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    I love crafting jewelry and taught it in the ASP and summer camp. I am a certified elementary and special education teacher. I went back to graduate school when I was 50 to become a teacher. I returned to graduate school to get my special education certificate after teaching inner city children and seeing that their needs weren't met. I can't wait to feel better so I can look for a teaching job. Before I had my son I worked as a videotape editor at a major network. It was not as glamorous as it might sound and the hours were grueling but I was young and loved it. Before the editing gig I worked at a PBS Station and actually built a studio from schematics. Didn't look great but it worked!!!! From there I hit the City. I've been lucky to experience a lot of living and WON"T let Celiac keep me from continuing!!!!!!!

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  1. Well Superman & I are officially old farts. We were in bed by 9:30 & Rob fell asleep immediately). He worked a 14 hour day (what a difference a year makes). I could hear fireworks but every time I went to watch them they stopped. I only made it to 11:35 before I fell asleep. HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO MY WONDERFULLY PSILLIE PHAMILY!!!!
  2. Wishing everyone a safe, warm & dry New year! May your power stay on, your stomach's full of gluten-free food and that you bask in the glow of your loved ones.
  3. We are all so lucky to have you as our moderator for all these years, Peoter. This forum has enriched my life in so many ways. It's the silver lining in this crazy celiac world. I love my Psilly Phamily and wish you all a year filled with good health, good times, good people and only the best life has to offer! I'll see you all next year!!!
  4. Hello my sweet Psillies, Wishing you all a Merry Christmas (and to those who don't celebrate Christmas I wish you a happy holiday). I hope you are surrounded by those you hold most dear. May the New Year bring you all health, happiness, & success. Love & (((hugs))),
  5. OK - Loey has some bragging (or kvelling) to do! Tony scored a 170 out of a possible 180 on his LSAT's. Yesterday he was accepted into NYU Law School. He wasn't supposed to hear from any of the schools he applied to for several months. He also didn't expect to get into NYU. He's got his heart set on Ca & applied to Stanford, UCLA & Berkley, as well as several other top law schools. The cost will play into his choices as the cost of law school's on him. NYU would cost $$300,000 by the time he gets his degree. Anyway, thanks for letting me share - you are my extended family!
  6. I feel guilty, although it's only 17 degrees (not factoring in wind chill) we haven't been hit with much snow in RI yet. Of course I could wake up to a winter wonderland if the forecast is right. I hope all of you are warm, safe, dry, with power (& loved ones).
  7. LMAO!!!! I think we should get a large gluten-free van and drive to pick up all the Psillies for Psummit 2
  8. As I frequently say - I sure do miss my Canuck Psillies (& all of our glorious Psillies). It has been quiet here - I think everyone's been hangin on the git ready for winter thread.
  9. Wishing you all a safe, dry, warm Thanksgiving surrounded by those you hold most dear. Praying that the weather improves for everyone!!! Loey
  10. Wishing all my dearest Psillies a happy & healthy Thanksgivings (& to those who don't celebrate I wish you a happy & healthy day). May your travels be safe, may you stay warm & dry, eat too much gluten-free food, & spend the day surrounded by those you love most dearly! I love you all!!!
  11. http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/513239/20131012/barrel-roll-easter-egg-video-game-google.htm#.UoWHPX-9KSM
  12. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/google-do-a-barrel-roll
  13. Hello!! I hope they're wrong about the hurricane!!! Now there's a Tsunami that might hit Japan - weather is out of control these days. Keep dry, safe & warm!! And keep us posted. (((Hugs)))