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  1. tea_and_crumpets

    Dairy Queen?

    Earlier in the thread, someone mentioned a non-standard practice of dumping the ice cream from bad cones into a bowl...
  2. tea_and_crumpets

    gluten-free Crackers

    Glutino makes ritz clones. Expensive but tasty. I also like the crunchmaster crackers.
  3. tea_and_crumpets

    Dairy Queen?

    I occasionally get hot fudge sundaes at DQ and I have to reluctantly admit that they are making me sick. I'm not full...
  4. tea_and_crumpets

    California Pizza Kitchen

    That's great that they are paying attention to the CC risks. When they were testing the menu in my area I was told that...
  5. tea_and_crumpets

    Job Interviews--How To Bring Up Celiac?

    There is a wheat-free bakery/restaurant in Evanston, near Northwestern, called Rose's. Maybe that would be an option...
  6. tea_and_crumpets

    Deep Thought

    No, they won't be the way you remember, but I promise you, after a while you'll forget. You really will. I've been...
  7. Remember, too, that you've only been off gluten for three weeks. It's possible that you were just having a bad healing...
  8. Ugh. Even if I believed them about being gluten free, I wouldn't buy their stuff after that nasty email. There is no...
  9. tea_and_crumpets

    Need Help Badly!

    Would you let your daughter stay with her grandmother if she only got a little rat poison every time she visited? ...
  10. Hmm. I wonder if you're sensitive to alliums -- the ground onion and the Fox mix are chock full of them.
  11. I use Penzey's for everything and have never reacted. Which ones are you having trouble with? If you have a problem...
  12. tea_and_crumpets

    Did Anyone Exhibit Ocd While Glutened?

    :lol: The garage door was one of my OCD focus points. A few years ago I even made my poor sainted husband call the...
  13. tea_and_crumpets

    Did Anyone Exhibit Ocd While Glutened?

    I had a generalized anxiety since I was a teenager, really debilitating stuff. Been on and off the medication and therapy...
  14. I am a big fan of the San-J tamari. We buy several bottles at a time because we go through it so quickly. I did not...
  15. tea_and_crumpets

    Nightshade Free?

    Thank you for pointing this out. I haven't noticed any problems with corn or rice (my main grains), but I do get really...