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  1. Two years ago...just before I turned 40, I went to my doctor because I had such pain in my hands and shoulders...okay all my joints! that I couldn't even pick up a pen. She sent me to a Rhematologist to rule out Lupis and RA, because me SED rate and ANA was also high. He put me on anti-inflammatories stating I had arthritis related to psoriasis (sp) which I have had since I was a child. That bothered my stomach, so I had to take omiprezole. Well, three weeks ago (or so) I was dx celiac and went gluten free. Today I saw my Rhem. Doc and told him I haven't taken the meds for a week and have had no pain. I NO LONGER NEED THE MEDS!!! I still miss the breads...but I am loving the results. I really have to say thank you to all of you out there who have given me advice through these last 3 weeks as well. It has made it easier to figure things out. Tonight my DH said he wants to take my step daugh for lunch tomorrow before she heads off to college. I could comfortably...confidently give input on options for restaurants I knew could meet my needs because of all of you! THANK YOU
  2. I am not a very good morning person, so I need quick and easy breakfasts. Before going gluten-free I would have something like the Lean Pocket breakfasts, or breakfast burrittos. I need to figure out a way to do an egg dish I can quickly heat and eat. I am thinking of doing a baked scrable egg kids of thing, but I'm not sure if I need to put anything in as a "binder" for the eggs. I was looking at quiche recipies but all are either in a crust or have flour in them. I know I can substitute, but I thought if I didn't have to, I would rather not. Anyone have any ideas? My thought was to bake them in muffin tins, and freeze. whatcha think?
  3. Did you do these in the pressure canner? I have canned tomatoe in the water bath, and I have done tomate sauces and jellies by just filling the jar with hot liquid and turning the jar for a while. (When you turn it back over, it seals itself). But, I have kids in colleged wanting mom's homemade soup and chili. Do I need a pressure canner for these?
  4. From a psychological end....it sounds like you are uncomfortable with where you are in life. Is there something you feel like needs to change? I have been facinated with dream interpretation...not even close to an expert...but that would be my guess. All the other posts I read also make sense. The connection between our mind and body is so amazing and so poorly understood. Hope you have sweet dreams tonight!
  5. I thought that was a commercial for Yoplait Yogurt... I don't think I saw the one for the whole grains.
  6. They didn't find anything unusual in the MRI. I just thought it was funny the way they said my brain was "insignificant", as I often think I am quite significant! They didn't mention any UBOs or anything. They were pretty confident that it was the migrane, and actually two different doctors indicated this. They were more confused by the numbness...and then the hot pricklies. I got the impression they didn't know what would cause this. From everything I have read, the migranes, despite if they are the typical or not, can be related to celiac. I am also thinking the other neurological symptoms are as well. My hands don't go numb any longer now that I have been gluten-free. I didn't have any of the GI symptoms that so many seem to have suffered from...or so I thought. I thought some gas and bloating was more related to my monthly cycle...but I am also noticing that this hasn't fluctuated in the few weeks I have been gluten-free either. I truly thought all of this was "normal" since I turned 40 a couple years ago. Glad I was wrong about that!
  7. Don't forget yoplait yogurt. Everyone I have found states it is gluten free. (So are all the gogurts I have found for my DD ) (Watch out for the smootie type yogurts, though, they need to be watched closer to know they are safe) My local grocery doesn't have much either, but I did see some risotto box mixes that stated gluten free on the package. (Sorry I didn't buy any or pay much attention to the brand) I did a nice baked zucchinni with rice and tomatoe sauce and cheese. (I used hamburger as well as my DH must have his meat) It also freezes great so you could have some for another meal. Or Spagetti squash. Just steam it or bake it. Use a fork to shred it and serve with spagetti sauce and some cheese. (It's always a great way to get kids to eat veggies!) A friend borrowed me her book "Gluten Free for Dummies" when I was first diagnosed. There is lots of good info in that, including tips on simple things to eat. Good luck.
  8. Thanks for all the info. I do believe the bag I looked at was the Nacho, which I see are not safe. The Cool Ranch looked okay, but I understand the possiblity of CC. As alwyas....Thanks for the quick responces.
  9. Here is the link to Campbell's gluten free. They commented on a thread I was reading yesterday about soups. http://www.campbellsoupcompany.com/pdf/LGLUTEN_09_0714.pdf (I didn't look to see if it would help this question, though.)
  10. Thanks for the feed back. I will also let you know my DS has been avoiding gluten for a couple years now due research he did and it making him feel better (and cut down his acne!) I feel like I now "see" celiac everywhere. I have talked with my relatives about being tested. Some are avoiding because ingnorance is "bliss" I can't say thank you enough to all the help I have found on this site!
  11. I was talking with a friend who's DH is celiac. She had a list that said Doritos were safe. I thought I looked at ingrediants and saw the Cool Ranch were okay, but not the original. Does anyone know for sure? I tried to access the web site and they require an adobe flash which I can't load. HELP Her DH is going on a "guys" trip and you know they need munchies!
  12. I happened into Perkins today as it was the only option between starving and eating. I specifically asked before I was even seated if they had gluten free or could help me figure out something which was gluten free. The hostess was wonderful. She suffers from sulfite allergies so understood all the ways allergens can "hide". I ended up with eggs and canadian bacon and fruit, which she could assure me wouldn't be cc as the eggs always gets cooked on their own griddle. Seems to have worked. I have been surprised at the places that can do gluten free. I was in a local bar/restaurant the day after diagnosis. I told the hostess I had a challenge for her....I needed gluten free. She immediately and confidently told me they have gluten free pizza, any toppings I want (and knew I could have). It was great! My first gluten free pizza! (Since I was the only one needing gluten-free, I also had leftovers for several meals after that! ) Never hesitate to ask. Worse thing they can tell you is it'll be plain salad for you!
  13. I had the same thought the other day! My DS has been avoiding gluten for years by self diagnosis. I was recently diagnosed "by accident". We both love to bake, and decided this would be a great idea. I have no clue where to start though. I would love to share ideas. I am way up in Green Bay WI, so I know there wouldn't be any competition!
  14. Anyone have any suggestions for what type of flour would work best for dredging before frying? My DH does a great fish fry with potatoe flakes, which I think we can do safely. I just don't know what flour would work best for the initial dredge. Any suggestions?
  15. I was just on the Udi's website yesterday and they have a $1 off coupon! It is the best I have found. I'm bugging my local store to carry more of their products!
  16. I feel like I have just been the opposite. I have been gluten free for 2 weeks now and I feel like my output has increased. I can't say frequency is increased, but it seems like output has. Does this make any sense??? Could it be swelling resolving? I never thought I was swollen, but I have always had high inflammation levels (Sed rates and ANA) so doctors ruled out lupus and rhematoid arthritis. (I also chose to go off my anti-inflamatory meds as my joint pain has been gone since going gluten-free)
  17. I was diagnosed with celiac a couple weeks ago. As I started to educate myself I notice that my 9 year old daughter has symptoms which concern me. She has always had a super high gag reflex, so often vomits. But she has complained more and more lately of stomach aches. She also recently had a few days of D, which resulted in her ruining her underwear (unheard of for this child, who has been potty trained since 2). I have been concerned about ADHD for the last couple of years but have always been hesitant to put that lable on her or look into meds. At 9 years old she weighs 60 lbs. Does it warrant testing...or am I becoming a hypochondric by proxy???
  18. Reading these posts made me start thinking. (Guess I am in the right place! ) I was diagnosed with "atypical migrains". It would distort my vision, and the last episode, when I got the diagnosis, I had numbness in my left arm and my lips. It only happened twice (though the numbness caused enough concern I ended up at the hospital) so I have no clue what I might have eaten. I was not gluten MRI's ruled out anything going on in my brain (actually they said my brain was insignificant ) But after that I had multiple times it felt like hot pins were being stuck in my arms and legs. I realized since I have gone gluten free that I haven't had any of these sensations. Has any one had similar symptoms?
  19. I guess the best thing I have done to deal with limiting myself, is the same thing I did when I was trying to lose weight. I realize it is different...I can never "cheat" on this diet....but when co-workers are eating donuts, instead of things they have gluten...I think of all the empty calories...just like the "good ole' days" when I could "have" gluten, but chose to not have the calories. It's hard not to be bitter sometimes, but maybe tomorrow will feel a little brighter.
  20. Thanks...that is what I thought, but I would hate to make a "rookie" error! :-)
  21. I have been gluten free for 2 weeks...I will have to test this theory and see if my hands stop going numb! So many symptoms I thought was just from turning 40 that now seem to be related to gluten!
  22. I was recently diagnosed, so I am still finding my way through what is okay and not. I know my usual beef base that I was using is not ok. I found "Better than boullion" made by Superior Touch. The ingrediant list looks okay, and I wrote the complany, but I am wondering if anyone knows off hand if this is okay. The ingrediant list is "roasted beef with concentrated beef stock, salt, hydrolized soy protein, sugar, cor syrup solids, flavoring (Dried onion, falic and spice extractives) autolyzed yeast extract, dried whey, potato flour, caramel color, corn oil and xanthan gum" Feed back on what could be issues would be great as well. I read all the lists of things that are not okay, but sometimes it's like reading greek to me, and the more times I hear it in context the better for me to learn it.
  23. Lindsay, I was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago as well. I know what you mean that it seems like nothing will be normal again. But, I have noticed that many of the restaurants that my dh and I like to visit also have gluten-free options. I was amazed. As I drove home from my doctor, two restaurants I passed had on their display that they have gluten free menus! Did they have it before and I didn't notice??? I have found people in my community that also have celiac. It has been helpful to learn from each other. I have always been a big baker/cook, so I was excited to find cookbooks and try new recipies. Even the Food Network has recipies that are gluten free. I made the best chocolate cupcakes the other day from a cook book called "Baby Cakes" by Erin McKenna. While I was recovering from my surgery to remove my gallbladder (test for the gallbladder revealed my celiac), she was on the Food Network and won "Cupcake Wars". Sometimes we need to focus on what we can do, instead of what we can't anymore. By embracing all the great things we can eat, it won't feel so bad when ther are things we can't. (I just finished a slice of my cheesecake pie...it was yummy! Made with gluten free grahmcracker crumbs, and my same old recipe) Life can still be good! We will all get through this! :-) Hang in there!!
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