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  1. I drink fish eye cab often and never had any gluten reactions. I've emailed them and they confirmed there is no gluten. I'm sensitive also!
  2. I get rib pain also! Mine is on my right side. It lasts anywhere from 2-30 minutes. Seems to relate to be glutened now. We went out to eat and I tried to be careful...don't think the waiter did Anyway, got home and went to bed. I was woke up by really bad shooting pains and it was hard to take a deep breath. Felt sore the next day. I think it's related to gluten for sure.
  3. I pulled their info online today. None of their BBQ sauce or meat except for the pulled pork contain gluten...or so they say! All desserts are OUT, which doesn't surprise me. I noticed that the BBQ sauce does contain sulfites...maybe that is what you reacted to?? I know that is a problem for a lot of people.
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