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  1. Emilushka

    What Does Everyone Eat For Breakfast?

    I have to eat breakfast every day or I starve until lunch. I eat 2 eggs, whisked together in a bowl and then nuked in...
  2. Emilushka

    Blender Advice

    I want to buy a blender or food processor. I think at this point I want a blender. I want to make things like tabbouleh...
  3. Emilushka

    Talking To Restaurant Staff

    If it's a restaurant with a gluten-free menu, I ask the hostess for it while we're being seated. If not, I inform the...
  4. Emilushka

    Red Meat Or Hamburger

    Could have been cross-contamination, but otherwise I don't have any insight.
  5. I'm a negative biopsy, positive blood work person.
  6. Emilushka

    Red Meat Or Hamburger

    Where was the hamburger from? Was there any filler added?
  7. Emilushka

    Considering Getting A Copper IUD

    I had the Mirena (not the copper IUD but the one that has hormones) for a year. I got a bunch of abdominal cramping with...
  8. Here are some links that should help. Gluten-Free Diet Basics Safe Ingredients and Foods Unsafe Ingriedients...
  9. I am dealing with a sick kitty over here, and part of his therapy is giving him Petromalt to help him pass a hairball...
  10. Emilushka

    Glutened At Rainforest Cafe?

    I've only eaten there twice, but I've never ordered that item. I haven't ever had a problem with either steaks or chicken...
  11. Sure, your results COULD be from another kind of chronic inflammation (lots of possibilities there) but if Celiac is...
  12. Thou shalt provide managers with praise if waitstaff and cooks deliver a safe, well-prepared meal for thee the first...
  13. Emilushka

    Ore Ida

    That could certainly be part of it. I know that what has me the most confused about all this is that I was eating the...
  14. Emilushka

    Ore Ida

    They were definitely gluten-free tater tots. And the french fries that were gluten-free got me too. I've been able...
  15. They tasted incredible. Really incredible.