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  1. maybe i'm being a little too cautious, i dunno... I just didnt like what was said on the nivea site about the suppliers, and I've been soooo sick lately, I just want to be careful :)

    I'm not so much worried about the lotions I wear, unless it's lipstick, but I dont want to kiss his cheek and wind up getting glutened :S

    I found something tonight in the health food section at zehrs... It was the only one marked gluten-free, the name escapes me right now, but it smelled wonderful! I hope that he likes it!

  2. i guess i just dont know enough about it to be honest. I assumed that if it wasnt celiac and just an intolerance that I wouldnt have to worry about things like my boyfriend's chapstick and getting him to brush his teeth after a beer... so i should still do that?

    I mean like, if it isnt killing the villi in my intestines, and only making me miserable, then temporary discomfort isnt as bad as permenent damage?

  3. you're right... but what do you tell people? people ask if i have celiac, and I dont have a straight answer... when I give the big explination that i'm probably just gluten intolerant people tend to pester me to eat it anyhow, saying one bite wont kill me...

    maybe i just need to be more assertive! I've done gluten elimination and reintroduced it numerous times and every time it's obvious I cant handle the stuff

  4. my bf and I are talking about taking an all inclusive trip soon, but I have to admit I'm pretty scared. I've never had the biopsy, but I'm very sensitive to gluten and really want to avoid it.

    I went to costa rica this past summer and stuck to eating fruit from the street markets that I prepared myself, and salads when we went for dinner in restaurants. I wound up with a bad reaction to something and cut the trip short.

    I'm perfectly fine with eating fruits and salad since I've been vegan for 5 years and raw vegan off and on. my main worry is that at an all inclusive place, even if there is a ton of fruit, isn't there a good chance it's contaminated??? I guess I could call ahead, but it's often hard to find someone who speaks English. :(

    any tips?

    I also can't pack food (I think?) we'd be flying out from Canada, and I don't think they allow fruit taken over the border.

  5. oh good! I think it was Vaseline intensive care that he used that day so it must have been a fluke. he just bought a new one and I haven't inspected it yet lol

    is there a post somewhere that has the hidden names of gluten? I've had a little this week by accident and I feel sooooo bad! I'm really going to have to crack down on things!

  6. darnit! I just lost my entire post :(

    anywho thanks so much, that makes alot of sense.

    so if stainless steel is ok, do i need to buy new pots? all our pots are stainless steel... I think I just need a new cutting board since all ours are plastic or wood.

    I'm not sure if I even got a special one that no one would use it... my mother i'm sure has celiac, she has rheumatoid arthritis very bad and eats bread like its going out of style. she leaves her crumbs everywhere in the kitchen and makes a huge mess. she wont even consider eliminating wheat and the house is permeated with it.

    Maybe I should just my own place and make it gluten-free!

  7. Hi everyone,

    I'm in the middle of waiting for my enterolabs results, but after being gluten-free for a year and slipping last nov, and then going gluten-free again and accidently eating some this week, it's pretty obvious to me that I have a problem with gluten.

    I've been reading the boards and I see people talking about having separate pots and pans? I always thought that washing them would be enough? I mean, I use knives and cutting boards at home and at work that are used for things with gluten... so washing them out isnt good enough? Am I being exposed because things are baked in the kitchen with wheat flour? Is there a good guide for me to look to for direction? I thought I knew everything, but that info was new to me... now I'm scared because I'll never be in a gluten-free home and my family constantly leaves crumbs on the countertop. CONSTANTLY! How am I supposed to protect myself?

    I'm also curious if there is a website to send to partners? I've been dating someone new and although I've tried to explain to him about celiac, he just doesn't understand. I felt bad after kissing his cheek one day when he used a new cream. He understands having to brush his teeth after eating if he wants to kiss me, but i'm not sure how careful he is. I'm sure he will be after this week since I'm going to have to cancel plans we had. I ate something by accident and I'm misearble, my whole body hurts, and well... you guys know...

    he needs to realize that he's gonna have to make sure his lotions and lip stuff is ok... is there a website for that?

    thank you all so much :)