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  1. Now my question is...


    What herbs/spices do you use?


    I have found I'm okay with nutmeg, anise, and cinnamon, but in minimal amounts... (Especially the anise and cinnamon).  I can't use peppers of any sort, and no mint.  The onion and garlic powders are VERY limited for me.  And like I said in the OP I can't do rosemary at all.

  2. I'm thinking I might do it... Working is just plain too much with my anxiety.  I'm told if you have anxiety you can get it...  My anxiety is quite severe, and I just have a hard time living life AND working, and I'm not even working all that much anymore, and its not even something I enjoy.  I want to start an at home craft business thing, since that's something I can do on MY schedule, I'm good at, and I enjoy.  But with being a mom, and a wife, with my anxiety, I never have the strength to do what needs doing around the house, I don't go to church anymore because I'm too overwhelmed, and I can't keep on top of my health...

  3. I have a more difficult time when I get off track. It's like my mind gets disorganized and I can't get it together. When I am on track it's fine. For tacos, I season my meat with cumin, oregano and garlic. I add guacamole (lime, avocado, cumin, garlic powder) and I don't miss the tomatoes. Noodles I use butter or olive oil with garlic and occasionally add some parmesan as dairy isn't great for me either.


    No sauce on your noodles?  See that's my problem, I've always had this problem where I must have my food with a LOT of flavor, I hate blan food.


    I don't have all of the same problems that you do but yesterday I ate spaghetti with a little Nucoa and parsley on it.  Can you eat Daiya cheese?  A little of that melted on would be good too.


    I eat a lot of beans.  A common meal for me is bean tacos.  The beans don't have to be spicy. You can cook pintos or black beans, drain and mash.  Add a little olive oil for a good mouth feel.  Salt is good if you can have that.  Or you can use plain canned beans, drained and mashed if you find that the refried are too spicy for you.  You can also use plain ground beef or chicken in a taco shell or in a gluten-free tortilla.


    Can you have salsa verde?  It's made with tomatillos.  I did make it once.  Can't remember if I put onions in there or not.

    I haven't had salsa verde since trying to cleanse my system.  Haven't read anything about it in relation to esophagitis.  I don't know if I could though cause its pretty acidic.  


    And what's nucoa?  Haven't tried Daiya cheese, but I have some vegan Mozza cheese.

    That's a good idea with the beans.  (I have a ton in my cupboard now lol)


    I have had tacos with:



    olive oil


    kidney beans


    Diced mango


    My pizza has:


    nut crust

    mango sauce

    eggs with meat relish


    I am looking forward to getting spices back soon, but things have been good to eat even without them.


    They were delicious.


    Ooh do you make the nut crust yourself and how do you make the mango sauce?  That sounds HEAVENLY.

  4. Okay so I can't have: Rosemary, Gluten, Dairy, Fish/Seafood... Plus all that goes along with Esophagitis.

    So when you can't eat spicy food or tomatoes or onions, and all that jazz... what do you eat? Like for example, what do you put on your noodles?  Or like what do you put on potatoes?  Do your tacos seem really bare? So on so forth.

  5. I think with the skin scratch tests, it's not so much if you turn red as it is with the amount of swelling. At least that is what I got from it when we did my sons'. If they based it on the redness...my oldest would be allergic to everything while my little guy, not so much.


    But since they looked more at the swelling, my oldest son has a slight (they were hesitant to even say that) allergy to cats and nothing else. My little guy? His cat reaction took over half his back. There was a good amount of swelling....though the redness wasn't as pronounced. It was there but definitely secondary to the swelling. I'm tempted actually to go back and have them do it again...but without the cat. I think the cat kind of ruined the test for those things around it....it was that bad. :(


    Ah its swelling?  Didn't know that!  Thanks that makes me feel SOOO much more relaxed about seeing an allergenist.


    An elimination diet is good way to go.  There are lots of threads about them here.  the advantage of an elimination diet is it will find food intolerances as well as allergies.  But allergy tests won't find food intolerances.


    Yeah, I'm thinkin I might do that since eating clean doesn't seem to resolve the issue.  Though since I am eating pretty clean (which includes common allergens, I'm not sure what else to eliminate.)


    Cracking at the corners of the mouth can be a vitamin B defiency.  I have to take a B Complex vitamin or I get that.


    Not sure what to tell you about the hives.  I get them sometimes and never know the cause.  It's not always from what I eat.  But recently I accidentally ate oats and got hives.  I have an oat intolerance.


    I also have intolerances to various herbs and spices, including mint.  You might try switching toothpastes.  I currently use one from Greece called Korres.  It's eucalyptus and that took some getting used to.  They also make a spearmint/lime which I can not use.  I did try an unflavored that was recommended here.  I had no problems with it but the lack of flavor was odd.  I got it online at dentist.net, I think.  Might have been .com.  You can also try Closeup which is cinnamon.  If your are currently using a mint toothpaste that is.  Or you can simply try baking soda.


    You might try eliminating seasonings except perhaps for salt.  See if that helps.  Or it could even be something wacky like lettuce.  I have read several stories recently of people having reactions to lettuce!



    Yeah the corners of the mouth isn't a B deficiency, I take a vegan B complex (I had NO clue they put lactose in medicines too!  Crazy right?) so I am pretty sure I am good there.  (My GI associates the corners of the mouth cracking with allergies/intolerances too which is why I think there is STILL something else!)

    Hahaha intolerances to spices eh... I already know one I can't have... Throat swells up, lips crack and everything for rosemary.  Worst thing EVER!   But yeah, I switched recently my toothpaste to a non mint toothpaste because that is what was recommended for esophagitis since mint can make that flare apparently.  So now I use an antiplaque and whitening toothpaste from tom's made with fennel.  Tastes weird like black licorice (which I hate mind you!) but I'm getting used to it.  But yeah, I had never really heard of allergies/intolerances to spices, but apparently I have one!  (I don't even remember how I discovered it was rosemary actually!)  I know I'm okay with your basic herbs like basil for example, and cinnamon.  But not sure what else.

    As for something wacky, I think it really is something wacky since I'm currently eating as clean as I can.  Don't think its lettuce, since I haven't had any rec-- actually scratch that... I did have lettuce a couple times the past week.  Wonder if it could be spinach too... That would SUCK if it was spinach frankly.... I LOVE spinach

  6. Well, so I just had the experience of reviewing all my trusted restaurants for gluten free food... too bad getting gluten free and dairy free is almost impossible without being at a vegan restaurant and my hubby is rather antagonistic toward vegan restaurants...

    Finally I found a morsel to eat at Wingers... But THEN they screwed up my order.

    First they cooked my tacos with the cilantro lime sauce which had dairy... I told them to take it off...

    So they come out with a new order.  Hubby gets home and we open it up... FLOUR FRICKIN TORTILLAS! I said CORN!  AND GLUTEN FREE!

    And I should have been unable to get more because well, its closing time almost... But I just said, 'Honey, call them and see if there is anything they can do for us next time...'  Well they said they would remake it and he could come get it despite the fact technically they'd be closed by the time he got there.

    So guess who's a hungry cranky butt!  This gal!

  7. So now, I'm trying to eat VERY 'cleanly' with my esophagitis, gluten intolerance, and lactose intolerance (with likely casein allergy).  But stupidly, it would appear now that I've got something ELSE I'm not responding to, and I can't figure out what it is.  I itch, and if I had white skin it'd be flaming red.  (I'm a brownie so red doesn't show up on my skin)  And then there is the fact the corners of my mouth are very cracked, and my throat feels swollen.  Faceplant.  NOW what?


    I am SOOOOOOO frustrated now!  I want to feel good!  Is it too much to ask to figure out EVERYTHING all at once?


    Also, I'm considering seeing an allergist, but those tests where they see if you flare, I'm afraid nothing will show up because I've got brown skin and don't turn red so they will say I don't have any, when obviously I do...  Are there other alternatives to it?

  8. OH GOOD HEAVENS!  They finally after nine months of investigating determined officially determined two WVC cops were not justified in their shooting of a girl, especially since evidence points to the fact that the idiots lied about their story! *faceplant*  And NOW they are trying to decide if they need to take action against them.  Um HELLO!  They shot a girl who they said was putting their lives in danger but evidence proves otherwise!  Why WOULDN'T you take action against them?  Meanwhile the idiots are still on PAID administrative leave!

    And then, the WVPD says, 'Oh this will help to restore trust because we did a thorough investigation.'  Um... Not really.  Thanks, try again.

  9. So now that I've a lactose intolerance officially dx'd but I also suspect a casein allergy/intolerance (they only tested for lactose strangely... oh well.), I have to change what milk I get through WIC... But they don't do rice milk, nor do they do soy based alternatives, at least not for the moms... I'm SCREWED because I'm fairly certain I won't handle lactose-free milk thanks to casein, but I absolutely cannot handle goats milk.  (Believe me I've tried... I have NO control over my bowel now thanks to the goat milk.)   Evidently goats milk still has lactose but supposedly its easier to digest... I think I might just tell them to take milk off my checks period... cause I don't even want to RISK the lactose free milk...


    Opinions?  What do you all drink/use?

  10. What foods did you have to eliminate from your diet for reflux/esophagitis?

    I know the following are not so dood for me:

    1 - Tomatoes
    2 - oranges/orange juice

    3 - Chocolate
    4 - raw fruits/veggies (for the most part)

    5 - fish/seafood

    6 - gluten

    7 - dairy


    Im sure there are more but I can't think of them.  Also, there are some foods that seem to be on the avoid list for one GERD/Esophagitis diet sample but not others, and it says they are safe...  (IE Mashed potatoes)  Experience?


    (Also 5-7 are officially diagnosed allergies/intolerances so they aren't necessarily related)

  11. No soy and no corn. Oh, and I'm off of dairy and sugar right now too. Let's see, what does that leave? Not MUCH!! Guess I'll have to wait a while until I get some of these things back. :angry:


    Hmmm only thing that complicates my cooking is the sugar.  *thinks*  What do you use as a replacement?

    (I use mostly rice flour in my cooking hence the reason why I say no soy and no corn isn't a problem lol)


    Edit: Carob doesn't bother you does it?  (I use carob as a chocolate replacement since I try to avoid chocolate.  Sometimes I can't resist though.)

  12. I figured out my gluten intolerance a few years back when I was not having regular periods, and symptoms a lot like pregnancy (and pain of course) without being pregnant.  They did the blood test for Celiac Disease as kind of a last ditch effort, and not knowing what the heck celiac disease was, I had researched it.  Upon realizing the foods that were bad for celiac disease were the very ones that made my symptoms so awful, I tried a gluten-free diet.  And then, I started feeling sooo much better, lost weight and got back down to a decent weight (I had been gaining weight despite the fact I hadn't been eating well) AND my cycle became regular again!


    As for dairy, I suspected it for a long time, but it wasn't until after I gave birth to my now almost 4 month old that we realized there was something else upsetting my system besides gluten (since it really had been a while since I ate gluten).  I had intense nausea, diarrhea, alternated with constipation now and then, similar to my gluten pains.  They thought it might be my gall bladder, cause when they pressed on my gb I lept off the bed in pain.  However ultrasound showed nothing.  CT scan only showed a fatty liver (consistent with the fact I have high liver enzymes) and so forth.  Colon/Endoscopy revealed nothing, but biopsy revealed esophagitis, and blood tests revealed a lactose problem.  They've not tested me for casein, but I suspect that's a major issue too.  So we'll see how that diet goes, and if I still have problems in a few weeks, I'm gonna call back and see if there is any other testing they can do...  Or I might just do an elimination diet.  (I suspect I have a corn problem too)

  13. Well, I've never been called psychic although a few people have called me psych-O. :blink:  :lol:


    How about you send me some of those baked goodies and I'll tell you if I think you can make money selling them? :)


    And hmmm DONE!  Any other allergies/intolerances I should be aware of for you goodies?  ;)

  14. Bartfull - I think you are a psychic or something!  I don't openly advertise that I bake!  And yet you figured me out! Hahahaha


    notme! - sure thing!  Free daycare ftw!  (Kidding.  Don't have any idea where you are!)


    Meanwhile, I think we've come to a conclusion.  Hubby's gonna find a second job and I'll STAY at home.

  15. Hassled my doc on Thursday afternoon... They didn't have the results from the hospital yet, so they said that they'd hassle the hospital for them, and then get back to me.  Granted they really only had one business day between then and now (Friday) but STILL I'm frickin annoyed!  If I don't get news today, I'm seriously contemplating checking myself into the hospital!  I've only been able to eat at MOST one meal a day!

  16. Too bad we can't Internet babysit! We could pass the baby around and all get our baby fix!

    I know people who work from home, but they have their own businesses selling or doing book keeping/ medical billing. Not something you could start next week.

    I don't know what hours hub works but could you at least be a waitress or work the overnight shift at Walmart until you can arrange something better? Our Walmarts always need overnight workers.



    Hahaha internet babysitting... now THAT would solve ALL my problems lol!  I guess the thing I could do is try and find someone else who works and we could do a co-op daycare or something... Fortunately I work a somewhat flexible schedule right now, but its during the day when hubby works no matter how I work it.  I think we might just have hubby switch group homes because the one he's at now is just a pain in the arse schedule wise.  (He's also 'looking' for a new job, though not hard enough IMO)

    As for waitressing, I suppose now that I'm... how old am I?  I clean forgot!  Anyway, I'm over 21 now, so I guess I could.  (Yeah you can't serve unless you are 21 or older in Utah.)  But Walmart I don't think I could manage, especially not grave shifts.  (Long story as to why... come to think of it, I'd probably have trouble waitressing... gah!)


  17. So here's the deal... We need daycare, but can't afford it.  And right now, we can't afford for me not to be working...  And this is really the last week I'll actually have people able to watch my kiddo.  I cannot work full time cause of scheduling conflicts with my hubby, and SOOOOO my only option is basically to work from home... But I don't want to be scammed, so anyone know of good reliable companies that provide Work At Home jobs?

  18. So it is illegal to crash two trains into each other? Isn't that more of a common sense sort of thing?


    The who Utah booze thing isn't particularly new, it was only in the news recently because some lawmakers attempted to repeal it last session. I have most commonly heard it referred to as the zion curtain. The rules around this are actually much more lax than they used to be. Several years ago bars had to be considered "private clubs" and sell a "membership" even if it was only a one night membership and were only allowed to sell drinks to members, and only members were allowed in by law. This law was repealed I believe in 2009 (I remember this because it got repealed at the same time I quit drinking....  <_<) which is the same year the zion curtain law was passed, which then took effect in 2010. It was a trade off, petty politics of you win yours we win ours.



    ZION Curtain!  I knew I was getting it wrong!  Silly me.  And really they tried to repeal the Zion curtain?  Did it get repealed?  (I didn't read about it recently, I just think its funny really so I love bringing it up).  But yeah, Utah has strange booze laws IMO, and I don't even drink!  Wait?  It was worse?  Wow... talk about living in Mormonville!  (I don't drink so it doesn't bother me too much, I just think its ridiculous)


    nvsmom - HAHAHA I especially love the witchcraft one!  I'm sure it dates back to the times of the Salem Witch trials in the US where everywhere people were scared of witches.  (I would presume Canada had some times that were similar, but I'm not too familiar with Canadian history)  But still funny!

  19. We have the famous Kansas law -

    If two trains meet on the same track, neither shall proceed until the other has passed.

    And a few other brilliant ones :

    Rabbits may not be shot from motorboats.

    Pedestrians crossing the highways at night must wear tail lights.

    No one may catch fish with his bare hands. ( shared by several states)

    The state game rule prohibits the use of mules to hunt ducks.



    Yeah Utah shares that fishing one...  And really?  Shoot rabbits from a motorboat?  Not sure what rabbit is on water, or close enough to water that you'd have a good shot.  

    The Mule Duck one is alot like our horse-fish...  

    And I LOVE that train law!

  20. Every state in this country has at least one law that is stupid.  Utah has a lot of them in my book, and I frequently want to smack myself in the head... Did we REALLY come up with that law?


    Like for example, Its illegal to hunt whales.  I live in frickin Utah?  First of all, we are landlocked.  Sure we have the Great Salt Lake, but last I checked, we don't have whales.  So where on earth did THAT law come from?


    There is also a law that says, 'It is illegal to fish from horseback.'  Um... do I even want to know?

    But my all time favorite is a fairly recent law that was passed.  There is an Iron Curtain Ban, as it is fondly called, and no one in the state Senate will lay claim to it as being their idea, or that they even voted for it.  Now what IS this law?  Basically, it states, that all liquor in new restaurants must be poured AND stored in a place where customers can't see it.  Supposedly the thought process is if a kid sees it poured, they'll be driven to drink.  Meanwhile, I'm sitting here thinking, 'In Utah, you cannot even be a server unless you are 21, and bartenders are the ones who pour the drinks for the servers.  And in Utah, you cannot even SIT at the bar unless you are 21.  And like I just mentioned, drinks are poured (and kept) at the bar... SOOOOO what was the point of this law?'


    So what other stupid laws have you seen?

  21. Wild gangs of evil-eyed turks here, roaming the streets.





    HAHAHAHA I love it Jestgar! 


    I'm SO glad I live where I do. Our newspaper's police report is the best part of reading the paper - because it is usually so funny! For example, this week there was a guy who called the cops to report seeing a car that had obviously been in an accident. The police responded and found, "the car had not been in an accident. It was just falling apart." There was also a report of a guy calling because he saw his neighbor open his door and do a faceplant. The cops came and found that the drunken guy had a split lip but no other injuries, so they helped him into bed and left.


    And then there was the one a while back about a vicious dog on the loose. Monday someone reported a vicious dog in their yard. Tuesday someone called the cops because a vicious dog was in their driveway and wouldn't let them out of the car. Wednesday someone brought their kids inside because a vicious dog came along and started growling at them. Thursday's police report had this tidbit: "Dog arrested." 



    Lol those are Utah's 'crime sprees' too basically... everywhere but here at any rate.  I love reading about the stupid crimes.  Once, there was a guy who called the cops ON HIMSELF for a DUI!  (And this was his third offense too!)  But my favorite is something I wish I had done, and if I had would totally brag about it.  Utah has some of the most ridiculous laws... (Like the Iron Curtain ban as its termed here...) mostly because a lot of people here cannot stand the SIGHT of 'temptation.'  So since we are a largely Mormon state with laws catering specifically to the Mormon population, someone vandalized the Capitol's sign (in Salt Lake City) so it no longer said, 'State of Utah'.  They crossed out the word State, and wrote over it 'Church' so the sign read 'Church of Utah'.  For WEEKS you could still see remnants of the spray paint because it was hard to get off.