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  1. I've wondered about this myself.

    I'm Type A+. I do know that green beans are very agreeable for me, and that other beans don't cause any issues others have reported (not even gas! ...and I'm prone to gassiness). I've also had issues with meat, though not consistently. Potatoes don't do me much good, but I love 'em too much. :P I might have to take a look at the book though; I've still been having issues.

  2. Yes, just this week!

    I got picked to be on the jury (civil trial), and on the fourth day during testimony I had to pee reaaallly bad, and we were able to stop proceedings to take a bathroom break (turns out I wasn't the only one who needed it, either!). The jury room had two bathrooms. They had no refrigeration or microwaves so I brought stuff like tuna + gluten-free crackers, carrots and peanut butter, some acceptable-at-room-temperature fruit, enough for a whole day to eat.

  3. Me too. I only take food-based vitamins. My naturopath says that synthetic vitmains actually rob your body of vitamin and minerals in the long run because "isolates" are not full-spectrum and so they have to find other "pieces" in your body so they can be assimilated. I'm not explaining this eloquently but I watched a DVD about it and it really makes sense. Aside from that reason, being able to take vitamins on an empty stomach and no longer having neon-colored urine are reasons enough for me!

    You've definitely piqued my curiosity here. What specific brand of vitamin do you take, and where can I find it? I looked up "whole food vitamin" on teh googles and got a lot of results that resemble spam too closely. :P

  4. I used to cough after eating all the time. There were a few times when I'd cough a lot for no apparent reason and the doc gave me antibiotics and steroids (a short course) when I went to make sure that I wasn't dying or something. Is it a dry cough? At any rate, for me, that was the first thing to go when I went gluten-free. And I don't cough much anymore at all.

    So you possibly could be getting glutened still (Dear Firefox: GLUTENED IS A WORD DANGIT :P). I always thought the cough was related to my reflux because I almost always coughed aftrt eating, but I still deal with reflux but not the cough. So maybe it was inflammation-related. And maybe yours is too?

  5. One thing that should be added is that you can have "normal" blood b12 levels and still be deficient (well, that's true of plenty of things, not just b12...). The first time I got mine checked I was 300; thankfully the doc saw that was too low despite the lab reference range low being 200. The second time I got my b12 checked I was 800 something, and the doc (a different one) condescendingly told me I didn't need to be taking the b12, but frankly, I feel much better taking it. See if you can get the MMA and homocysteine tests in addition to b12, because those tests usually can indicate a b12 issue even if the b12 blood test doesn't.

  6. I used:


    Brown rice bread crumbs (I think the brand is called Hol-Grain and it's just ground brown rice)

    Garlic, salt, and Italian seasoning

    Of course, green beans

    For added health benefits, fried in bacon grease. :lol:

    I'm going to play around with this, because some of these ingredients can be a little tough on the digestive system (I just had heartburn). But the Southern girl in me was very, very happy and this came out delish! <3 This is my first official fried breaded gluten free dish (and my first fried breaded dish *I've* ever cooked) and is definitely something I plan on making to share with people!

  7. wow.. i dont know what to tell u- cause i LOVE sweet potatoes... and you frying them up in olive oil and spices was making me drool... i prefer my sweet potatoes salty & savory.. as opposed to the sugar and cinnamon...

    I know what to make you if you ever come over! :P It was something that hinted at being good and then quickly became ewww-tastic to me, which is why I'm so quick to believe it's something I'd like prepared another way. Definitely trying the cinnamon. Maybe embracing the "sweet" is what'll make the difference.

  8. Most multivitamins do not have a sufficiently high dosage to be therapeutic. They only contain maintenance levels.

    They're not even maintenance for me, let alone therapeutic. One multi turned my pee this horrid bright yellow color, and gave me diarrhea on top of that! Another just gave me stomach pain. :\ But the 1mg of sublingual b12 has never been a problem, and is now really awesome. Bonus points for taking 3-4. But the b12 never seemed to be that helpful that quick before (was taking it pre-gluten-free because I was low according to my first round of blood tests); unless I just wasn't paying attention.

  9. My method at the moment is throwing whatever veggies and meat (and seasoning) I like (or want to give a try) in the pot. Veggies like green beans and snow peas should (probably) be added no earlier than an hour before finish time (I added them in 2 hours before and they were only vaguely green, lol), but those sorts of veggies are a very wonderful addition. I had stew meat and put cilantro and bok choy in there, and that was YUMMY, despite my n00b self overcooking it a little. Oh, and celery (with leaves!). Also, chives have kind of an onion-y flavor. Maybe that would work? The slow cooker seems like a good way to do the "Hey let's throw all this random stuff in and see what happens" method of cooking, and making something that's inedible is really hard short of pouring wheat berries or something in there. :P

  10. I have a sweet potato lying around. I fried cut up sweet potato pieces in olive oil (with some seasonings); I hated it. I had some kind of mashed sweet potato dish one Thanksgiving. Hated that too. However, knowing how veggies are, it may be that I can do something such that the sweet potato doesn't have its "default" flavor (like tomatoes in salsa, say), if that makes sense. But what that would entail, I'm not sure. Anyone have ideas? It's not like I'm super invested in trying to like sweet potatoes; I just want to give things a proper chance.

  11. So when I remember to take my vitamins, I feel better! ESPECIALLY true for B vitamins. In fact, if I consume my non-gluten "bad stuff" my belly will grumble a little, but I won't be the moody mess I typically am. :o

    I always had an issue remembering to take my vitamins, so I don't know how accurate my perception is of this, but it *seems* like my body reacts much more quickly to vitamins lately (in a good way). Take b12? THAT DAY I'm more energetic and happy, and I don't remember b12 being like that (I know consistently taking b12 made me more energetic pre gluten-free, but it didn't seem like it affected me so quickly...). I found my nausea issue from eating "bad stuff" was helped a bit by taking some extra b6.

    Does anybody else have this experience? At least I'm not reacting badly to the vitamins, right? :D (haven't had this luck with multivitamins tho so I have to take like 3-4 different single vits but I'm dealing...)

  12. There should be a music thread in here, I say. :) I looooove music, I have a decent variety in my taste, though I do often tend to go for artists that can draw a huge group of white people together for non-religious, non-U.S.-Republican purposes (not intentionally, of course). :P Recently, I've been on a K-Pop kick. I speak basically no Korean, but that doesn't stop me from (very horribly) attempting to sing along and offending/amusing Korean speakers everywhere.

    My current obsession: 2NE1 - Follow Me

    2NE1 has the most fun music videos ever! And their style is fabulous. :D They're trying to break into the U.S. market and going to do an English-langugage debut last I heard from them. I hope they make it, they're awesome.

    What kind of music do you like? What songs (or genres? or artists?) have you recently discovered that you replay enough to put even the most corporate-shill radio stations to shame?

  13. Thanks for the replies! I'm about to give away my n00bishness here: So, I can just throw, say, beef and my favorite veggies in the crockpot with water and be set (oh, and season it, of course, right?)? If I did this without stock or anything of that nature that requires making/cooking beforehand, would/could it still yield a tasty product provided I seasoned it well?

    This question has been answered for me while I was typing! Thanks! :P

    Keep things simple and uncomplicated and you will feel less frustrated.

    I'm trying to, it's just that

    1. I'm a n00b at cooking (the most complicated thing I've ever done is fry a cut of some kind of meat in olive oil)

    2. Every recipe I see either has something that makes it too complicated for me, or

    3. If it doesn't, the recipe makes use of processed items or ingredients that cause me grief.

    gluten free chicken and beef stock cubes/powders

    What about yeast, soy, and dairy free (I'm assuming none of them use potato starch or what have you)? Admittedly I've only seen broths, and I had no luck there, but I didn't look properly into powders or cubes.

    One more question: What are some of y'alls favorite seasonings? I'm partial to Italian seasoning and I always used it on my meat-fried-in-olive oil, but what does everyone else like? <--- Sheep (not really, I'm just askin' :P)

  14. I've wanted to make some kind of stew or soup or something of that nature, but it has to be the kind of thing where I can just put in all the ingredients at once without having to cook something else first. As in, if, say, I had to make a stock before I could make the stew (and I couldn't do premade; there's nothing premade that doesn't have something disagreeable in it), well, for whatever reason that has a negative psychological effect on me. :P It's not just stock; that's just an example. I REALLY hate having to cook to do more cooking, and it really causes a block of sorts. Maybe one day I can get over that, but today is not that day. On top of that, many ways I've seen to cut those kinds of steps make use of processed food that almost ALWAYS has something bad for me in it!!!!!! Ergh. I need to be able to cook only once (and prepare the stuff once), without processed anything. I hope that makes sense. Is that possible? If so, could I please have some pointers? Thanks!

  15. I am grateful

    That I still live with mom and dad and am not homeless/totally broke despite the terrible wages my job provides

    For the Internet! From good music to this support group to good blogs, the Internet makes my life bearable

    That I live in an area with a co-op and a "health nut" (I use the term lovingly) community

  16. I've been nauseous the past 3 days--it's been so bad I had to miss work. On top of that, I have the mood swings from hell. My belly hurts a little. Admittedly, I'd been eating a lot of candy, but I had none yesterday, nor today, and the nausea is still there, as bad as ever. Although yesterday and today I ate some bacon (which didn't cause any mood swings like it did a couple weeks ago). It's less when I've not eaten for hours and hours. I've eaten very little because I just feel so icky. Today I had rice cakes and the nausea is now MUCH worse. But it seems like no matter what I eat, I get nauseous. I had grapefruit today; I felt nauseous afterwards. I felt nauseous after drinking a Sierra Mist yesterday.

    Obviously my digestive system is really unhappy right now. But I don't know why or what I can do to stop feeling so icky without starving myself. Help, please? Also, could something else be going on to cause this?

    I'm starting to wonder if maybe I need professional help with this, because I'm just not figuring this out on my own. It's just such a pain in the ### to find someone who'll take me seriously though!

  17. I was the opposite of overweight and anemic. I was underweight and by the time I would have developed anemia I probably would be knocking on death's door. In the past 2 years I'd put on about 15-20 lbs, putting me in the "healthy" weight range (even though I felt worse than ever!). I didn't eat that much, and I worked a job where I was on my feet all day, so it made no sense. Within a month of going gluten-free, that weight completely disappeared. While I'm probably consuming fewer calories (not intentionally, mind you), that generally doesn't promote such rapid weight loss (and I'm not sure my metabolism would have magically picked up that quickly...). I think for me the weight gain must have been some kind of bloat or inflammation or something. I do *look* thinner (unfortunately...) though. My digestive system seems (seemed?) to be rather sluggish, so maybe the lack of proper digestion had something to do with the weight gain while I was still eating gluten.

    Maybe I will eventually gain *proper* weight.

  18. 1. Is it absolutely necessary to continue eating gluten until I can be tested?

    If you're going to get the testing, yes. Some people just decide to go gluten-free without the tests, but if you start the diet before you get tested, you're more likely to get a false negative.

    2. I have severe GERD (saw that many of you do too), could these be related?

    In short, yes.

    3. Do reflux/GERD symptoms get better on a gluten-free diet?

    They did for me. I still deal with reflux, but it's much better than what it used to be.

    4. Has anyone experienced numbness related to Celiac Disease?

    I have. My hands and feet have persistent numbness, and everywhere else is just really quick to fall asleep.

    5. About how long does it take (on a gluten-free diet) before you started feeling better?

    I saw improvement in 3 weeks, but I've had a LOT of ups and downs. I'm on month 3 now.

    6. What symptoms were relieved first and which ones persisted?

    Anxiety/depression and heartburn have not gone away, but they're a LOT better. The numbness is still very much an issue, but my feet don't hurt so bad after being on my feet all day. I still have a lot of fatigue and brain fog issues.

  19. Found out about this place through the St. Petersburg Times.

    It's a little cafe in Dunedin, FL and it's exclusively gluten-free. They only serve breakfast and lunch, except on Friday, and the menu is small (and for the multiple-intolerance'd a tad problematic), but it's yummy. My friend was blown away by the buffalo chicken wrap and she wanted to call everyone and tell them about the place! :D:P I had the pancakes once, and then I had the beans and rice. Good stuff.

    Link: http://myserendipitycafe.com/

  20. All right, well I'll definitely try to get me some grass-fed, organic good meat... when I get paid. :P I'm now going on 3 months, so still somewhat in the beginning stages. It's a pretty consistent reaction though. o.O I go for the easy-to-cook meat because I never feel like bothering with anything requiring extensive preparation or cooking. I also make piddly wages, which isn't the biggest issue since I live with mommy and daddy, but it is somewhat. I'll have to look for sales and coupons, I s'pose.

    I am still getting the hang of this (and I'm now realizing that I'm going to be saying that for a lot longer than I thought, lol). I do have a couple coworkers who are like, "You're already doing a good job! You'll get this figured out." which definitely lifts my spirits up. :)

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