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  1. I usually get the Hamburger Bun, but grabbed the English Muffins by mistake. They actually tasted pretty much the same. Though I think I like the texture of the Hamburger buns better. I had an english muffin...gosh, I can't remember the name. It was in a cardboard box with no top, just like non gluten-free english muffins are. I think the variety I had was a green box and had flax in it. They weren't bad. Definately had to toast them as the middle was a bit gummy w/o toasting. But overall, very good. (MMM, now I wish I had some...those sound good right now!Guess I have to add it to my grocery list!) I asked my grocer to start to carry Rudi's and they happily replied that we should have some in the next 2 weeks! I found it out of town, and LOVE it, but mostly as a grilled sandwich. Don't forget to ask where you buy your other gluten-free products! I doubt you are the only one, or they wouldn't have gr products! Rudi's also sells their product online.
  2. I don't see what is wrong with it...but, have you seen the Beanitos? They aren't bad and they are made from beans.
  3. I have made my own egg noodles for soup, but I have also used both Ancient harvest and Schars with great success. I also have frozen them in the soup with no issues. I like Schars' buns, but I think you might have to nuke them just a bit longer. I also really like Kinickinick's (not sure I spelled that right) Those you also have to nuke for about 30 seconds. Nothing will ever be just like wheat, but you get used to it. I like best Rudi's gluten-free bread for grilled sandwiches. That is as close as you will come (IMHO) to wheat bread. I also found a recipe for beer bread on Bob's Red Mill's site. It uses their Hearty Whole Grain Bread mix. THAT was GREAT. Very nutty and as close to rye as I have found. My DS and I decided it will be great for Ruben's in March!
  4. I can't say I have checked into if my pads contain gluten...but I haven't had any issues with them. I suppose if someone is VERY sensitive it could cause issues...if there is gluten in them. It never ceases to amaze me where there is gluten...I just can't imagine why they would need it in pads...
  5. I went gluten-free in August 2010. I was pretty positive about the whole idea since I tend to be a "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade" kind of person. But, even with this, and SUPERB support from my friends and family, I still get frustrated and depressed about being gluten-free at times. I remember college well...I can imagine it hits you in the face a bit more since you my not have as much control over your food if you live in community housing. Keep your chin up..this too shall pass.
  6. I found Ancient Harvest pasta online at Amazon. It was a decent price and free shipping. I love the Van's waffles and Udi's Bagel. I think they are some of the best you will find. Hope you enjoy!
  7. I just picked these up last week! We did a bit of grocery shopping and then headed to a basketball game. I took one with me and put a burger on top of it. (usually I eat a burger plain, but I get tired of that) It was surprisingly yummy. It was thin enough to not be overwhelming to the burger. I can imagine these in many uses!
  8. I get both spagetti and elbows from Ancient Harvest. They are very close to traditional wheat pastas. For pizza/bread I like gluten-free pantry's french bread and pizza crust. You can make the crust and freeze it as well. It works very good! I keep my heel of bread, dry it and freeze it for bread crumbs. I have seen canisters of bread crumbs in the gluten-free section of my grocery. I know the canister is red in color but I am not sure of the brand. Good luck. It does get easier!
  9. I'm confused. Did you buy cake mix or flour mix? I'm not sure if you can make pancakes from cake mix. I would think it would rise too much and be way too sweet.
  10. My first two periods after going gluten-free were awful...like being a teenager again. It has settled down now even though it's only been 5 months. Hopefully yours will get better too!
  11. I've had psoriasis as long as I can remember. I have been gluten-free since August and haven't noticed a bit change. I can't say that it has been a big problem, however, for most of my life. I would have occational flairs but most of the time, I pretty much have been able to ignore it. I am lucky and it is only on my scalp, and doesn't cause me many issues. Since it is autoimmune, however, you may have some relief.
  12. My main symptom which cleared when I went gluten-free was joint pain. I was dx with arthritis and on medication for this. But, since going gluten-free all my joint pain is gone and I am off all of my meds. I can tell immediately if I get some gluten, as my joints will ache. Be careful with your diet, and make sure any suppliments you get are gluten free.
  13. Applebee's does okay around here...but they seem to equate gluten-free with no seasoning! I don't know if everything they have is premixed and not gluten-free or what. Expect everything plain there. I think I have gotten spoiled. Some of our local restaurants have gluten-free menus and do a good job with them.
  14. I haven't tried the products you listed, but I LOVE their gluten-free pretzels! Many of my gluten eating friends prefer them as well!
  15. I haven't used Bob's, but when I use gluten-free pantry mix, I freeze or just refrigerate the unbaked part. (If it will be a couple days, refrigerating, is okay) I found that baked ahead of time, as with most gluten-free bakery it quickly goes to "cardboard". Freezing does help delay this, especially if you pop in the microwave for a few seconds before eating (even cupcakes and rolls)
  16. I know plenty of non-celiac who cannot use any of the sugar substitutes. It wouldn't surprise me that we who do have more immuno or sensitivities would also have issues with this.
  17. I would go to the meat department at the grocery store and ask. My local grocery store has a list of their pre-made (marinated, etc) meats that are gluten-free. They will know best. I know that all Old Wisconsin products are labled gluten-free under the ingredient list.
  18. Just to clarify...make sure it's the Quinoa flakes...you wouldn't cook those for this. (Think oatmeal...cooked, wouldn't work for bars...uncooked it would)
  19. The superfine rice flour makes the cookies less grity. Here is the BEST gluten-free cookie recipe, EVER! (IMHO) http://www.mealsmatter.org/recipes-meals/recipe/60751
  20. My sister finally went to be tested for celiac. I was dx in August, and I encouraged her to be tested as well. She has long avoided breads as she would get stomach pains and bloating. So, she went for the blood test and biopsy. The doctor has been less than helpful. He states she has "leisions" in her stomach and intestines. She called back 3 times (he won't see her) and finally he stated "I cannot scientifically tell you you have celiac". She doesn't have the option of another doctor due to her insurance situation. She has noted, despite this, a positive results from the gluten-free diet, and has had issues if she attempts to reintroduce gluten into her diet. She is staying gluten-free at this point, but we are concerned if the leision could indicate something else as well or if it could be part of this disease. Any ideas?
  21. I had more heartburn once I went gluten-free, as I was eating more of the processed gluten-free foods. It did go away after a bit. I still get it back if I have gluten.
  22. I noticed some Tomato Basil Soup from Healthy Choice the other day which didn't seem to have gluten ingredients. I contacted Healthy Choice and here is the responce I received. "Thank you for your email concerning our Healthy Choice
  23. I totally agree. I was just amazed at how soft Rudi's is when I grilled it in a ham and cheese sandwich. It was like regular bread! I did not like it at all for a sandwich. I still prefer the Udi's that way.
  24. I saw a recipe with Quinoa Flakes used for "granola" bars.
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