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  1. Muffy

    I'm Pregnant

    Thanks for pointing out the connection between adrenal supplments and pregnancy. Last Week I startded the supplements and have been offcially trying to conceive for 3 days now. After I read your commment I peeled the promotional sticker off the bottle and now I can see the pregnancy warning. :whew:
  2. Hello, I am just re-kindling my gluten/wheat issue research. I have been gluten free for about a year and a half, maybe a little longer. Shortly before going gluten-free I went refined fructose super-lite and right after going gluten-free I went grain, dairy, soy, and canola oil free. I have a long history of thyroid issues, rashes, dead intestines (leaky as all get out and had part of them removed 2 years ago), migraines, nerve issues, muscle issues, insmomnia, anxiety, fatigue, asthma, tons of secondary food allergies (mostly fruits)...the whole works. I am strict, the concept of 'cheating' is alien to me. My house is gluten-free. I know I have a long way to go toward healing my leaky gut but I also know I am the healthiest I have probably ever been in my life. Since I am trying to get pregnant I realized that I have never researched this and need too. Anyway. I am 38. I had a pregnancy and birth 14 years ago. I was 24 and sick before during and after. I had no fertilty or delivery difficulties but I was not well durng the pregnancy. Tons of ridculously severe acid reflux, high blood pressure, water retention, migraines, thyroid was hard to stabalize, 'morning' sickness...and I was pushing that line between overweight and obeseity at conception and gained a lot of weight during. I know these things are 'normal' to an extent. I don't really know what I am looking for, I am just starting my way through this thread right now. This is just a shout-out in case anyone out there has some adivce or a kernal of wisdom they'd like to throw back Thanks!
  3. Muffy

    Problems With Produce

    I have occasional issues with apples and I think it's the coating. I also have problems with dairy and I read somewhere on this forum that some waxes can be cassien based. In any case, I always wash them with gluten-free soap and it doesn't help at all. I sometimes have reactions to frozen veggies too, and that trips me out. I'm always reacting to something and I do get a new fruit allergy every once in a while as well. I have been eating the occasional rice pasta and I also have bloating after. I think I am finally ready to let it go. I feel puky after eating some today and I wonder how it affects me neourologically as well. I always blame my bran fog on CC but I am a silly ape so I wouldn't be suprised if I am willingly doing it to myself and don't even know it.
  4. Muffy

    Losing Weight

    Have you been tested for parasites?
  5. Muffy

    Almost Cried At Work!

    That's how feel. Yuck. And when I watch people I care about eat it I want to cry and scream, but usually I just try to educate them. And then they blow me off.
  6. I am super sensitive, although I struggle with accepting this strange reality. I react to processed foods, products, distilled alcohol, flour particles in the air, and I suspect VOC's from cooking wheat products as well. And those are just my wheat issues. I am still figuring it out and get CC'd everywhere I go so it has been hard for me to process everything. And sounding like a crazy person doesn't help. Well, I suppose I AM a crazy person when CC'd and in my funky foggy moods. Oh, did I mention I think I am in one now?
  7. Muffy

    Stressed Out In Life..

    Definitley. From what I understand stress in general increases our perception or vulnerability to pain. And further, I find that when I get CC'd I get both stressed out and have a lot of pain. The stress is a symptom just like the pain so they naturally go together. I'm not sure what the likelihood of you being CC'd or what your symptoms tend to be, but if you are experiencing both simultaneously it might be something to consider. I feel stressed and migrainy when I get CC'd.
  8. That is how I undertand it as well, that once the overactive thyroid (Graves) flares down the thyroid just remains damaged and in the underactive state. Be careful with the Graves. It almost killed me in 1995. I had NO idea anything was wrong at all, it was before most if my obvious wheat symptoms started to surface, right before actually. My heartate was 225 per minute at rest, my husband felt it pounding from sitting next to me on the couch but I didn't even notice! I ended up in the ER, where they ran all the tests twice because it was not supposed to be possible for me to be alive or at least not comatose with my levels what they were. They called it full T-Storm. Of course I don't know what these levels were becuase I was young and totally uniformed and this was long before I started to wise-up. Anyway, I was in the hospital for a week while I was stabalized and had the radiation treatment. I didn't have other traditional Graves disease symptoms so they were suprised in the ER to find out that is what it was and I was literally about to drop dead from it. Be VERY careful if you plan to ride it out and let it settle on it's own. Had I known then what I know now I would have avoided radiation at all costs as well. My case was so severe though it may not have been possible. Knowing what you know will take you a long way, continue to research as much as possible and take an assertive role in your treatment. There are so many people that don't understand the link between their thyroid issues and thier diet, you are already 10 steps ahead!
  9. I get extra big shares of MEAT!!!!!!! But we all do since I made the whole house go gluten-free. They guys love that I am always craving steak and bacon though, that is for sure.
  10. From what I understand the reason some alcohols that are grain based are gluten-free is because the offending gliadin protien (is that right?), which is one protien within the gluten protien (which is a dual protein), is broken down during the fermentation process. Similar to the way it is broken down in aged cheese. (eww dairy... I know Depending on where you fall on the sensitivity/intolerance continuum and what parts of the wheat or gliadin protien you are actually reacting to you may be senstive I ways others are not. I have been wondering latley about the volatile omega 5 particle and how it relates to airborne sensitivity or delineating between what might be celiacs vs. wheat allergy, or both. Or perhaps another offending compound within the protien. There is so much information out there and I have so much to learn. However, I am SUPER sensitive all of a sudden and it really sucks. Just a few weeks back I had a shot of whisky. Bad call. I even spilled some on the skin around my mouth and got a NASTY little rash. I actually thought I had herpes or something. It itched, burned, was red with small blisters and it just went away. I have had other forms of DH but that was diferent and I felt other affects right away, even through the affects of the alcohol - and I am a total lightweight! What is interesting though is that when I have airborn reactions (controversial I know - do a search on this site for more info I get the same strong symptoms I had when I had that shot of whisky (in order of appearance): coughing, excess mucus, swollen throat, asthma, light-headedness, dizziness, confusion, irritability, anger, anxiety,depression, nihilism, apathy, fatigue, tremors/twitches, DH, muscle/nerve pain, migraines.....and more DH This is what I have figured out so far anyway. Argh. Good Luck!
  11. Hi weluvgators, I run the before and after school program, which means I am in the cafeteria/gym during the entire cooking and eating of breakfast. Plus I serve a daily snack and students sometimes bring thier own breakfast or snack as well. I did finally manage to get all the traces of non-gluten-free playdough out of there. And I finally trained my brain to stop and think before rubbing my eyes, leaving my coffee out, and using the nearest soap or cleaner. It is a shared space though, by many all day and evening as well as a center for food. I try to avoid crumbs but they do ambush me when they are missed by a previous group or left over as evidence from a hungry and mischevious child . Argh. I actually gave up most processed things before I went gluten-free when I was eliminating sugar....yes, a long strange trip As I got more comfortable I would eat some gluten-free things for the microwave here and there and noticed the frequency of my CC getting worse so I rarely do that anymore. You know what is weird though? I ordered Girl Scout cookies from some kids knowing at the time that I wouldn't eat them and that I didn't want anybody else to either. The mind is very strange indeed... Double Argh!
  12. I know this thread is old, but it has been very helpful. I have been gluten-free for about 9 months and have been feeling so much better until recently. At firstI thought it was the hoildays with the parties and house guests and all that figured I was getting CC'd that way. But it is getting worse, like it is building up in my system and I am freaking out because I can not go back to living with that kind of pain and I can't think through the brain fog to get anything done. Now I realize it is most likely where I work, in an elementary school. I get so dizzy and confused right after the school breakfast is served that I sometimes have to stop in the middle of the floor for a minute to get my balance. I get too confused to even do my job well after that. A few hours later the headaches start and last all day, sometimes for several days. The rash and itching are back and constant. I have not eaten any gluten and I don't touch it at work. My co-workers do because they know I shouldn't be. I have been very careful and while I have not done an actual elimination diet yet I have cut my food choices way back and only feel a bit better on Sundays but feel terrible again by lunchtime on Monday once back at work. When it is pancake or cinnamon roll day, it is worse plus I even get a lttle cough to go with. When a kids talks to me with cracker breath I feel dixzzy and forget what I am trying to say. My black moods are coming back and I am facing the possibility of having to leave my career, which I love. I was on sabbatical when I went gluten-free and it took two weeks after being back before I had to start looking for the secret source which was right in front of me. Knowing that others have had simialr issues makes me feel less crazy. Loey, it must have been so hard to leave teaching. I am trying to get accept a simialr situation, I am so depressed!
  13. I have also been CC'd this week and noticed the big change in my mood. I get anxiety with hopeless dark moods as well. And I also get really paraniod and have serious brian fog. It gets increasingly severe if I get CC'd frequently and don't have a lot of time to get it out of my system in between - a cumulative effect.
  14. Muffy

    My Little Curiosity Poll

    I voted both but I don't feel my GI symptoms much, but they do take a lot of damage. The neuro affects are what actually bother me and they are similar to the others listed here. One thing that is very common for me as well is a difficulty swallowing. Like to the point where I have almost actually chocked on food that I can't neither swallow or move out of the back of my throat. It happens right away. Does anyone get this? Do you think this would fit as a neuro or GI?
  15. Muffy

    Very Mild Case?

    I also get the singular bumps, like a weird bug bite. I called them volcanoes for the longest time because they would erupt as I scratched and scracthed and would take forever to heal, my scratching didn't help. I get them on my hands, wrists, forearms, upper cest, neck, face, and knees. There is never any kind of symmetrical pattern. I have an itchy spot on one foot that comes and goes and drives me crazy, it is red sometimes. I never thought it was related but by reading the other replies I see that the mystery is finally solved. For a while I even thought maybe a I had a single paralyzed scabbie living there or something...