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  1. rhiannon34

    Gluten Neuropathy

    I worked with a lady who had very similar symptoms to these. We worked together as dance instructors. One day at work in the break area I found her passed out cold in the floor. She came to pretty fast, disoriented for a bit. It scared us all and she never told us what was wrong. Then another day, she ate a salad from chick fil a which was not her usual routine, and she started loosing her motor skills, including speach. I immediately got her in the bathroom, where she was again disoriented, slurred speach, jerky movements, etc. And passed out again. She soon after quit her job because of the health problems, but told us that she had had a stroke before, and had brain lesions, but didn't still know why. Months after she quit, I called her up, and she told me she had been diagnosed with Celiac disease. I hope this helps some, even though I can't tell you much more about it.
  2. The first trimester was the hardest for me in terms of food cravings and energy levels. Meat made me want to barf, and I also had to eat hidden meat. I lived on watermelon, strawberries and skittles. I am very constipated all the time not pregnant, and when I am pregnant, the constipation gets so bad, I keep bladder infections the whole time I'm pregnant. What kept them under control for me was taking a good acidopholis, and whole food calcium/magnesium supplement, and when I did get a bladder infection taking d-mannose. Of course plenty of water is a must. I used a midwife though who was wonderful about keeping it all natural and off of the anti-biotics.
  3. rhiannon34

    At A Loss

    I got some at Target, and it is really yummy. And don't worry, I had anorexia/bulemia myself. All of my symptoms seemed to get worse after that, I think mabye the stress on my body kicked off something or made it worse.
  4. rhiannon34

    Doctors In Houston?

    Thanks! Great info. I live in Houston as well, so this gives me hope enough I just still might try to get my diagnosis.
  5. Thank you, I have been wondering lately though if I should worry with the testing. I know it will end up costing alot, even with insurance because of deductables and all, and I really can't afford it. I know I should at the very lease have the blood in my stool checked out, but even with all these inconclusive tests and false negatives, I may spend the money and still not be sure. I could go ahead with the gluten-free diet and see if I can resolve some of these health problems on my own, and who cares about the Dr. diagnosis, as long as I know. But then again, I was hoping that if it was celiac, I could use the diagnosis to get my kiddos tested, one of which is 16 and has ADHD, and one who is 3 and has constant digestive problems, sick more than he is well, and lactose intolerance. I just don't know, any suggestions? I am really anxious to start feeling better.
  6. This is the symptom thst made me want to find out if I had Celiac's again. The last few weeks I had been so tired and out of breath and just weak. Even talking would make me feel breathless. I went on one of these web md symptom checker websites and anemia was one of the possible diagnosis'. I stated taking an iron supplement that night and it started going away within hours. I haven't felt breathless since.
  7. Thanks, yes, it was a biocard test that came up negative. If I'm not celiac then I just don't know what's wrong with me!
  8. Wow, have been reading some posts. Could costochondritis also explain the sharp shooting pain I have been getting in my chest when I breathe in since I was a kid??
  9. Hello all. I have been suspecting I may have celiac for several years. I have many symptoms, including constipation, lactose intolerance, heart palpitations, tingling hands/feet/mouth after drinking beer, blood in stools, and anemia. I took an at home test about 2 years ago (not from Enterolabs) that came out negative so I dropped thinking I was Celiac for awhile, but I still really have a strong feeling I may be and really need help. I became really concerned about this again recently after changing my vitamins that included iron, feeling terrible for weeks, then feeling tremendously better right away after taking iron supplements. I don't have any money (single mom with 2 kids) so ordering the Enterolab test can't happen, my health insurance from my job will be effective in another 6 weeks, so I plan to see a doctor about it then. Was the at home test that I took accurate? Does anyone here have any suggestions on the best way I can go about getting a good diagnosis?