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  1. Hi! I just had a ton of blood work done and my apt isn't until Wednesday to review w/ the Doctor. Here are my results that I don't understand, the rest was "normal": HLA-DQ2 Neg HLA-DQ8 Neg HLA-DQA1 01 and 05 HLA-DQB1 0301 and 0602 TSH 1.72 t4 Free 1.3 T4 Total 6.8 Thyroid Antibodies less than 10 T3 Uptake High at 36 IGA 5 Immunoglobulin A 130 Tissue Trans Ab IGA TTG Antibody IGA Less than 1 Vitamin D 20 (Low) Sodium 133 (Low) Casein/cow milk High at 7.7 Absolute Neutrophils 9074 High I also tested negative for all nuts and corn. How accurate are the blood tests? Thanks!!
  2. Hi there! Has anybody tried them yet? I'm scared to death to put anything different in my mouth : ) It contains buckwheat flour now. Thanks!
  3. I had horrible issues with it until I got rid of dairy. As soon as the gluten and dairy went away, so did the constipation. Orange juice actually helps with it. It draws water into the matter and helps it pass. I have a big glass of OJ every morning when I get up!
  4. I've read there have been studies done that show corn is as toxic to us as gluten. It's a cross reactive thing that happens and our bodies don't realize it's not gluten and starts freaking out. I was sick all last week from corn. I'm finally starting to feel better. I cannot eat it or I get stomach issues, face breaks out, headaches, fatigue....a lot like the gluten issues I used to have. I say avoid it all together, when you can!
  5. Hello, Anybody else had a reaction to old bay? I had it on chicken wings (I made at home totally gluten free otherwise) and seasoned them w/ old bay. Had loose bowels for two days. Waited a couple weeks and tried it again...same thing. Thanks!
  6. Bella001

    Dealing With Accidental Gluten Ingestion

    Tons of water and rest. I try to stick to whole foods only, nothing processed. I also won't dare eat out or allow anybody cook for me until I'm over it. I got sick last week. I'm just now feeling better. Now if my skin would clear up, that would be wonderful : ).
  7. I cannot eat corn anymore. It gives me migraine headaches, bloating, and gas. Is not as bad as the gluten reaction but my body doesn't like it at all. It's also all gmo at this point, so I guess we really shouldn't eat it anyway!
  8. I got sick last week also. It was bad : (. My belly hurt until Tuesday, six days after it happened. My body didn't react the same way as before, but it was bad...for sure gluten. I ate at BJ's and had the gluten free pizza that wasn't. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
  9. I drink fish eye cab often and never had any gluten reactions. I've emailed them and they confirmed there is no gluten. I'm sensitive also!
  10. Bella001


    Could be a corn issue. Just recently connected some gluten yoe reactions I was getting to corn, which a lot of vinegar is made from. Apple cider doesn't bother me.
  11. Hello! I'm having surgery tomorrow because of a serverly atypical mole on my back. I had Stage I Melanoma in 2004. They aren't putting me under, just a local. Any problems with that as far as gluten goes? If I need pain meds, what can I take without getting sick? I also cannot have dairy or eggs either. Thanks!
  12. Bella001

    Bummed...something Got Me

    That stinks. Something got me also. Huge stomach also, now my skin is freaking out and I'm getting moody! Oh what fun this is. FYI, Better double check Gas-X...think it contains gluten!
  13. Hello everyone! Anybody had issues with Rao's marinara sauce or Venice Bakery pizza crusts? I had both, which was a new food for me, and instant stomach issues. Still recovering two days later. Both are marked gluten free. Thanks!
  14. Hello! Does anybody have a list, that is current, of gluten free alcohol by type or brand? I'm searching now and finding a lot of outdated info and conflicting information as well. We are taking a vacation to Key West in three weeks and I'd like to drink something other than wine. I will not and do not drink Vodka. It makes me sick. I'm normally a rum and juice kinda gal : ) Any help would be greatly appreciated! P.S. Anybody that has been to The Keys recently that has anything to add, feel free! We rented a condo w/ a full kitchen.
  15. Bella001

    Key West Recommendations

    We are going in May and I was wondering the same thing! Please let me know what you find after you get back. We are renting a house w/ a kitchen. Good luck!!