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  1. well I was mostly gluten free during that time. every time I slip it's obvious that gluten isn't doing me any favors. so I'm back now! thanks for such a wonderful resource
  2. wow! I had forgotten about this thread! two years later and I'm still having the same issues. (worse even!) it's definitely gluten, no doubt in my mind anymore. I'm waiting on tests from enterolab right now, but it almost doesn't matter what they say. I know gluten is the source of all my problems...
  3. shoot!!!! I drink this stuff all the time! sure explains alot though
  4. Hi, I just joined because i found this thread while googling wheat and anger. I could have written every post here... I dont know if it's wheat, cause I often tend to eat it with other things like sugar... but it's true, a few days later i want to kill everyone i come into contact with... my...