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  1. Thanks for the note. You may have something similar to me - and may need kind of medication for the D. Once I started taking the Cholestramine (Questran)the diarrhea and the intolerances have gone. Maybe you have an infection (possibly C-Diff)?

  2. I had times where I would lay in bed wanting to die, and the next day be ok. Sometimes after such a night, I actually would ask myself, "Do I still want to die?" when I woke up. The answer was sometimes yes, but other times I realized that no, I don't still want to die. I knew that this was wacked. I also had the uncontrollable rages and massive emotional outbursts over the dumbest things (especially lost items). I got promoted at work, and the anxiety and depression got so bad that certain aspects of that job became impossible for me and I had to step back down. Oh yeah, the anxiety. People t
  3. Learning to embrace the veggies

  4. So much for getting the hang of this. Argh!

  5. Very simple... a burger with no bun. Seasoned verrrrry well though, it tasted extra awesome!
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