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  1. Thanks a bunch Nora. Much appreciated. I am trying to dig up my past blood work to check...
  2. Honestly I have thought for years that I have had a thyroid issue, my body went wacky when...
  3. Thank you for responding. I have my thyroid levels tested every 6 months because of the...
  4. Thanks mushroom yes I think so too. I do have an appointment with a dietitian next week...
  5. Thank you gf_soph! I don't have my current labs in front of me. All I know are my hemoglobin...
  6. is overwhemled...!!!!!

  7. Thank you all SOOOOO MUCH! and yes I am going to be needing this forum very much! I...
  8. Thank you both. Yes I had read somethings about the biopsy being the gold standard in...
  9. Hi, I was just recently sorta diagnosed and now I am confused. In May I was having...
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