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  1. I've had no issues with Bush's and with the Roundy's brand.
  2. I have yet to find an Old Wisconsin product that wasn't also labeled gluten-free. Same with Yoplait Yogurts (even all of their new products) Lays are pretty good at labeling ingrediants. I've yet to have a problem with any of their chips. Kettle Chips are also usually not a problem, though I don't eat many of the flavors, so you might have to check them.
  3. I made a taco seasoning mix that called for corn starch. I've never put flour in my chili, pre or post gluten-free. I know there was a thread for easy chili a month or so ago...perhaps it would be helpful to search that out. I know there were lots of recipes posted.
  4. I used Betty Hagman's vinegar pie crust for my pot pie. It was WONDERFUL, even my dh who doesn't like most of my gluten-free breads, loved this. It isn't gritty like most (I don't like those, either) I really didn't think it was any more difficult than the usual pie crusts I used to make before going gluten-free. I put down one sheet of wax paper, and use a sheet of plastic wrap on the top. I have found this to be the best with most gluten-free things I roll out. Sweet rice flour (or glutinous rice flour) is a good one to use for rolling things out, too. (I can get the flour for $0.79 a 20 oz bag at my local grocery store in the asian food section!)
  5. I have to agree with Patti. gluten-free Pantry is the best! I have tried to make my own, with lots of different mixes and I still prefer gluten-free Pantry! (It also makes great rolls, if you scoop them into muffin tins!)
  6. You need to search the 36 hour chocolate chip cookies here. My DS walked in my house, grabbed one, and freaked because he though it was not gluten-free. They are really good! My co-workers love them, and they are not gluten-free!! (Edit: I mean, my co-workers don't eat gluten-free)
  7. It took a few weeks before I made these kind of mistakes...but then it was things like signing up for lunch with my daughter...only to realize that there would be no way I could eat school food...or for my friends wedding. Duh! (Actually, the caterer at the wedding was amazing and made me a grilled chicken breast and there were no problems!) I still "forget" sometimes when I am going places, but by now I have learned to carry Kind bars and Nut Crunch bars with me EVERYWHERE!
  8. I didn't have horrible symptoms prediagnosis, so I saw improvement within days! The good news...it just keeps getting better!
  9. Sorry about the loss. It's very wonderful of you to be concerned about being there for your husband. I would suggest and once drinks are ordered, excuse yourself and go talk to the manager or waiter. Then you don't have to feel like its a big deal. I still feel uncomfortable having to ask for special accodations, so doing it away from the group is easier for me. We had a birthday celebration at a buffet restaurant. I knew that wouldn't work for me, so I got there ahead of time and talked with the server. It worked great! Good food and it was no big deal because I could talk to them in private. ♥ to you and your family!
  10. I never heard this. When I was 7, I had a bug bite. They diagnosed it as an allergic rection to a spider bite. When I was 16 (don't ask why I didn't notice it before) I noted my skin in that area was very tight and hard. After much testing and seeing one of the top dermatologist in the nation, they determined it was a rare form of Lyme disease. It causes fat bundles to be stored under my skin and there is very little, to no stretch in the skin (they ruled our scleraderma, but that is similar to how it presents). I was only diagnosed with celiac this year. I am curious about the connection now. EDIT: My Lyme titer 26 years ago was negative. They tried the treatment of high doses of penicillian with no affect. I do not recall GI symptoms, but then again, it wasn't D or C that took me to the doc now...it was my gallbladder. I have also been tested for Lupus and RA, which were both negative about 2+ years ago...both autoimmune.
  11. I was having a lot of your same symptoms. I went to the doctor about 2 years ago because it felt like something was stuck in my throat. I knew there wasn't, as I could still eat and drink and talk, but there was this strong pressure. That was my first endoscopy. They didn't find anything wrong, but recommended Opramazole as my anti-inflammatory meds were irritating my stomach. I have historically always had a high ANA and SED rate (for almost 26 years..I'm 42). That is why my regular doc sent me to the Rheumatologist about 2 1/2 years ago (along with an incredibly sore right pinky finger). I was having pain I thought was from my gallbladder (upper right abdominal). They did another endoscopy to rule our intestinal issues before they took out my gallbladder. It was during routine biopsy that they found my blunted villia...not damaged, just blunted. My doc ran the genetic panel, and since I was + for one of the genes, recommened the celiac diet. A month later, since I was feeling SOOO much better, he decided I had celiac. He never ran any other blood work. I am now totally off all medications. I think if I was in your shoes, I would just do the diet and see if I feel better.
  12. I noticed the same thing. Also the "zits" are always at my jawline. Not like the acne I had when I was a teen (I'm 42 now)
  13. I found that with the Kraft Dressing's too. I stopped buying them for that reason! Sad since they are soo good at labeling.
  14. I used the Ener-G bread. Yes it smelled kind of funny...but it was more of a sour smell (I think I had the Papa's loaf)so I figured it would be fine, more like sourdough. It was good. Even my non-gluten-free family ate it and liked it. (That or I had so much other good stuff in there they didn't even notice! )
  15. I had the same pain, though more often in the upper right. They did a HIDA scan and during the process, it reproduced my pain. My GI decided I needed my gallbladder out, despite the fact that they said both the ultrasound and the HIDA scan was considered normal, becuase it reproduced this pain. It was during the endoscopy to rule out anything else (Cancer, etc.) before the gallbladder removal, that they found the celiac. I still had the gallbladder out, and feel much better (but also went on the diet at the same time)
  16. I am sorry you have to deal with family who doesn't understand. I an fortunate (and thankful) my family is very supportive. They still don't get all of it, but they try. My sister's daughter has a peanut allergy. My sister's MIL decided that her daughter (just turned 3) doesn't think it's true. We are concerned that she will "test" her theory. Can you imagine what that could look like in such a little one?? You sound like a patient tolerant man. Use this space to vent...you need some outlet!
  17. I have the gluten-free oats and Udi's gluten-free granola. I did learn that I cannot eat it too many days in a row, though.I think I had some everyday for about a week. I reacted, but not in the same way I do if glutened. A couple days off the oats, I was fine, and have had some every couple days with no problems.
  18. BUMMER Bummer for you and Bummer for all the rest of us, too! Hope you feel better soon!
  19. I TOTALLY agree1 Cappachino Chip is the BEST!!!
  20. I just finished making my pies for Thanksgiving. First time for pie since I went gluten-free! I took the left over dough and put a little grape jelly on it and folded it over before baking. OMG is was SOOO good. I was a little nervous as I heard some crusts are not so good. I loved it better than my original pie crust (pre gluten-free)and I usually had tons of compliments on my pies! I used the Featherlight Vinegar Pastry in Betty Hagman's gluten-free dessert cookbook! Now everyone who isn't gluten-free tomorrow will be sooo jealous! I only made two pies...they have 4 of their own!
  21. My guess is she says brown rice flour as it has more nutrients. I have that book on my list for christmas...hmmm...wondering if I will like it!
  22. I LOVE the orchard salad there right now. The cherry vinegrette is so worth seeing all those lovely baked items I can't eat! Mmmmm.....too bad it's almost midnight and they aren't open! Edit: opppssss....at Panera!
  23. I always get vanilla latte and I have never had a problem (or white mocha)
  24. Hershey's regular size bars are made on dedicated lines. I also believe their chips and cocoa is as well.
  25. I spoke with Butterball today...just wanted to make sure that their turkey is gluten free. They are. The only products they have that are not gluten-free is the stuffed turkey and turkey meatballs. (logical enough) They assured me they do not inject anything which would include gluten. Just thought you might want to know...just in time for Thanksgiving!
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