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I am Jessica, mom for 2 wonderful boys, Michael, 5, and Dean, 3. I work full time. I am a lactation counselor by trade. Right now I'm in an administrative job to pay the bills.

My husband and I appeared on Dr.Phil. Since then I have had wonderful things happen for me. Dr.Phil has a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and a therapist that I work with on a regular basis (just about every day). In working to my weightloss goals, we learned that I am very intolerant to gluten and dairy. I had the celiac lab work done, and am waiting for the results. My 3 year old has the same digestion as me. Has had problems since he was born. He was tested also.

I can look back as far as I remember and see now all the signs of a gluten problem. I can't ever remember my dad without a bottle of rolaids. I'm pretty sure he has it as well. He is no longer in my life so I don't have any current information.

My husband has been really supportive, and helps where he can.