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  1. Maybe I am naive, but this seems silly to me. I can understand where the flour might orinally help the pollen to stick, but I have a hard time believing through time, elements, harvesting and then processing that much remains.
  2. For baked goods, look for the cookbook Baby Cakes. She is vegan and bakes that way. she has a VERY successful baker in New York (I think). Though her recipes are not always gluten-free, they are wheat free (She uses spelt some, which I believe is okay for wheat allergies, but not for us celiacs) I don't believe they had soy, but you will need to check.
  3. My first and favorite purchased AP mix was King Arthur. You can also buy it off their website.
  4. For Christmas I got "easy gluten-free baking" by Elizabeth Barbone. She uses only simple easy to find ingredients. (not a ton of mixed flours) She is not a celiac, so tries to make her foods taste like the glutenous original and can actually try both to make sure it works. I love my gluten-free Gourmet by Bette Hagman, too! Hers are just a bit more complicated as she has flour mixes.
  5. I know other's have stated that Rudi's gluten-free bread is better than Udi's. I have to agree! And, I love Udi's! If you get a chance, check it out. On their web site they have a place where you can find if anyone sells it locally.
  6. I'm not sure what your issues with Diet Coke has been, but I found that I get heartburn like issues from Diet Coke. I have switched to Diet Coke Plus, or Coke One, which are differnt sweetners. That has eliminated the issue I was having. I would miss my diet coke, too!
  7. Just from the name "crunch" I would be suspicious. Usually the crunch is either cookie or crispies, both of which aren't safe. I did find them on the internet, the crunch is from nuts. Unfortunately the orginal toffee, which is also part of it, has Wheat as a possible ingreadient (Wheat or corn). I don't think I would try them.
  8. My party was a huge success, thank you all for the ideas! My FIL came over and was feeling bad for me having just been diagnosed in August. He asked what out of my two table spread I could eat. I said ALL OF IT!!! He's done feeling bad for me!
  9. If you can't find the oats, you can try Quinoa Flakes as a replacement. I was able to find the quick cooking Bob's at the grocery store. But if you can only find the regluar ones, a grind in the food processor works. Sounds like great cookies!
  10. I would fill the 1/4 cup measure with a spoonful or so of the fava and then finish is with the garbanzo. The garfava is just a mixture, I think about 1:4 to 1:3 fava to the garbanzo.
  11. I had a wonderful Christmas which was gluten-free and no cc! It started with my son's college graduation party which was TOTALLY gluten-free (and no one could tell the difference). At my mother's everything was wonderful and almost all gluten-free (Even calling me from the grocery store to ask about a couple ingredients). I brought things to my MIL so I knew some were safe. Best feeling Christmas I have ever had, and my first since going gluten-free. My sister noted that after the graduation party she never left a party not feeling bloated. (She has been tested now, too, though she has avoided gluten so much her test results were inconclusive. I think she will be going gluten-free regardless) Just imagine what 2011 will bring!
  12. I found that if I ate gluten-free oats too many days in a row I would have a reaction. I was having oatmeal, or yogurt with granola daily for breakfast. That was too much. After a few days without, I could tolerate it again. I do know some cannot eat oats, though. Hope that helps!
  13. I'm in Wisconsin. It's not bad around here. It's gettting better, all the time! Lunabell-I was up north by my in-laws and was worried about foods. I brought a lot so didn't venture out. But later, I found out that the local grocery store Trigg's, was one of the sponsors of a celiac/gluten-free expo in that area! You might be pleasantly surprised!
  14. I use the same for my dog. He had such aweful skin dryness. This helps a lot! They usually have coupons on their web site!
  15. I am relatively new here as well, since I was just diagnosed in August. I did not have any typical symptoms, either. I had upper right abdominal pain I assumed (from location) was my gallbladder. After an upper GI to rule out anything else going on, they found the celiac. I didn't think I had any symptoms, either. I can totally relate to the "a little gassier" on gluten, pre-gluten-free. (Now, I can't touch the stuff without stomach cramps.) Fortunatley my liver seemed to be functioning fine. I have had a list of symptoms I thought were just aging (I'm 42) that have went away. Joint pain(off all arthritis meds now), memory issues, dizziness, ringing in my ears just to name a few. I did not have damage in my intestines, only results which "indicated" the celiacs. I wouldn't go back to eating gluten, despite how frustrating it can be at times. I hope you find the answers you are looking for!
  16. KA was one of the first AP flour subs I used. I loved it!
  17. I can't say specifically that your decorations are fine, but I have used a variety of sprinkles, including little shaped ones and they have been fine. Most of those are just sugar and colors, so should be okay. Good luck trying to find the info!
  18. I had a simlar experience with some crackers. It was the first time I had bought them so I didn't know what the taste was supposed to be. The best I can describe is it smelled like they used algae in the crackers! The company was wonderful and actually sent me a new box of crackers, plus a whole box of gluten-free foods...many of which I hadn't tried before. (Though I still have yet to try the crackers that weren't good. )
  19. I would suggest the Vinegar Pasty from Betty Hagman: Vinegar Pastry by Betty Hagman. This makes two crusts. 1 c white rice flour 3/4 c tapioca flour 3/4 c cornstarch 1 t xanthan gum 3/4 t salt 1 T sugar Combine all of the above. Cut into it: 3/4 c shortening. Blend together: 1 egg, lightly beaten 1T vinegar Add this to the flour mixture. Add ice water, 1 T at a time, and toss with a fork until it holds together when squeezed without being crumbly or sticky. Divide in 2 and wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 min. At this point you can freeze it. Roll out between pieces of rice-floured wax paper or plastic wrap, remove the top one and invert into the pie plate. Finish and bake as usual for your pie recipe. Bake all the scraps as well, spread them with jelly, and pretend they're poptarts. I have had good luck thawing this after months of freezing, and gluten-eaters don't know there's anything different from regular crust. I made this for pie at Thanksgiving...it was AWESOME!!
  20. Without trying it, I am not sure what would work better. Here is a different recipe for Gingerbread I found that uses corn meal...if that works for you. http://www.recipetips.com/recipe-cards/t--4018/gluten-free-gingerbread.asp There is one on this web site, too. http://www.celiac.com/articles/869/1/Gingerbread-Recipe-Gluten-Free/Page1.html Hope that might help.
  21. It should be. Whey is the by product from making cheese (I'm from Wisconsin, can you tell?? ) also, I found that Elizabeth Barbone in her gluten-free cook book calls for Dried Sweet Dairy Whey. I just don't know about CC issues, though, there is no wheat in a typical cheese factory!
  22. I haven't tried this, but I just got Esy gluten-free Baking by Elizabeth Barbone. Here is her recipe: 1 1/2 c brown rice flour (plus more for dusting) 1/2 c corn starch 1/3 c packed dark brown sugar 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 5 Tbsp cold butter 6 Tbsp milk 3 Tbsp honey Preheat oven to 350. Place dry ingrediants in food processor and pulse to combine. Add butter, pulse til course. Add milk and honey, pulse til dough forms. Using a 12x16 parchment paper, dust with rice flour. Turn dough onto paper. pat into a rectangle. dust the top with rice flour. plan a 2nd piece of paper ontop. Roll til it covers the paper (about 1/8 inch thick) Transfer to baking sheet. Remove top paper. Using a pizza wheel, score dough into 3x2 3/4 squares. prick with a fork. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 10 minutes. bake 15 minutes til brown. cool on rack and break along score lines. Let me know how they work!
  23. I haven't tried to make these. I used to make a similar cookie before going gluten-free. I am wondering if you need to add a little less flour. When I made them pre-gluten-free, they were dry and a bit crumbly, so I am sure gluten-free only makes this worse. I am thinking a little more fat or less flour might help. Just a guess. I might have to try these!
  24. We had a pot luck at work today. One of my dear co-workers found brought the Crunchmaster crackers and nut thins with cheese balls that she checked and double checked were okay (and then brough the ingrediant list for me to check). It was a wonderful day! I was content with my chili that I brought for the group, but had a happy surprise to know she had thought of me! We have wonderful people in our lives, don't we! ♥
  25. I've used it too, with no issues. I have Wholesome Sweeteners brand and it states gluten-free on the lable.
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