and went. D-frag pain felt like a charley horse (muscle cramp) in my lower right intestine. After my stool test showed I had dientamoeba fragilis, my doc treated that with Iodoquinol for about 5 weeks. Then I took high dose probiotics after that. The pain disappeared and my next stool test was negative for parasites, pathogenic bacteria and fungus.

    That gives me hope. I feel like I have two ferrets playing around in my intestines most of the time after I eat. It doesn't cause pain often but there is a rumbling and bloated feeling.

    Crohns, Celiac, as far as I can tell its all a manifestation of Gluten Intolerance. I don't see why you couldn't have both. It's funny because I was looking at cook books yesterday and flipped through a Chrons one for giggles. Most of the stuff in it contained wheat.

    That cook book gets a giant FAIL. :blink:

    I will definitely let everyone know how it goes at Doc Vikki's. I am very interested to know how out of balance my poor body is myself. And as much as I like ferrets I do not appreciate them using my innards as play tubes. :)

  6. What does your diet look like? Are there any foods that cause it to be worse or better?

    I have been dealing with a similar pain for the past month or so and figured out that sugar and chocolate aggravate it. I suspect Candida overgrowth as I have other symptoms of that. Will be going to a competent Dr. in 2 weeks and hopefully get some answers/releif. 9 months or 6 years is a long time to deal with this kind of pain.

    As a side I am convinced if I went to the hospital with these symptoms they would yank my appendix out. Just cutting chocolate out stopped the stabbing pains in the appendix area. :P

  7. Yes, maybe by then I won't be as sensitive to CC and will have healed enough to be able to eat out again, then I could meet at a restaurant. :)

    Unfortunately this is a far off dream for me at the moment. :(

    Still good to know there are two of you not so far away! :D

  8. That just means it is up to us to get the word out about this stuff and how bad it is for folks. And that gluten-free is not dangerous to anyone but big pharma and big wheat)

    I like to use the pizza test. I tell people to pay attention to how they feel a day or two after they eat pizza. If they are lethargic and awful feeling more than usual they might have a gluten issue, especially with accompanying DH or migraines or auto-immune issues etc...

    Seems to get through fairly well. Brownies also work. ;)

    Doctors have been incompetent with most of us so far, so what makes us think that Dr. Greene should be any different, just because he happens to be the media fav?

    So don't despair, do what you can with those around you to make a difference in someone's life. That person will in turn tell others, and so on.

    It has already begun. B) Gluten's days are seriously numbered my friends.

    Oh and GFinDC your new avatar is perfectly fine. I like freaky things. ;)

  9. I envision that my avatar is thoroughly decontaminating all of the cookware to ensure no CC. :lol:

    I like the pumpkin head, but I have a thing for pirates so I am totally biased. B)

    Now that you mention it is you as a triangle man I totally see it. :lol: I always thought it was odd that someone would have a pizza avatar on a Celiac site. I just thought you were a rebel. ;)

    The new one also has me hiding under the covers. :o:D:lol:

    And just so we stay on topic. Have you guys noticed the backlash against gluten-free growing? I've only been at this a few months but I have.

  10. I agree with your Naturopath, at least from everything listed here. 3 months is solid but you should begin to see improvement within the first few days with as severe as your stomach symptoms are. So take some comfort in that.

    Get off the gluten. You will live a longer, healthier life for it and be amazed at all the little things that clear up that you never even realized were a problem. :)

    Please keep us posted as to your progress!

    I should add that this isn't a diet you can cheat on. It is 100% or bust, especially during the first month while your system gets to breath for the first time in your life.

    Best of luck and use this forum for support whenever you need it! :wub:

  11. That's because everyone has a problem with gluten. And if the people start to figure this out then big pharma and big wheat have a problem don't they?

    I expect a hardcore backlash from here on out. Unfortunately people are fed up with doctors and pills and so when they discover through word of mouth that a simple change in diet can fix their major ailments, there is no way MSM will win this battle.

    Take your money out of wheat futures! ;)

  12. The other thing that annoyed me was that he gave me a print out about gluten intolerance which said that gluten intolerance is often a psychological disorder regarding wanting to control food, rather than a physical health problem which is celiac disease.

    *Spits out water*


    Please scan this abomination in for the rest of us to read. Gluten Intolerance is a psychological disorder regarding wanting to control food...

    So it isn't enough that we have to suffer living in a gluten filled world but now they want to paint us as crazy too?


    What an insult.

  13. Gotta love the double jointed explanation. Wow. How utterly useless. :rolleyes: If it wasn't such a serious topic some of these malpractice responses would be comical. :blink:

    I'm working on finding a local Naturopath myself. I know that they are more interested in looking at the whole you rather than pushing pills like an M.D. They can order stool, saliva, and blood tests to help figure out what damage gluten has caused. Make sure you ask how knowlegeable they are about gluten before making the appointement. :)

    I'll be heading to the Health Now clinic in California (I live in Wisconsin) in two weeks to get checked out by the Doctors there and put on a plan to heal myself. Right now they are the only Doctors I feel I can trust. And the only ones that offer any hope of getting off of my thyroid meds.

    Once there they will give me an idea of how to find a competent Naturopath in my area to work in tandem with them from a distance. I'll post the info once I get back.

    You can also google Naturopath and your state and see what comes up. I know there are a number of them listed in Wisconsin. There may or may not be reviews. Another place to go would be to find a natural foods store and ask them if they know or recommend anyone. They are often connected in that way. :)

    Best of luck to you!