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  1. My son is 15 and has been on a gluten-free diet for about 15 months at the reccomendation...
  2. Hello everyone.... I also have neuropathy...my numbness runs from my left breast down...
  3. Hello everyone, I am in search of some help here ! A little over a week ago I woke...
  4. Mom of 13 year old son recently diagnosed

  5. Son 13 years old recently diagnosed. Bone loss, severe life-long constipation, severe joint stiffness and pain, mood swings, heart and airway defects, severe Vitamin D deficiency. Finally diagnosed by our chiropractor !!! Pediatric Rheumatologist told us to "just ignore the bone and joint symptoms and they will probably go away." She was very helpful. Six days gluten free an...

  6. Hello everyone..... I am brand new to this and I am hoping that there is someone out...
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