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  1. They DO lable when there IS barley or rye. Nothing in life is guarenteed except death
  2. My first choice would be to try 1/2 cup each sorghum, tapioca, potato starch and amaranth. (+1 tsp xanthan gum). Second choice, I would try 3/4c Tapioca, 3/4c cornstarch, 1/2 c bean flour and 1/4 sorghum. You will have a tad too much, but that was the closest converstion I could come up with. If you don't want any extra, maybe take a tablespoon or so out of the tapioca and cornstarch, and bit out of the other two. You'll also need 3/4-1tsp of xantham gum. You might have to play with the flour amount a bit too, just to make sure that it's not too dry or too soft. I usually sift my flours together first and then add to the wet ingrediants a bit at a time. These doughs are usually best chilled as a little stickier initially gives you a better outcome later.
  3. My dough was chilled and I tried 3 different types of baking sheets that I had, thinking the non-stick was the issues too. The dough was "greasy", but I couldn't figure out a way to change that. The dough was SOOO good, though! (well, not raw, but once cooked! I am not a fan of bean flour, so I was hesitant. But it was SOO worth it! ) I love the stamp idea!
  4. I have seen their nutrition information, but I don't think they tried very hard. I asked at the actual local store, and they checked the ingrediants on the package which were fine. Maybe different stores use different distributor and have differnt lables? They also have 100% meat burgers but won't claim they are safe. Though the store was also able to ensure that they don't get cooked anywhere other products are. I haven't had an issue, but I respect that that may not be the same for others or other stores.
  5. I voted, but I haven't reached 6 months yet. I'm at 4months and feel like a new woman!
  6. There are only 2 Lean Cuisine that I found that don't contain something with gluten. Though the Wheat may be distinctly labled, they are not required to distinctly lable barley or rye. I'm not sure I understand your objection. I appreciate companies that list gluten containing ingrediants, even if that means I have to read the list of ingrediants instead of just their "CONTAINS:" statement. Egads...we have some responsibility.
  7. I found a fabulous recipe for spritz cookies in Bette Hagman's book, but I can't get them to stick to the cookie sheet from the cookie press. I ended up rolling them like sugar cookies, which worked (They were really easy to roll, not too sticky) They are PHENOMENAL, but I want to press them for the designs. Any suggestions?
  8. I tried my pasta maker with one recipe, but the noodles were too stiff. The next time I made them, though I must have had a little less flour as I think it would have worked in the pasta maker (I was making chicken noodle soup, so I just cut them by hand) I wish I could have gotten to the recipe without buying the book...oh well, I guess I will add it to my list.
  9. Watch the McCain's. I bought McCain's sweet potatoe fries as I've had others with no issues, but their contains barly malt. I didn't check their regular fries, but I know their smiles had something I couldn't eat (though now I'm not sure what it was) I was hesitant with McDonald's but I haven't had any issues. I've asked at Culver's too. The store I was at had a dedicated fryer.
  10. A positive attitude goes a long way! I had the same attitude. Not that I don't get frustrated at times still, but it could be worse. My biggest frustration was not being able to just stop and grab a snack. Now that I carry snacks with me and stashed in my car, I find it a lot easier. I just make cookies tonight that are to die for! YUM!!
  11. I just contacted International Delight as I accidentally bout that brand instead of my usual. It is Non-Dairy and Gluten Free. I don't know what that mean as I don't have dairy intoleances, but they do address this on their web site, if you want to check it out. http://www.internationaldelight.com/FAQs/Health-Nutrition
  12. YUM! Close enough to a recipe, I can follow that! THANKS
  13. It seems to me I've seen this brought up before. I don't see Brewer's yeast on the list, but I did see wheatgerm. I don't think it's something I would want to try!
  14. We all feel frustrated at times. I feel fortunate that my family and friends try really hard. I have had more than one of them go out of their way to make sure that they had sothing I could eat. They don't make a fuss about what I eat or don't and defer to me for restaurant choices. I don't like the idea of "making a fuss", either, but they have each said to me at one time or another, "what if it was me?" They are right, I would be supportive and wouldn't criticize them. I've only been doing this since August, but it does get easier. It still is WAY better than feeling lousy. I would rather eat differently vs feeling so rotten I wasn't well enough to go. Hang in there!
  15. I am guessing from reading your past post that you would never say anything unkind to these people, so I hope it was cathartic to write those things! They are not being good friends. I wish they would realize that their frustration with your dietary limitation is only a fraction of the frustration you feel at times. I would chalk up the finance person as ingnorance. But your friends, especially the gluten-free(EDIT:...ooops...that was to be girlfriend, perhaps that was a freudian slip! )....shame, shame on them!
  16. If it's not quite what you like, the gluten-free Pantry is better IMHO.
  17. I am not the most experienced here...so others may give you better advice, but I am wondering about other intolerances, like soy or dairy. I don't have these issues, but I have read other's dealing with issues like that. Make sure that at this time you are eating mostly whole foods, and no or very limited processed foods. This allows your system to heal better. I did have difficulties with "heartburn" types of symptoms once I went gluten-free, but now, almost 4 months later, those issues have totally resolved. (all of my neuro issues are gone, too. Though if I get glutened, they return for a few days) Welcome, and good luck.
  18. If you want to venture into store bought breads, my suggestion would be Udi's. Though it's not what we have grown up believing bread to be, it does fill that desire for a piece of toast or sandwich. We all end up with those cravings once in a while. I LOVE their bagels. My DD likes them better than regular, and their muffins are great, too. (I'm not a big fan of the lemon one, but blueberry and chocolate are great) There are lots of places to find great recipes on this site, too. I have always been a big baker, so I have gone down that road. My co-workers love my experiments. They rarely complain about any of my gluten-free foods. Most of the time they don't realize until they see me take a bite ('cause if I'm eating it, you know it's gluten-free!) I have only been diagnosed since August. It does get easier. I still sometimes get frustrated at being limited in where I go and eat. I find myself "forgetting" that I might have to make arrangements at a friend's wedding, or for lunch with my daughter at school, but I think that is a good sign. It means this disease doesn't rule my life. Find some kind of snack bar you love for those times you needs something on the go. I love Kind bars. Other's talk of Lara bars being good. K...that's my 2 cents. WELCOME. The world is getting to be a kinder place for those of us with food issues. There are many more restaurants and food companies who are looking out for us. I think gluten-free will be what sugar free used to be!
  19. Yummm! Thanks for the link...how have I missed this one!
  20. By drumettes, do you mean the meatier "Upper arm" part of the wing? Sounds great! thanks. I think my DH would LOVE these! (not that he needs the gluten-free! )
  21. Alright you talented people. I have my DS College Graduation Party next weekend. I am having an open house. I need food to feed these people and for my sake and my DS I want them to be gluten-free (we are, the rest are not) Any idea's would be great. Please include recipes, unless they are simple (I can handle the cheese and crackers LOL)
  22. Coffee Mate states on the label gluten-free. The local story brand (Roundy's) also states gluten-free on the lable. I don't know about other food issues, however.
  23. Betty Crocker's frostings say gluten-free on the label!
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